MBMMLLC.com: Clean Gold!! small scale 1 tph hardrock gold mill: jaw crusher, ball mill, shaker table

We have tuned the table a little bit differently than they had it initially. Amazingly there is no water coming out of the top water bar. All of the water is coming from the slurry from the ball mill. The way its set up is it floods across the table very very nicely, smooths out nice and evenly. We are getting the blondes down into the blondes tailings trough. When we load it up with pyrites. We get pyrites going down into the cons trough. Out the ends of the grooves. We have a gold here now under the water bar. There is quite a bit of steel coming off the ball mill that they are going to capture before it gets onto the table. What we find then is When there is no steel and there is pyrites The pyrites really do a nice job of coming down into the safety grooves here andninto the number two hole And pretty nice clean gold into the high grade these fellas feel that right now we are running 1 ton and 1 and 1/4 tons per hour of slurry They have it screened to either minus 20 or minus 30 depending what the screen is on the trommel and the outlet of the ball mill It’s really nicely graded classified material coming onto the table This gold line over hear is about of 1/3rd per ounce per ton. of the material The material they are running is 1/3rd ounce per ton We have stopped the table Here is our gold line right under the water bar See that silvery material is actually steel out of the ball mill the gold line follows all the way up to the top groove most of the gold comes out of the top groove there is some that comes out of the second long groove and than after we magnetic the steel out it ends up being a nice clean line of gold right there. Now here is the gold line with the pyrite material It just cuts diagonally across to get the steel off. It’s really pretty clean, its clean of steal now. Very little pyrite, the pyrite is coming down the ends of the long grooves down into our safety grooves The material going off into the high grade is pretty darn clean Now here is re-running the number one high grade hole To clean it up We still have steel in there. It is coming clean working up here feeding in growl and catching what h can with a magnet Pyrite seems to cleaning up pretty well We have a nice line of gold there running about 5-6 tons a day these are the settling basins really a nice set up comes in settles out here ends up going across into the second basin 100% recycled, get clean water to the table

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