Mega! Epic! Best Half Dollar Box Hunt Ever – Rolls of Silver & Enders!

I want to apologize in advance for the
length of this video but when you find silver roll after roll after roll
there’s only so much editing you can do don’t watch this unless you have some
time because it’s going to be epic hey everyone its Rob with Rob Finds
Treasure and my bank got me two boxes of half’s you know what it is though it is
the Harrisburg PA rolls I would imagine because it’s a box with
the holes on the bottom and then we have my favorite box the other yellow box
probably with the Loomis rolls in it so I know I’m jumping around excited I
can’t wait to get this hunt started I’ve had a lot of luck with half dollar boxes
you know I get four boxes the haves a week and they’ve been really good for
several weeks so I’m hoping this week continues some of the same let me go and
open up this box first we’ll check it for Enders and then we’ll crack in the
other box and as always we’ll loop you in if I find anything cool alright let’s
get into this there we go let’s see what we get
man I hate these boxes I’ll be honest I don’t score a lot of silver in them
they’re always a bear to open but still love what’s hunting inside that’s for
sure see what’s in here don’t see any obvious Enders are you are you kidding
me right now we got a 1987 ender unbelievable
unbelievable I just got an 87 ender doesn’t mean anything great about this
box guys but when you find an 87 Denver’s ender that’s pretty damn cool
I’m gonna go ahead and put this rubber band or whatever this is on that so when
I open it back up I know where my 87 ender is and that’s a great start to the
two boxes holy cow that’ll probably be the first box I open because I don’t
love these boxes too much but it’s great to see an 87 denver ender all right
let’s check out this box this should be the Lucas rolls the white rolls with the
black edging or the least that maybe it’s darker green or whatever but let’s
take a look Oh Oh my —- guys are you kidding me? silver ender silver ender 1968 silver 1968 silver we got four silver Enders
can’t tell on this one I don’t think it is but you never know
could be we have four silver Enders let me go up high you can see them you can
see them one two three four so two silvers here two silvers here spread
nicely throughout the box for Enders this is going to be ridiculous I’m sorry
guys I got to show you this as well I just caught this we’ve also got a proof
ender we’ve got four silver Enders and a proof ender you know what that means
let me go and flip all these coins around these silver Enders I’ll check
the other side for a silver and if it’s not a silver then I’ll leave it flipped
on the silver side and let me flip these around and see what else we find guys
hug I’m going bonkers here I could be wrong but I flipped every roll that
didn’t have a silver ender and then I even checked the proof in the for silver
Enders and they didn’t have another side but I could be wrong but we’ve got one
two three four and a proof five six seven we got three
more silver Enders let’s see it from high up one two three four five six
seven Silver’s and a proof Enders this is going to be an epic box this is gonna
call for the tripod I’m super excited I’m really excited right now I think I
have seven Enders I might have eight or nine I guess I have eight Enders for
sure with the proof coin but I might have a couple more I’m gonna show this
to you one more time I’m not calling them as Enders but I’m
pretty certain I have y know I have seven I could have eight or nine silver
coins let me flip it around just in case when we start going through these rolls
we find out they’re silver coins let’s take a look I’m thinking that this is an
eight and possibly at ninth I’m thinking we got eight or nine silver Enders and a
proof coin this could be ten enters in this box fun freakin believe a bowl that
being said you’re gonna hate me but this was not the box that was gonna hunt
first it’s this box this is the box we’re gonna hunt first and I just I
cannot open this box first and save Harrisburg for a second but it would be
a downer after seeing this I want the anticipation for this box so let’s get
to crack it some rolls open all right guys we’re on the 87 Endor roll so far
we’ve got four n ifcs and were 43 rolls into the box this is the 44th roll just
wanted to show off that we have an 87 enter which is so cool
didn’t see anything else silver on the edges but wanted to give you a close-up
of the 87 d Endor pretty good shape we’ll take it it’s our fifth nifc at the
box more importantly it’s a more scarce nifc so that’s a pretty good deal don’t
sell Britain the Harrisburg rolls once again so far but you know what we’ll
take what we’re finding especially because we have that box to go through
now which is ridiculous alright guys finish
that Harrisburg box of Halfs and as true to nature for me for
Harrisburg not many finds as far as silver zero but you know what we got tw
2004’s and two 2005 NIFCS and a 1987 d NIFC and they’re pretty rare coin to
find only two point eight nine million minted of the D and P 1987 year there’s
actually almost 4 million minted of the proof so harder to find an 87 dor p than
a proof anyway not a bad not a bad box for what we found
now let’s get the tripod set up roll number two no silver Anders on this one
let’s see if there’s anything inside the roll holy cow guys we’ve got to looks
like a 90 percenter and a 40% er second rolling without an Ender let’s pull the
40% router first 1968 ooh it is only a 40% as well 1968 in great shape so two
silvers and that second roll that didn’t even have an ender rule number three
this one has one of the silver Enders in it we can see it already it’s a 1968
let’s see if there’s any friends in there well there’s at least one friend
right here looks like a couple more silvers let’s go at the end of 1st 1968
silver number 3 1969 silver number 4 roll number 5 no silver Enders let’s see
if we can find some silver in the roll we do definitely got one definitely got
one let’s pull it out 1967 silver number five roll number six no silver Enders on
this one so far in the first five rolls one wasn’t ender but we have five silver
so far out of five rolls so that’s pretty good and we’ve got another one
right there 1968 silver number six well number seven
no silver Enders let’s see if we can find silver in the roll we do almost
another ender unbelievable 1968 silver number seven out of seven rules rule
number eight guys seven rolls in seven Silver’s and no Enders on this one but
we’re doing good without even having tenders and we’ve got another silver
they’re unbelievable looks like just one but one is enough 1968 eight silvers
eight rolls roll number eleven no silver Enders see if we can find our ninth
silver already oh and we’ve got a stack of silver well I say stack got to next
each other so it’s not a sandwich but they’re next to each other let’s pull
them out together 1968 1968 holy cow a lot of 68 in this box but guess what
that’s ten silvers out of the first 11 rolls roll number 12 guys know silver
enters on this home but it doesn’t seem to matter in this box under or not we’re
finding silver and look at this another one and it’s another 68 man my last box
I had a whole bunch of 1993 DS wouldn’t it be awesome if I had a whole bunch of
1968 silvers in this role I mean we already got 12 silvers in the first 12
rolls I think this might break my record if we keep this pace up roll 13 guys and
this is one of the roles that I thought this the end might be silver the color
is suspect but I don’t have a date and it’s a little discolored so it’s hard to
tell but let’s take a look together Wow not only was the end or silver but
there’s a silver one next to it as well looks like we’ve got a couple of silvers
in this role let’s take a look at this ender
so another 68 silver number 12 and the other one is another 68 silver number 13
holy cow 13 silvers and the first 13 rolls and maybe an nifc nope just
another one of those brilliant 93’s crazy all right let’s keep looking
roll 14 guys and this is one of those 68 Enders it’s our third ender of the box
second confirmed initially and that last one wasn’t under as well so we know we
have a total of eight Enders and look at this holy cow
we’ve got one two three for sure Silver’s in this roll let’s pull them
out another 1968 a 67 and a 68 enter that makes already
guys 16 Silver’s and 14 rolls unbelievable look at this
I knew it looked funny a 1992 proof first on the box to go along with the 87
from the last box unbelievable 16 silvers 14 rolls with the proof a
bunch of NIFCS we’re not even at the halfway mark roll 15 guys a little bit
of a suspect ender here but nothing that’s gonna be a guaranteed silver on
the ends so this is absolutely ridiculous we’ve got two more one looks
pretty dang good but let’s take a look at this one first
another 1968 and another beautiful 1968 that’s 18 silvers and 15 rolls roll
number 16 man the anticipation of every roll is unlike anything I’ve ever
experienced knowing that I have so many more Enders as well and we’ve got more
silver in this role we’ve got one here this is another sandwich
another 1968 and another 1968 that’s 20 silvers that’s already a full roll guys
that’s already a full roll a silver in the first 16 rolls that means right now
this box is averaging better than 8% silver a thousand coins at 8% would be
80 silver coins if it keeps this pace up that would be four rolls let’s not get
ahead of ourselves but holy cow roll 21 you’ve had three rolls in a row
without silver which is odd but hey when you get to your 21st roll and it does
this how many is that holy cow that’s one two three silvers in this roll
I guess it was mad that we had three rolls in a row without silver and it
wants to make up for him 1968 again silver 21 1968 silver 22 and
1968 silver number 23 unbelievable
roll 22 no silver Enders but like I said before doesn’t seem to matter because in
this roll we have two more unbelievable 1968 1968 25 silvers and the first 22
rolls we’re still averaging more than a silver
coin per roll well 23 guys no silver Enders but like it even matters at this
point man can we get more silver no still going through roll number 23 got
kind of an odd find here it’s an nifc with some letters punched into it RC
that’s crazy almost my initials we’ll put it aside
kind of a neat unique find plus it’s an nifc and we’ll get back to
the hunt we roll 24 guys no silver enters on this one had to rearrange all
the silver coins to make room for more silver coins
and good thing I did because we’ve got another one right here another 68 that’s odd
we’ll take it all day though Wow silver number 26 rule 25 guys the
halfway point of the box and this one has a silver ender right there so we
know we’re gonna get silver number 27 for sure let’s see if he has some
buddies with them he does have a friend 1968 silver 27 and 1968 silver number 28
unbelievable all right guys we’re halfway through the
box so far we have 28 40 percent silver coins a proof and a handful of NIFC’s
a marked nifc and an 87 and obviously a few the NIFC’s were from the other box
but we’ve already got 28 silver coins and look at this
we still have for sure one two three four potentially five Enders that are
silver and a proof ender so this is going to be more than 30 silver coins
and judging by what I see in the box there could be upwards of 40 or more
like I said 27 silver coins out of 25 rules so we’re on pace that do better
than a silver per roll unbelievable let’s keep looking
roll number 26 no silver enters on this one let’s see if we’ve got some silver
insides no but got a couple of really nice coins just take a look a nice 93
you see me talk about those and I have co2
another nice 93 and an 85 you know these nice 93 s are showing their head again
guys and I’m starting to think I’ve got the rest of the box from that crazy hunt
last week who knows no silver in the role so let’s keep looking
rule number 27 guys and this is that suspect ender it doesn’t appear to be
silver now that I really look at it but man you know what you never know the
discoloration is a lot so we’ll see it didn’t matter
no it wasn’t a silver ender just a 74 but you can see it right there
view coins down another 1968 silver number 29 roll number 28 29 silvers so
far no Enders on this one but we’ve got one in the roll one for sure in the roll
and it’s a special one because it’s silver number 30 and it’s another 1968
30 Silver’s in the box roll 29 guys and it’s one of the silver Enders so we know
we got silver number 31 for sure let’s see does anyone else in there hmm yep
look at this one for sure – for sure probably a third I don’t
think that’s a fourth let’s start with the Ender 1968 surprising let’s take a
look at the one that probably isn’t one 1972 a definite one right here 1968 and
likely one right here 1968 Wow
33 Silver’s 29 rolls let’s keep looking role number 30
no enders on this one is there silver inside there is yep right there on the
end 1966 we’ve got a different year I’ll take it
silver 34 out of 30 rolls oh man roll number 31 guys and it’s got a
silver ender it’s won another one of my Enders so we already know no matter what
it’s gonna be silver number 35 and it’s got a friend
got a friend of right here 1968 that’s 35 silvers 1968 36 silvers 36 in
31 rolls now roll 32 guys and this is one of the ones I said was a little
suspect it’s dark but it kind of has a yellow tint behind it so we’re hoping
that it’s another silver and if not maybe there’s more in the role anyway
well nothing on that end the ender wasn’t silver but the one next to it was
unbelievable what year was that ender 71 one next to it
another 68 running out of space silver number 37 same roll guys and I
didn’t catch it but the other end was a 1976 Bicentennial proof holy cow
second proof of the box and we know we got another one up there so we’re gonna
have at least three proofs roll number 33 no Enders on this one let’s see what
we got well it appears as though we got another
silver and another silver maybe two let’s take a look at this crazy colored
one first 1968 that’s silver the one next to it 1968
that’s silver thirty-nine silvers guys one more and we’ll have two full rolls
in the box roll 34 let’s see if we can make that second full roll of Silver’s
in the box with the fourtieth silver oh my goodness not only did we make it we
have at least two silver 40% and that could be a 90 percenter 1967 silver
number 40 1968 silver 41 and another beautiful 68 almost uncirculated holy
cow beautiful silver number 42
roll 36 what do we got in here holy cow looks like at least two maybe
three this is the one I don’t think is one but it’s hard to tell it’s hard to
tell cuz it’s pink but it’s silver Wow here’s another one this is for sure no
doubter no brainer definitely silver another 1968 and then another beautiful
probably a 68 not circulated very much no 1969 all right that is ridiculous 45
silvers 45 silvers and 36 rolls roll number 37 guys and we have a confirmed
silver here as well and I still have at least
one more silver ender in the box plus a proof ender so let’s see what else is in
this role besides the ender all right well we got potentially a second one the
ender 68 and maybe not nope all right well search it for anything
else and then we’ll get on to the next roll –roll 39 no Ender’s but we got a
coin with the hole in it so maybe that means something let’s see if there’s
anything in the role oh yeah there is look at that two Silver’s in the role
let’s take a look at this one first not surprising a sixty eight and another
sixty eight two more Silver’s in the rolls mean now we have 48 out of the 39
rolls we’ve searched still on pace to hit more than 50 obviously it would be
nice to get sixty that would be three full rolls let’s keep looking roll
number forty guys no silver Enders let’s see if we have any silver in the roll we
do you can see it right there second coin down almost another ender 1968
silver number 49 roll 41 I’m depressed I’m on the last row of this box I just
don’t want it to end but I also want to keep looking it’s crazy what a feeling we’ve got more silver unbelievable maybe two coins let’s take a look at the
for sure one first 1968 silver number 50 and this one suspect right here look at
that that’s why it was suspect it was dark-colored a little bit
it’s our first 90 percenter 1964 Denver unbelievable we have a 90 percenter in
the box I was wondering if I was in it get one with all this silver maybe
that’s a sign of some more 90% who knows 51 Silver’s in the box
roll number 42 guys what do we got in here we’ve got another one right here
unbelievable they just keep going roll after roll
it’s another 68 we’ll add it to the 68 just so you guys know I went ahead and
rolled up to full rolls at 68 so that’s 40 44 50 52 plus a 90 percenter 52
silver coins and 42 rolls let’s hope we can find eight more and get three full
rolls roll number 43 this one doesn’t have any Enders either let’s see if
anything’s inside oh goodness gracious there is there is at least at least
three silver inside and this ender looks suspicious now but it’s just a
Bicentennial however we’ve got a silver here 1968 we’ve got a silver here 1968
we’ve got a silver here 1968 and let’s take a look at this odd colored one just
because it’s burnt it’s just another beat-up Bicentennial
three more Silver’s in that roll guys unbelievable
that’s 55 Silver’s in 43 rolls we’re on roll 44 guys and man this roll feels
really heavy could just be me but it just feels heavier than the last few
rolls I guess you wouldn’t really tell if it’s full of silver you probably
could tell if there was 15 silver coins in there you could feel the difference
because it’d be a whole nother coin and a half but it just feels heavy take a
look see if I’m just off my rocker looks like we might have at least one
silver in there maybe 1967 we did have a silver in there maybe I was able to tell
the difference between one gram or half a gram I should say all right so we’re
56 let’s keep looking roll 45 guys no Enders on this one 56
Silver’s in the box so far and look at this holy cow we have a three pack right
here 68 68 68 unbelievable 59 Silver’s in the
Box roll 46 No Enders on this one 59 Silver’s in the box and there’s a few
more for sure we got a silver sandwich guys here and here a 1966 and another 68, 61 Silver’s in the box we still have
four rolls to go and one is a silver ender let’s keep looking roll number
47 guys and this one has the proof ender so that’s a good sign let’s go ahead and
open it up see if there’s anything else in the roll besides the proof hope you
can see one silver in the roll sorry for the bad tear job but we’ll look at it
anyway looks like just the proof and a silver let’s get the proof out first
unbelievable there’s the fabled 1993 proof
so third proof of the box Bicentennial 92 and a 93 and another silver 1968 – 62
Silver’s in the box and we still got some more rolls to go through this one
looks odd Oh 67 I almost missed it well I would have caught it when I went
through them all 60 1967 so that’s 63 Silver’s on the box let’s keep looking
roll 48 guys no Enders on this one we have 63 Silver’s in the box
and we’ve got more in the roll at least to 1968 1968 65 Silver’s in the box to
rolls to go and ones a silver ender we’re on a roll 49 guys and it’s just
been a great hunt this is another one of those silver Enders is my final silver
ender of the box but as you’ve seen it doesn’t matter whether it’s an end or
not in this box every roll is having silver in it and holy cow one two three
four more in that role ender this one this one and this one
four more let’s look at the end of 1st 1968 third of the way down the roll another 68 past the halfway mark of the
roll another 68 and towards the end of the roll a 1967 unbelievable 69 Silver’s
in the box one more roll to go can we get to 70 roll number 50 guys last roll
of the box no Enders 69 silver coins will there be
more in the last roll and there is there is at least one maybe two let’s see if
this is one nope but this is one for sure 1968-70 Silver’s in the box let me
finish the hunt and I’ll give you a full wrap-up of the box all right guys we
finished that box a half and that was probably well not probably that was the
most fun I’ve ever had coin oral hunting what an epic box 70 silver
in the Box 70 my record was 21 we almost quadrupled it let’s go through the finds
we got a stack of NIFC’s no reason to go through those
we got another nifc with some marking we’ve got a 1987 most of that was found
from the other box we found a Bicentennial proof as well as two other
proofs of 92 and a 93 we got a 1964 90 percenter right there silver take it to
66 is six of the 67 s a couple of 69 s two full rolls of 68 plus 19 in this
roll so if we add one of these that’s three full rolls of silver plus
ten coins also silver 70 Silver’s in that box epic I apologize this videos
long guys but when every rule has silver and I want to show every role it’s gonna
be a little more longer than I thought at the end of the day I’m not sure I’ll
ever find a box this good again but this is why you hunt had I only picked up one
box this week the bottom box was the first box he gave me what I had no
silver the second one ends it was 70 in it unbelievable I hope you enjoyed that
with me if you did please give the video a thumbs up and as always everyone
thanks for watching me stack some silver one more look at that silver stack

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  40. That's the Mother Lode of Silvers! Have you gotten more silver halves than 70 silver coins? I am very curious. Good job! 🙂

  41. what we all want to know is what is the current value of the coins you found. You probably got a $1.50 – $ 3.00 off each silver?

  42. Question from someone who is new to this hobby/pastime: what do you do with the silver coins? Keep them as a collector, sell them, melt them down>?

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