MBMMLLC.com: Custom Milling/Sampling Gold Bearing Quartz Ore using a Gemini Table

We’ve got a little Bico chipmunk jaw crusher
over here, it’s about a 3 x 3 run by a ¾ horse electric motor, and there’s the jaws. And as it goes around, it crushes the big rocks into little rocks, it comes out about
quarter inch minus out of the bottom. And from the jaw crusher here it goes over to the Bico pulverizer. And we get a high percentage less than 40 mesh, about 80% is less than
40 mesh, and about 20% is less than 100 mesh, out of this machine right here. And we are
also going to set up and get the little Gemini shaker table going. We’ve used that in the past and it’s pretty effective We’re starting to see gold in the corners, around the black sand, and those bigger chunks of white are quartz that actually made it through the pulverizer. They’re really quite thin, so they kinda slice through it like
maybe a penny would have or so, in proportion, real thin and flat. It’ll probably take 3 or 4 passes to get
most of the gold out. That’s a pretty good line in the pan. For how fine it is. So that gold is dried out now, back in our
powder scale, and this will weigh to 1/10 of a grain. I’m not sure how accurate that
is, but the little wheel on the right there is calibrated in tenths of a grain. And the
scale on the right, is calibrated in grains. That way we can weigh a fairly small amount
of gold very accurately. So computing the ratio of 43 pounds to 2000
pounds per ton, and the five plus grains that we got here on the scale, that comes out to
how many ounces per ton? Point five three five ounces per ton. Okay, so we recovered just about half an ounce
per ton of that quartz ore.

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