15 thoughts on “Marijuana Stocks: How Trading Overconfidence Kills (with PROOF!)

  1. No worries. Never viewed any of yours or anyone else's videos as hating. Sharing your wisdom is why we watch..may not agree with the entire view but take the core message to memory the best I can…thanks

  2. Thanks for the video. Your videos have helped me get 1632 shares to a 2.45 usd average. It's still a loss and there is no doubt I have been lucky.

  3. Yep, wish I saw your video when it came out….down 90 k….fml. what's your thoughts on pot stocks coming back ? Any more thoughts… ? Merry Christmas –

  4. I bought $3000 of acb at $5.60. I was intending to sell covered calls. The first two weeks were fine. It rallied to $6.49. I was pissed because my short calls were worth more, but i didn't care if the shares got called away. Well by the time the contracts expired i was down 15%. Since then, i've averaged down, and have put in $6000 in. My Average is now $4.24, so I'm down 50% approximately. This all happened in two and half months. The last thing I expected was such a fast and big drop. Now I'm holding for the next year or two until they're profitable, or until some other catalyst occurs.

    The only reason I did this was because it worked out fine in 2017 when i bought ACB. I assumed it would follow the same pattern.

  5. I remember those guys that scream on the threads “AM NEVER SELLING” with the wolf of wallstreet movie back drop. Then I remember that was me. 😂

  6. Great video, I agree with everything you said, buy and hold forever was death.. CRON isn't AAPL LOL.. That said, seasoned traders made alot of money off the bubble.. Taking profits on the big spikes, adding back on dips along with proper risk management was big $$$

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  8. PSA you want to know what dips to buy go to StockTwits there’s a bunch of “experts” that will tell you which ones to buy… @clay good video I’ve learned how not to fall into traps, now I need to learn how stick with my “ I made enough sell and move on” problem

  9. Ahhh I remember when I was a young trader and bought CGC at $52. Dumb entry but looking glad I'm glad I had a stop when it broke $50. Every stock I see I think of different progressions of a trader I was. Thanks for the video Clay!

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