Market Hackers Interview with Tyler Mackechnie and Adam Wenig on A I Trading

so as you know Millennials always try to find a way to make a quick buck and sometimes they have to turn to this new thing which we’re talking about the trading world so joining us now our market hackers Adam and Tyler and they’re gonna break all of this down for us so people that are watching they may not know what in the world trading is all about but maybe you can break it down for us yeah trading is essentially buying and selling different things you can buy and sell stocks you can buy and sell cryptocurrency you can buy and sell different foreign exchange or foreign currencies and whenever something has value you can either buy it and or you can sell it as well so we talked about Millennials and again they do try to find a way and we’re all Millennials as well so we try to do it we can’t get a couple of bucks on the side right and there’s nothing wrong with that but now people are turning to this for for what reason I think the biggest reason people are turning into it is Millennials are so technologically advanced we’ve gone through this entire time of our lives where you know I know myself when I was a kid I was taking apart computers I was into gadgets right and I know that a lot of other kids grew up just like that and we entered this era where people are now seeing these people online that are living these lives or the laptop lifestyle and a lot of people are realizing that as things go up in price or inflation that they need to make more money themselves though like you said they’re turning to side hustles about 50% of people out there have some form of side hustle and trading just seems to be one of those ones that I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest thing in the world but if somebody can get through the learning curve it can be one of the most profitable things they can do with their time so how did you get into it Adam it’s actually a funny story I had a couple friends that were making all this money trading and they’re like oh there’s this trading guru and he’s got this webinar on Wednesday and every Wednesday at like 8 a.m. or something like that oil spikes or oil plummets and you can make a lot of money trading oil and so I got all excited about it I’ve funded my account with like 10,000 bucks and I get on this live webinar with this trading guru and I click like buy and over the course of like the next hour I see my account go like negative a thousand negative 2,000 negative 3,000 I’ll go to the gym and I can’t stop checking my phone cuz I’m like oh my gosh I just I put in ten thousand dollars and I’m losing money no matter for hours I lost ten thousand dollars by simply clicking a button and so I was always all depressed obviously I mean you lose ten thousand dollars in four hours yeah exactly so I end up go to the beach and I’m all sad and at that at the beach or I’m sitting there I have this Epiphany I was like oh my gosh I clicked by and I made I mean I lost ten thousand dollars if I would just want to click the other button click sell I could actually made ten thousand dollars so that’s what got me excited about trading was littered with the click of a button I can either make or I could lose a bunch of money and if I just had that slight edge I could turn this into a wealth creation tool for myself now what makes this so easy we’re attached to these things our cell phones right I scrolled on Instagram 4 hours a day Facebook and everything apart that is because it’s my job but then another part I just like to do it I’m sure we’re all you know on social media influencers and whatnot that’s the new things so what is making it so easy for Millennials to do this I think the easiest thing that’s happening right now for Millennials is there’s all kinds of different resources out there there’s tons of these you know gurus but a lot of them they let their emotion get in the way of the training so we found ways to leverage different technologies such as artificial intelligence that can learn and have no emotion to actually identify breakouts in the markets before things actually are gonna occur and like they’re doing this it’s been able to help tons of Millennials actually start getting into training and you know not have to follow a guru like Adam did it first and hit the wrong button there’s always money they can actually make that judgment for themselves instead of being dependent on some other person they can be dependent on an actual resource which is way smarter than us so give us some tips for the people that may have 10,000 to try and put somewhere or some people that may have $10 to put somewhere what can you do and how keep that money make money for itself well I think well first of all I think that everybody that starts in trading should understand that trading is risky and you can lose money like you’ve heard my story lost ten thousand dollars and that’s I’ve lost more money than that trading and especially at the beginning so my first piece of advice is that when people get involved in trading is number one is start on a demo account you know pretty much all of these brokers will offer a demo account where you can actually just trade and begin getting familiar with the platform just with play money or you’re not risking your real money and then the main thing is just not to get too greedy with it as long as you can understand proper risk management then you can really you can keep your account relatively safe but some people get excited that I can click the button I can make all this money and boom next thing you know they lose all your money so you got to you just have to be careful with how much you’re risking at a time be careful and be smart and be smart yeah touch on that I think one of the most important things I’ve ever heard somebody say is Warren Buffett said that the market is designed to take from the impatient and give to the patient mm-hmm so like Adam said stay conservative don’t get greedy yet anytime I’ve gotten greedy myself and you know everything’s going great it’s going great and then you’re like oh I can go way bigger and that’s right when it humbles you you know it doesn’t it takes shed punches you in the face and you go WOW and and you learn from it and I think the best way to learn is actually to lose believe it or not first cuz I bet you don’t want to do it again yeah so unfortunately that happens to Millennials but we know we’re all about it coming to us fast sometimes you get the short end of the stick when we do that sure absolutely yeah I’m soul our website we’re going to post all of these tips again at Briscoes admin Tyler thank you so much for being here thank you again for I’m sharing all of this advice with us in these tips with us we’ll be sure to post this online absolutely actually thanks

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