Mapla Singam – Tamil Full Movie | Vimal | Anjali | N. R. Raghunanthan

‘In Tamil Nadu, Nelaiappar and
Thiruvarur chariot festivals…’ ‘…are famous for their chariots
used in their processions’ ‘But this Veerapandi chariot is
famous because it is stationary!’ ‘The 2 groups standing here
are the main contributors’ ‘At least this year let’s see
if they pull this chariot!’ Sir, no problem Just a tin sheet that fell
in a strong gust of wind Just a tin sheet? If it had fallen on your head
you would’ve known Thangavelu, have you
arranged tight security? We’ve arrested 100 men
including the chairman’s nephew That means our chariot
will finally move this year Sir, you’re very optimistic! These arrests and warnings
are only for our satisfaction They’ll continue to do whatever
they want to their satisfaction Are you never positive? I’ve told our higher-ups
somehow we will do it this year Even delivered punch dialogs Ensure there’s no problem Not possible, sir I can do something
only if a problem arises Is this how a police officer talks? Talk according to your stature Sorry, sir Why is there such a huge crowd? Did you bribe them
with ‘biriyani’ packets? Half of them are
out-of-towners They’ve come to watch
the fun if a problem arises It’s like watching
a circus for them He’s the new Collector I believe the old Collector has been
admitted in hospital for chest pain Today we’ll admit
the new Collector Usually after prayer
sacred water is offered But here you’re serving tea?! They are real barbarians! I can see that They will be quiet as mice
during the initial preparations But when the chariot is
being pulled they will raise hell Have both the groups assembled? Yes, sir The one on this side is
Chairman Seva Pandian He has held the post
for past 20 years Nothing happens here
without his knowledge His men are the majority here The gentleman standing
over there is Mahesh Babu His father’s name is Kothandam He contested elections
for 20 years and lost Dejected he died, sir He’s in a frenzy to achieve
what his father couldn’t, sir Let’s see Please come, sir All of you stop screaming Allow the officer to talk – Greetings, one and all
– Welcome, sir Why are they greeting me
in a chorus like school kids? And you malign them as barbaric This is how they’ll begin Temple, festival and chariot
are common for everyone You’ve been fighting
for many years We don’t even know
if this chariot will move So this year stop your fights
and pull the chariot with unity Today this temple maybe
common to everyone But this temple was
built by my ancestors We should be given
the honors to pull the chariot And the welcome ritual
has to be only for us! Maybe they built the temple
but this property belongs to us Not only that We own the 18 villages
surrounding this area At one point my family
ruled this land Family that ruled the land
should be given the honors That is our tradition I’m not willing to give up
our tradition at any cost Did you rule at a stretch?
We also ruled in between We ruled as much as you did You think you ruled brilliantly! Don’t make me malign you! Stop it Given a chance you will
go on flashback mode If your ancestors have built
the temple in their ancestral land… …what does it mean? It means they didn’t even
have land to build the temple! They co-existed peacefully You are the ones
fighting like cats and dogs We can’t give up
our rights for anyone You’re enjoying the rights
we relinquished, I say Why are you wasting time
talking to him, bro? Don’t talk All of you dance
to a folk song! Bro, just say the word
and I’ll chop him to pieces First chop your matted hair Jobless jerk! Don’t shout
Allow sir to speak Listen to me What nonsense is this! Just keep quiet They started this and
you’re yelling at us – Are you their stooge?
– I’m not on anyone’s side He’s being disrespectful
Tell him who I am He’s the Collector
Pull your dhoti down I knew when you wore
a rose colored shirt… …you are not one of us How do they identify
the clan with the shirt? Sir, just an underwear
will do for them to forecast They can’t do that
I don’t wear one! I wear inner short pants They are not barbaric They are eccentric I now understand why
the old Collector fell sick Either agree
or disperse I’ll draw the chariot
with the help of cops! Thought he’ll ensure
the chariot is pulled But he’s dragging us in Watch me now You better leave now Or else the Collector will head
the function and we’ll pull the chariot My head! Have they started? You guys, take over Let’s leave this place Go carefully I’ll talk to you later Usulai, uncle is coming Greetings! Stop crying and tell me From when has your
daughter been missing? She went to school
yesterday morning She hasn’t come back since then It must be love related She has been seen with
Narasimhan’s son yesterday My daughter is very young She is very innocent That boy has brainwashed her
and lured her away I never imagined my daughter
will do anything like this Will any dad think
his daughter will elope? Just consoling him, uncle If girls don’t marry at the right age
and they study, this is the outcome! Thought after her 12th grade
this year I’ll get her married We’ve sent our men They’ll find her in another
few hours for sure Okay, I’ll inform him Head constable just called The girl and the boy
are in the police station Then let’s go
bring her News has gone
right up to the DSP’s ears The new Deputy Superintendent
of Police is a little weird Nothing can be done Nothing can be done? Take off your uniform and wear
cotton dhoti from tomorrow! Don’t laugh He’s taking a dig at us You go to the police station What can we achieve single handed? I’ll send Anbu If he accompanies you
it’s as good as me coming When the constable said
he can’t do anything… …I called Anbu He said he’ll go
to the police station Even if I scold you,
your father will reprimand me You brought him
to the police station! Has that boy become more
important to you than us? Listen, that boy has lured you
just to disgrace our family Please go home without
humiliating your parents Whatever it is we can
talk it over at home I won’t come
I’ll go only with him That girl is very stubborn She isn’t paying heed
to her parents at all This DSP is annoying us
with his rules and regulations That boy is talking
arrogantly too I’ll handle him Please listen to me, Selvi
Come back home with us Look what happened Okay, stop crying Who are they? Anbu, chairman’s nephew He has come to mediate
about that school girl issue She’s young She did this without knowing You be quiet
I’ll take care Hello, sir Why are you making a school girl
sit in the police station? Instead of settling this at home- Bro, I know all about you This isn’t a councilor’s office
to do what you wish Everything happens
according to law here Sir, I’m such a law abiding
citizen of this town, sir Even now I don’t
want to make trouble I wanted to talk to both the families
and settle the problem Looks like this will
take a long time Bro, go buy tea
for all of us Hello, I’m Selvi’s boyfriend Shouldn’t it be a perfect match
even if you elope with your catch? Bro, you go
and get tea Treat me with respect
I’m the boy’s lawyer! Retain the coat with you Or else you’ll pass off
as an accused! That girl isn’t listening
to her parents You think you can
persuade her? If she doesn’t heed your advice I can
send her only after getting them married – Let me talk to her
– Try your luck All of you wait outside Wait till you reach home I’ll talk to her We’ve been looking for you
from last night, worried sick Sit down – Did you eat?
– Yes, I did Drink water Were they too harsh on you? Crying nonstop
your face is swollen Even otherwise her face
looks swollen! I’m not here
on behalf of your parents I heard what happened
and came here for your sake I don’t weigh relationship with
caste and status like your parents I’m prepared to get you
married to this boy right away But you are still in school Tell me as soon as
you pass out of school And you still feel
the same way about him I’ll perform your wedding
in the grandest possible manner Education is very important In the blink of an eye
6 months will fly It’s my responsibility to get
you both together, okay? This is how you promised
Viji akka when she was in love You fooled her and finally
got her married to uncle Chandru Why do you think I split
Viji akka and her lover? Think I brought Viji akka
and uncle Chandru’s together! Selvi, you know no one
will go against my words Trust me and go home Selvi, don’t believe him When you go home, they’ll change
your mind with black magic Is she a rat to faint
swallowing some medicine? Did you attract her
with such a potion? You wait here
Let me talk to him I’m not here to
poison her mind You’re right if I had
told her not to marry you I’ll myself get you married
once she’s out of school What’s your problem? Who are you to get us married? How are you connected
to this problem? French connection! Dude, he looks like a China phone And you’re letting him
wag his tongue! You can’t talk so loudly
inside the police station Okay, I’ll take care I agree I’m related to the girl But I’m also talking
on your behalf This problem magnified
only because you brought a school girl You waited all these days, right?
Wait for 6 more months I can’t do that
I want to get married today Don’t you trust your love? I don’t believe you This boy is giving
instant answers! This won’t work, sir Both of them are adults Get them married today Even if she wants to study,
she can continue after marriage He isn’t letting her study now Catch him letting her study
after they are married Listen Mr Lawyer Boy is jobless Girl is still in school How will they run a family? Will you feed them? It won’t affect you
in any which way You’ll get your money
if you split or unite them If we get you married now… …after 6 months
you’ll be filing for divorce We have seen
so many cases If you listen to me and get
married after 6 months… …you can live
happily ever after It’s your call All that’s fine – But how can I trust you?
– Fine, you don’t trust me But don’t you believe Selvi? You want a written
statement from her? I trust Selvi Our love is very deep Only his love
is deep it seems Then wait for 6 more months Selvi, are you wondering
if your parents will accept? It’s my responsibility
to get their consent Don’t decide immediately
because I said so Think about it
and then decide? Have you thought about it? Tell that boy and leave You must be the state topper! Girl has accepted
to go back home The boy has
given his consent – Are you okay?
– How does it matter to me? If the girl is willing
I’m fine with it – Thanks a lot
– Don’t worry Look, how he handled it Bring the girl along Listen, take her home
without hitting her Don’t scold her And buy her
whatever she wants – What about the boy?
– I’ll take care of him – You go home
– Buy her things to play Cook her favorite
mutton recipe for her Bro, got a vehicle? No – Get dropped in our vehicle
– No need, it’s okay Moustachio! Drop him
at his place and come Go and drop him, I say Let’s go – Anbu
– Sir? So many spoke ill of you to me That’s why I was also biased To speak ill of good people
is a fashion statement now You don’t know him His policy is to protect law
and establish justice somehow! He’ll bend backwards
to get what he wants Leave it Why blow our own trumpet? Who is this? He’s our friend Photographer from London – He looks different
– Yes, he’s white Let’s go, Bill We’ll take leave, sir Said he’ll come
after 6 months But is back in 6 minutes Get up Think you’re very smart
if you go to the DSP’s office? If we can convince
a girl in 5 minutes… …and take her away
from the police station …can’t we make her
forget you in 6 months? Think you’re Cupid? With your beard, do you
think you resemble… …actor Sasi Kumar
in the film Nadodi? If I see you going
behind any girl… …I’ll pickle you to pieces
in that very spot Not only did you elope
with a school girl But you went
to the DSP’s office? You dared to step into
our area and fall in love? If I see any chap here
I’ll skin you alive! Is it wrong to
fall in love in India? Does it mean you’ll hit me
in this same way too? Are you in love? How are you and
your girlfriend qualified? I’m a male and
she’s a female Look how he’s taking a dig at us You have to ask him
in a way he understands What caste do you and
your girlfriend belong to? Then there’s no hassle In our town, falling in love with
different nations isn’t wrong But it’s a crime if people from
different castes fall in love Like this one Scoot from here What is next? There’s a sacrificial offering
at the Aiyyanar temple Let’s go there
and make merry By hitting them
only my hand hurts – Where to, dude?
– For a song, dude! “Here comes our friend, in lion-king mold
He’s a gem of a man, 24 carat gold” “He’s our lion-king, behold!
Never tarnishing, 24 carat gold” “Loved by all, he’s an achiever
Like Kamaraj the king maker” “Without a flurry or fuss
guards us, he’s our boss” “A popular face
Like Jyoti Basu” “A case slapped on this boy bright
who fights for justice as his birthright” “Street smart and swell
Smart cookie in a nutshell” “Here comes our friend, in lion-king mold
He’s a gem of a man, 24 carat gold” “Like Atlas with the world on his shoulder
he lives life to the fullest forever” “Talking too much like world war 3
he’ll add on enemies like an army” “Like mustard seeds he’ll splutter
when he sees lovers however” “Love is a disgrace, he’ll exclaim
All parts of your body he’ll maim” “Caste conscious is not wrong
He’ll protect it for a mile and furlong” “No one to oppose him
Even if so, he’ll win” “He’ll be silently seeing
through posters smiling” “Mother, father and God to honor
Pearls of wisdom he’ll favor” “Here comes our friend, in lion-king mold
He’s a gem of a man, 24 carat gold” “He’ll guard without stepping out
his women folk no doubt” “His fame spread like wild fire throughout” “Without competing he’ll work 24×7
He’s a wave that doesn’t waver even” “Your worries if you unburden
to solve your problems he’ll yearn” “If anyone stirs trouble
he’ll hit double and treble” “To the poor and needy
he’ll lend a hand steady” “Not counting every penny
he’ll appease the hunger of many” “He’ll be silently seeing
through posters smiling” “With tender loving care
he’ll bond and share” “Here comes our friend, in lion-king mold
He’s a gem of a man, 24 carat gold” “He’s our lion-king, behold!
Never tarnishing, 24 carat gold” Don’t look at it superficially
because they are our folks Enquire thoroughly
about the girl’s background I’ve enquired thoroughly
They belong to our caste It’s hard to find
a bride for your son And she sifts and sieves Don’t talk off your rockers Shouldn’t that girl be
familiar with our customs? Is she landing from Venus
not to know about our customs? Broker, are there any defects
in my son’s horoscope? If any defect
it must be in mine! I’ve shown 139 photos of
prospective brides to your son He comes up with excuses saying… ‘She ran away with him’ or
‘She’s in love with some chap’ He dodged 75%
of the alliances The remaining 25%
you’ve disqualified Finding fault with
the girls’ features Can we just say yes to all
the random photos you show? Come here Come here, I say They have ganged up again Was your mission successful? As usual it got done
in a bad way Sarcastic retorts wait
at the tip of your tongue! Will you prosper if you go to
the police station on an auspicious day? But without going there
have you prospered, uncle? What? Why should it matter if some
random boy and girl elope? What can I do? You brought me up saying
I should question injustice Don’t over react Only good people
do such good deeds One who plays dirty shouldn’t
preach about fair play Will you keep quiet? Your brother is
the one to blame On this auspicious day, if your brother
hadn’t called why would he go? It’s many years
since I spoke to him If he keeps going,
won’t he call him? He doesn’t call me
because I go Because I’ll go even
if he doesn’t call me… …he calls me Try to understand Dude, it’s okay even if
you don’t answer him But don’t make him mad! I’m bored yelling
at you 24×7 Likewise Why do you gang up with him
and be maligned by our society? What wrong
did my son do? He advises girls who eloped
and unites them with their parents That only adds to good karma – Do whatever?
– Okay – You go that side
– I’ll only go this way You do whatever How do you manage him, ma? Keep quiet Bro, look at this girl’s photo How long should I keep
looking only at the girl’s photo? For your sake, can we
bring the girl home? Do you think he is
a marriage broker? Or some other broker? She isn’t an ordinary girl
the way you assume I found her
with great difficulty Was she lost? I was about to say
she’s as pure as gold Her character is
like Goddess Sita You know what? Even her neighbors won’t be
aware she lives next door! At least does her family know? Will they ask me to
look for a groom then? He and humor
are poles apart! What? You know that girl? Not just us The whole town knows her Sister, please bring
some water for the broker Please get me
a good coffee Why coffee? We’ll pour
milk as in a funeral ritual! Dude, look at this Sita You’ll like her very much – How did you find her?
– Searched and found her You can only search and
find a girl who has eloped Stop it Do you want him to
marry a runaway girl? If you want a bride,
a girl child has to be born! You don’t want that girl
to marry her boyfriend You don’t want to
marry that girl either So what’s your logic, master? Dude, you won’t
understand all this Hey fair chap! You are
too fair in your thoughts They won’t let you live
peacefully in this town Please run away
to your country Get lost I won’t step into
your house again Hello anna Vino, what are you doing
with your Bell computer? It’s Dell! You rub it in every minute
that you are educated Where is your father? Up You sent him to God, huh? Jinxed mouth! Your uncle was just now
asking for you He had to attend
the Panchayat meeting Is he ready or not? You can eat by the time
he gets ready We’ve already eaten I’ve made ‘dosa’ and your
favorite tomato ‘chutney’ My favorite ‘chutney’ That’s a style statement Get up As if you’ll forego
the coconut ‘chutney’ Look, he’s heading
for the dining room I’ll reserve a seat for you Why is your dining table
as far away as Madurai?! Forever making fun! Help yourself? Have you eaten? I got through the 1st round
of the campus interview They want me to go for
the final round in Coimbatore Why go so far? In the evening you can
walk on your terrace itself Final round interview It took me 3 years to get
my first job after I graduated Like me Dude, brilliant means
being a brain box Trying to be funny? Finish your ‘dosa’
with plenty of ‘chutney’ Bro, my father is not letting me go
to Coimbatore for the interview Please convince him He’s waiting for you
to graduate to get you married How will he agree
to let you work? Your father should be persuaded
to let you go for the interview, right? I will handle it But you promise me
you won’t take up the job Tasty, who made it? She should take up a job
once she graduates Why get her married? What kind of practice is this? First go back to your country You’re corrupting our folks Our family hates the word ‘job’ Eat without pouring
pearls of wisdom I’m better off
than my friends My friends were forced to
stop studying and get married Girls shouldn’t act, study, play
once they get married How many restrictions? This isn’t too bad They say a man
should marry only once In the name of tradition Aren’t you the least bit ashamed? Our whole family
has no shame Are you trying to create
trouble in our family? Just eat to your
stomach’s content! Tackle my problem first Why are you insistent on a job
when you’re born in an affluent family? Have I ever insisted on working? One who has failed school finals
can’t get a job in any company Only because they will call me
I decided to fail my final exam If he had passed, the school building
would have collapsed in shock! I meant the ‘sambar’ has
too many chicken pieces! Haven’t you’ve allotted
the contract to Uthaman? Let me go and talk to uncle You’ve stuffed enough Come fast They intend demolishing
all the houses we built… …because it’s Govt land it seems Who is that scumbag who said so? Commissioner, uncle Ask our men not to vacate Okay, uncle I’ll talk to the commissioner You seem to be having
a round table conference? We were talking to Vino Eat ‘done’? He doesn’t understand
English I guess I believe Vino wants to go to
Coimbatore for a job interview How can you join hands with her? When I’m saying
our girls shouldn’t study… …how can I send
my daughter to work? My policy will be affected What policy do- Keep quiet, uncle It’s a prestigious company She just wants to work for
6 months, having studied so far There lies the fault If I hadn’t sent her to college
she won’t have such dreams Why should my daughter
go work elsewhere? All that won’t work out Ask her to stay put at home Come along
Stop gawking What, bro? You heard him? What could I do? Useless! Let’s go Good morning, sir Sit down Good morning Good morning, bro How are you? Please sit down They are not councilors
How can you let them in? Do you know the man seated
next to you gaping at all of us? Do you know him? Commissioner of ward 5 In your dreams! He’s been our driver
for 5 years You couldn’t even identify him Sit down Let them explain the corruption
in the road contract issue Tell us Whatever our sir speaks
will only make sense What’s wrong with it? Why do you talk
utter nonsense to them? In a democratic country everyone
has right to voice his or her opinion Speak up 4 members have
requested tender for road My brother Mahesh Babu
has quoted 7 lakhs But you’ve given the tender to one
who bid 9 lakhs since he’s your man Explain this move of yours Even then he gave it
only to a gentleman Not goons like you Wait…wait If you’ll prefer only your caste
why pretend to be impartial? You know now
our clan gets preference Then why ask for a tender? Just to make problems, huh? You dare do something wrong
and then justify in a loud voice Don’t wag your fingers at me
You know who I am Have you come to see
a prospective bride here? For us to feel shy? Don’t try to shy away now
and bring the roof down They speak without
an iota of shyness Hey! You sit down now Silence! Not just 9 lakhs I’ll select them even if
my men ask for 1900000 (raised voices) Don’t shout and
ruin your health Clear out No use talking to them We’ll walk out now Let’s go This is atrocious How can you walk out? Let’s go We thought they will
make the walls tremble But they are walking out quietly We’ve seen men who don’t
get involved in a fight But even though we spoiled for
a fight, they refuse to take the bait They won’t pay heed
to our words Fling eggs at them Opposition is playing unfair Don’t aim at their heads Watch me in action Trying to hit me? Hit them
Don’t hesitate Don’t you dare hit me You have 1 foot in the grave And who called you here
to give your opinion? Give me that tomato You are behaving atrociously Someone will come
to put you in place You deserve only tomato pickle! Off you go now Who pushed this old man? He’s asking as if
he doesn’t know My savior!
You are here Good people’s blood
shouldn’t be wasted Take that egg out Bad enough you pushed him
and now you’re ridiculing him! What about you? You mistook
betel leaf stain as blood! What’s your ‘ha ha ha’ in aid of? He must have added
too much ‘chunam’ Now I’ll hit him
Watch him bleed Look at him now You moron! He is one of us Hit one of your men
and show blood spurting Knock him down flat What? Showing off? You think you’re a big shot? Celebrity, huh? Let go of me Put me down Where are you taking me? Everybody is busy fighting Where are you taking me? Put me down (raised voices) Disperse Who is that? Clear off We are here to fight
just for fun You’re taking it too seriously? Some of them may die Shouldn’t let them off easily Won’t you listen to me? You’re reveling in rowdyism here What do you want now? Clear out Don’t act smart with me How dare you
create a ruckus here? What? You call yourself a cop?! Go and ask them You have the gall to
be rude to me? Didn’t you hear me
asking you to clear off? Let me see how
you win this election? In just 6 months
I’ll bring you to your knees And show you
what power means Bloody blockhead! Your father has been saying this
for the past 20 years Listen to me
Get lost Whatever the court says I know all about our law too Get lost! You’ll grease the palms
of the police, huh? Then you put them
into your pocket! Clear out My sister’s daughter’s birthday
Need God’s special blessing for her Vinodhini’s birthday? Taurus, right?
I’ll do so most gladly Please recite a ‘sloka’ for me too Otherwise we have to
spend on 2 offerings – Sssssh!
– Okay The decorations were
beautiful on God, right? Sorry, my aim misfired M cousin’s birthday So please distribute it Little one, come here Can you see that ‘akka’ over there? Hand this over to her
And tell it is from me Is it a love letter? Leave letter Walking dictionary!
Go and give What are you thinking of? Give it to her Taste God’s offering Letter for you, akka What is this, child? Love letter Who gave it to you? That uncle sitting over there ‘The little devil tattled’ Sonny, did you give this? Yes, sir He agrees! Hold this Uncle…! Dumbass How dare you give
a love letter to our girl? Is this the house? Yes, partner Who is at home? Who is in- – Let go of me
– Who is it? Come out, madam Where is your son? Who are you? Why do you
want to see him? Even if a husband gives a love letter
to his wife my friend won’t approve You think we will rejoice
if the same happens to our girl? You should talk
gently with ladies Your turn Madam, if this boy here
gives a love letter to that girl… …will you keep quiet? What are you saying? Immature fellow! Even the old lady
doesn’t like you If I pick up my kitchen knife… …I will slice each one of you
to bits and pieces Just about to croak and you still
twirl a bun out of your hair… …imagine how much energy
we will be burning in our bodies Uncle, shut up ‘With your silly smirking face
find a girl of your own accord’ Is this what you told your son and
asked him to loiter around temples? You’ve got the wrong son Someone has
misinformed you Who has barged in indecent- Were you the one to
hand over a love letter? He looks like a white rat
clad in pant and shirt Did you give any letter
to a girl in their house? I didn’t give any letter, ma I’ll pickle you to pieces
if you lie about this I gave only a greeting card! Look at his temerity Forgive him He did this in ignorance Yes, ma Is this something you can
do in ignorance, grandma? If I did the same
to your sister… …will you keep quiet? I will keep quiet As if you will? Seems to be a shameless family But my sister won’t keep quiet Will your sister return the favor? Just whistle
That will do If their son has been raised
in this indecent manner… …you think their daughter
will be well brought up? Don’t let your tongue run If she hears you… …you’ll be in a royal mess – What will happen?
– Problem it seems! We’ve taken God’s permission to mess further The it’s your bloody fate Good heavens! Where is she flinging it from? If we are shameless… …you don’t have
an ounce of shame My brother gave
a single greeting card You sister has given him
an entire post office load of cards ‘After you saw me
I am not just ‘me’ – Vinodhini’ Check with your girl first
before you barge in here When the men are not at home Shailu, I am here Okay, when only 1 male is around We should have realized
when Vino was not affronted If you come dressed like politicians
can you talk whatever you like? Don’t stop me I’ll make you count bars
on account of eve teasing We were only talking
to this old lady How can you have no mercy
and call her ‘eve’! She might file a case
that I misbehaved with the old lady We are better off
with eve teasing! Let’s go Aiyo! I held your hand by mistake Whackos of the worst order! You just flung these away Such memorable gifts I should have
hit you instead The pitcher got dented Will you go in please? Break every damn utensil
in our kitchen! You just throw whatever
you lay your hands on If tomorrow it becomes a big problem
who will deal with it? The way I dented them
they won’t step in here again They are back! If you intend making any more- No, we didn’t come back
to make any trouble In the chaos and confusion here
my friend’s car is missing I mean, his car key is missing If you tie your hands
without hitting us… …we will look for it and scoot Is that so? Then I will also
help you search “One look at you, my dear
My life melted to disappear” “Like the udder of the cow
my mind too is sore now” “What did you do to me?
My breath is hot, I feel dizzy” “Like the story of the mad elephant
that got tamed in an instant” Hey! Listen I found it
Let’s go You found the key? We’ve all been looking
Where did you find it? Right here Let’s go home safe Maybe she hid it It’s cold outside
Go in and search Sir has gone out I’ll inform him
as soon as he comes Okay What happened? You found out
who the boy is? We did We know about the son now We also found out
more about your daughter Where is she? She is lying down in her room
scared after the temple incident Naturally, she is
incarnation of innocence We were praying when this boy
chased her and gave her a letter Good heavens! Did you check
who chased whom? Shut up Aunt, we have dealt with it It was a case of
mistaken identity He fell at our feet
and apologized The boy fell at his feet and
your nephew hurt his head Keep quiet Don’t tell uncle and
blow it out of proportion I’ll take care Okay I’ll go and question her Ignore it, uncle
She’s still a child Is this what a child does? There’s a limit to indulgence Tomorrow a passer-by
will ask our chairman… ‘…are you raising a girl
or something else…?!’ Get lost Do something that’s taboo
and now watch TV happily If our family dignity should not fly
in mid-air, what should a girl do? Switch off all the fans
and TV inside the house So if your parents’ minds
should be cooled… …you’ll store them in the fridge? Punch dialogs after
punching us in our hearts! Did Satish give you a love letter
following you like a lost pup? Did I say so? Did I come and
complain to you? His sister told us Then go and ask your sister
Don’t yell at me Not letting me watch TV in peace You can say what you want
and deride me, I don’t care You are to blame for
giving him a love letter, right? Why did you? Tell me Grown physically
Not mentally? If I am not gifted a phone
we have to resort to love letters Wretched female! You know what will happen
if your father gets to hear of this? He’s right here
Go and tell him He’ll forever be parading
from room to room in his house What happened?
Rubbing your eyes? Nothing, bro-in-law I’m hearing people
praise Vinodhini sky-high Really? So I’m shedding
tears of joy I thought you were
cutting onions for a feast! If you get to know, you’ll shed
blood instead of tears! Your mouth might just
get stuck like that forever Ridicule How do I get out of this mess now? Stuck between the devil
and the deep sea We’ve come till the district court Not adjourned it
nor won the case either! Call the lawyer, uncle He himself is calling It’s the lawyer – Hello, sir
– Where are you? Inside, of course Inside? Has the verdict been given? If you keep arguing like this,
verdict will be given very soon ‘Inside’ doesn’t mean jail
but inside the court Oh! Inside the court
Okay…okay Stay there, I’m out of town
on an urgent work Will send my junior Sir, are you sending your junior? – Are you kidding me?
– Why should I? I’ve briefed him Case will definitely
get adjourned All that will not…hello – He disconnected
– What happened? I believe he won’t come Sending his junior it seems He himself argues like a junior Junior’s junior, huh?! Shailaja, they are involved in
the assault case sir briefed us Collect the details from them I’ll wait for you
in the courtroom We don’t have to
come every week Straight inside
to count bars! You chopped
just his hand, right? Man is still alive, no? She’s talking casually
as if he cut a cake! She was in a good mood that day
We escaped with just that pitcher! I’m in court now
Call me later Okay, who assaulted the victim? Our team I just gave him the stick He was the one
who cracked his head You didn’t do anything? I asked if you
didn’t do anything I told them not to
But you- He said not to… …stop with just one blow! The 3 of you have hit
a 60 year old officer We shared 20 each What’s the big deal? In front of the judge say yes
to any question I ask Is that clear? Should I say ‘yes’
even if my name is asked? Come now That way No adjournment for sure! What happened to him? Thank God! Come…come…come Didn’t expect the case to
get over so fast, right? She squashed it to pieces Anbu, I would like to
talk to you alone Of course we can Why are you dragging me? She might hike her fees
by 100 or 200 bucks Don’t take the pitcher throwing
to heart and do the needful Keep quiet I’ve already told him
He’ll take good care Don’t feel shy to ask See you…go – Tell me
– Who are they? Are they your relatives? Oh no! They are jobless, lazy louts They hang around
to be of some help Oh! By the way
what do you do? I do a lot of service
for our town Actually the other day
I was a little too rash It’s our fault Without verifying
we came to create problems I’ve been like this
from my childhood If I get upset, I’ll throw
whatever I can get hold of That’s okay Your advocate struggles
to even get adjournment But you argued effortlessly
and got us out Not just a pitcher, you can
hit us even with a pot! Do you know something? This is my first case Please ask your advocate
to become your junior! Oh no! Even though 2 offenders
walked away scot-free… …you argued firmly for
an innocent not to be punished You’ll become
a famous lawyer Don’t make fun! I also thought maybe
I was generous with my lies Not bad, you seem
to be quite a nice guy – See you
– When? Won’t you come again
for another case? “My mind is blank totally
Dude, what has hit me?” “I wish I could glance
into her eyes just once” “In my mind casually
she planted flowers calmly” “With her breath in the wind
her claim on me she pinned” “Immersed in her beauty
I no longer feel hungry” “My mouth forgot every single word
Tongue tied, I’m in a new world” “Thought emptied completely
What has happened to me?” “I wish I could see
her eyes once directly” “Her usual route I don’t favor
Neither am I her neighbor” “Still memories of her
around me hover” “I didn’t hit on her either
I’m not arrogant like her” “She ties me up like a plait
My mind cannot combat” “Even if many goons by my side
her scent kills me, I’m stupefied” “For the sacred thread
and wedding sari red” “You order as if I’m your betrothed” “The way she glances generally
Intoxicated I slipped into her reverie” “Submerged in her beauty
I no longer feel hungry” “My mouth forgot every single word
Tongue tied, I’m in a joyful world” “My mind is blank totally
Dude, what has hit me?” “I wish I could glance
into her eyes just once” “Thanks to her
I didn’t comb my hair” “I didn’t get to know her family
I didn’t blame her unnecessarily” “I didn’t get flustered undue
I didn’t sing her praise new” “She made both my feet
stand rooted to the spot complete” “Seeing her gestures and signs
young gray cells sizzle with designs” “Hearing her words honeyed
I float with senses varied” “The way she speaks generally
I merged in this love feeling gradually” “Drowned in her beauty
I no longer feel hungry” “My mouth forgot every single word
Tongue tied, I’m in a love-struck world” Why did he call
for me urgently! When has he told you
to come at leisure?! Come, my dear nephew Our minister Kalapandi’s brother’s family
are here to see Vinodhini formally… …as a bride-to-be Why all of a sudden? We’ve been talking about this They came suddenly, that’s why
I sent word for you, come We can have a feast today! My brother’s son, Anbu Greetings I know him very well He’s the epitome of affection Anyone in this town will
only sing his praises Laying it thick! Come here for a second I’ll be right back, uncle Your sister is refusing to come out If your uncle gets to know, he’ll kill her Okay, you take care of the visitors I’ll convince her
and bring her Get ready soon, people are
waiting for you there Why did they arrange this
all of a sudden? I can’t come Why are you refusing? Vino, are you not
ready as yet? You carry on
I’ll bring her Your father is yelling
at your mother Come out fast, Vino Brother, I love Satish- You know everything, right? Listen, Vino Will they get you
married immediately? This is just an initial formality An engagement will follow
and so many other rituals Just show your face If they ask whether you
like the groom, say no You think my father will ask me? Definitely not! You know, right? Then why did you fall in love? Okay, stop crying I’ll handle uncle You will marry the person you love I take full responsibility Be brave and come Bro, don’t tell me the same dialog
you tell all other girls Hey madcap!
You’re my sister I’m not like how I used to be Trust me and come – You are…?
– I’m the bride’s maternal uncle Oh! Okay And you? Groom’s maternal uncle How long have you
been her uncle? From the day she was born, naturally! Oh really? What about you? From the day my nephew was born We are both sailing
in the same boat What unity! You both studied hard
to get the ‘uncle’ degree! Keep quiet Welcome everyone Greetings What have you studied, my dear? M.C.E M.C.I? I was so proud thinking you
would’ve passed 8th or 9th grade Forget it My dear nephew Take a good look at her – Do you like the bride?
– Yes, we do All of us like the girl Is that right?
You go inside Come, dear Let me say it once more
We all like the bride Totally satisfied We are also satisfied Then let’s make
this alliance formal If you say so Uncle, come in for a minute – I’ll be back
– Please go If you want to discuss
anything in this gap- Tell me Let’s check with my sister
if she likes the groom What is this new practice? Don’t we know
what’s good and bad? Why ask her? But she’s the one
who will be living with him Did I marry your aunt
with her acceptance? Aren’t we happy? No- Whaaaat? It’s not that Times have changed now My cousin sister is also educated That’s why it’s better
to ask her if she- Shouldn’t make a habit of this Tomorrow if I see a girl for you… …and ask you to
marry her, won’t you? I will Then? When a boy is saying yes,
why can’t a girl agree? It is a good proposal
We shouldn’t let it go Let us finalize it Understood?
Hey, explain it to him I already did We’ll formalize it now But we’ll perform the wedding after
the election for the chairman’s seat Restrictions even to
exchanging plates, huh? Please take this Everything went smoothly Next? We would like all of you
to stay and eat Serve generously
Bone and meat together In your custom, don’t you
ask the girl her opinion? We don’t If we do half the males in our town
will remain bachelors! Even when you sacrifice a goat
don’t you get its permission? In your country they get married in
the morning and divorce the same evening Have we ever asked you why? – No
– Then zip your lips! What’s the trick? I’ve been sucking for so long
with no luck at all You won’t get any juice I was the one
who sucked it hollow! What is your next plan? Bro said he’ll take care That’s what your brother will say He’ll then separate you both
without your knowledge What do you want me to do? This is your life You should only
take a decision Shailu, I want to share
something important with you I’m busy now
Tell me later You’re just seeing
Facebook, right? Listen to me Tell me They’ve found a groom for Vinodhini So what? I’m planning to
kidnap her today Oh! And then…? Who’s Satish here? Tell him I am not here – Are they back again?
– Please come in Got a courier Please sign You’re delivering a parcel, right? Why do you raise
your voice like this? I always speak like this Good riddance…go It’s so bloody hot outside You got petrified
of an ordinary postman! You’ve made plans to kidnap I changed the plan What? We’ll elope and get married
in a registrar’s office If others elope they will be
caught only in the bus stand But if you elope you’ll be nabbed
right outside the house! – Is that so?
– Claims he can kidnap! Shailu I’m scared to even
think about her family You should only help me somehow I love her intently If she isn’t in my life… …I’ll die That’s the truth, Shailu Tea or coffee? No, thanks Horlicks or Boost? No, I’m fine Green tea I don’t drink tea at all Then why come
to a tea shop? – Serve me ‘chutney’
– That’s all Just a little Have you been
waiting for long? No, just now
Only 2 hours This is my favorite shop Even when I’m not working
I come here to drink tea Very good habit Attend to your work You’re okay with drinking tea? I love tea I do too You wanted to talk to me? Just like that What do you think of ‘love’? When we fall in love
or someone else falls in love? Tell me in general Generally speaking…? Love is like this tea In some shops it is very tasty In other places
really yucky Then why do men like you want
to shut down all the tea shops? School going girls get lured
at such an impressionable age So if a groom is fixed by
the family for the same school girl? That isn’t wrong? That’s wrong too I’m not referring
to puppy love at all Will you accept if the girl
falls in love after she’s mature? You mean as in
attaining puberty? No, I didn’t mean that As in being grown up Grown up? How do I make him understand? Take Surya and Jyothika for example Will you split that kind of love? If I had been asked
I would have tried No one can do that If a girl falls in love
when she’s grown up… …no one can ruin that love That’s right too So make sure my brother
and your sister get united You are saying it
in such an ordinary way? Do you know
what a mess it will be A girl and boy falling in love
is an ordinary matter only Only we blow it
out of proportion Shouldn’t the elders agree? Why drag them into this? You can do it
if you set your mind You got me a glass of tea
and muddling me up like this Let me tell you clearly If we are unable to decide
our life partner… …then what’s the use of living? I’ll be there immediately You give it serous thought See you Bro, don’t let him
pay for the tea He is my friend She’s my friend too Okay See you? What is this song? Whenever I listen to it
I get into a romantic mood You are truly blessed You get into love-mood
by just listening to a song It took me 1 week to realize
there’s such a feeling called love! Do you have a girl friend? Oh! You got a girl? What’s caste got to do with love? When you’re in love
only love takes center stage! You say you get romantic
listening to this song I think what little love-mood
I have, will vanish into thin air Play a song I can relate to “To our earth an angel of love landed” Gem of a song “A romantic epic to me she handed” Who stopped the song? I did Why did you switch it off? You don’t believe in love
Then why listen to a love song? Did I tell you
I don’t believe in love? You didn’t say you do Bill, right from my childhood… …he has been telling this
to the whole world Now I have nothing to do
with the female gender! Otherwise are all the top heroines
queuing up at your door step? When I was 10 years old… …one day I said I don’t
want to drink tea From that day onwards
he told everyone I hate tea Oh! So you like tea? Who are you to decide
if I like tea or not? They muddled me up so much
now I’m myself in doubt if I like tea! My uncle is even worse Even if we think of
flirting with a girl… …he’ll ask us to ensure
she belongs to our caste How can you link
flirting with caste? Then how can you link
love and caste? Friend, how can you
link us and love? True The 2 are connected My sister is in love with whom? My girl friend’s brother! So the relationship works, right? He means that girl
who threw the pitcher She can file a case for you
She can’t be your life partner File and life are just
letters mixed up! Go ahead Are you being fair? Why not? She came up
with some dialog If Surya and Jyothika
fall in love it’s hunky-dory If Ajith and Shalini
fall in love it’s fine But why is it bitter
if we fall in love? Is Ajith going from station
to station separating lovers? Not my fault I acted on your instigation If the lovers we separated
come back and ask us why… …how will we tackle the issue? No one can ruin
a strong love No one can unite
a weak love Repeat this dialog to them Writing on water that flows
and taking a decision… …in a drunken stupor
won’t work out well Whatever it is
let’s decide tomorrow I decide day after tomorrow
for what I intend doing tomorrow What I intend doing tomorrow
I will decide today I’ve decided I’m going to the court tomorrow Bill, if uncle gets to know this
they will ring the bell for our funeral! He isn’t deciding
after getting drunk He decided even before
he started drinking He never let me drink at all! I don’t want Looks more like a shirt
a watchman will wear Looks like a politician’s outfit Will this look good? This looks like a school uniform Blue is my lucky color Choose the tea you want I don’t want any tea
Just water will do Hey! Wait You’re complaining to a Brit whose
clan made us suffer for 200 years… …that we’re harassing you In what way did we hassle you? It was just a figure of speech Then if you drink
you’ll talk as you please, huh? I didn’t drink even a drop
of alcohol last night It was all an act, huh? If I had spoken like this
without drinking… …won’t you say
I was blabbering? That’s why I didn’t drink Is he confusing us
or are we getting confused? That’s why I drank last night That’s what I said He’s the one confusing us Don’t blabber – What disrespect!
– Hey! Get lost Hey you!
Come here Anbu? What a surprise to see him
wearing a colored shirt? He doesn’t like wearing
colored shirts Did he say so to you? No, he didn’t Whatever he didn’t like so far
he will start liking now Whatever he likes so far- He won’t like? He will like all that too If you ask anything more
you’ll go mad and run in circles Ever since he was hit by
the pitcher, he’s like this! See you, sister Whatever he said
went above my head! Where are you? Temple – Temple, huh?
– What’s up? Good news I’ll tell you in person Wait for me Good news? Is it your birthday today? No, why do you ask? You’re always in white and white
as if it’s your uniform Today your uniform has changed Am I in school still to wear color dress
and distribute sweets to everyone? I just asked casually What’s the good news? Are you in love with anyone? No, I’m not Why do you ask? You spoke in favor
of love in the tea shop Daily in court I favor
even murderers Does that mean
I kill people? Even if I do, I swear
I won’t kill our people Don’t swear in a temple Anything can happen
tomorrow, right? True, take yourself for example I first thought you are
a scumbag and a rowdy Now I don’t think so How do you feel now? Nothing
I’m blank – Black?
– BlaNk! Whenever I see you
a thought nags my mind What? Why didn’t I see you
all these years? 1 minute This chap has a terrible
sense of timing From when I was a kid I’ve never
thought of anything for myself I just led my life based on
what others told me First time in my life, I thought
for myself only yesterday Forget it What can you do if you get
enlightened only in the interval I want to say something else What? We wake up in the morning and hum
the 1st song we hear that whole day Like that? Like that from the day
I set eyes on you… …my heart is also
murmuring a tune That is why- What? Shall we get married? Why are you glaring at me? Missed call, huh? Oh! I was wrong What, ma? Where are you, my dear? I’m at the temple, ma Everyone is saying, your brother has
eloped with the chairman’s daughter What are you saying? Come home safe and sound
without being seen by those goons What, uncle? We’ve been deceived That boy Satish who gave
a letter in the temple to your sister Your sister eloped with him What are you blabbering? I saw them in the railway station Not one member of his family
should be spared Come immediately Pamper your girl
to kingdom come What’s the point
of crying now? Okay, stop crying I think Anbu has come Where did you all go?
Look at our predicament now Who told you
my sister eloped? I saw our girl and that boy
in the railway station You could’ve got them water
and biscuits and bid them farewell? Moron! Why didn’t you stop them? The train moved before I could Can I cut across and stop? I’ve sent our boys You have already
warned him earlier What nerve he has, not to
pay heed to your warning Couldn’t have snitched better What did you say? Has he warned him before? Why didn’t you tell me? Thought if you knew, it might
be blown out of proportion… …I suggested to
keep it under wraps You have all made me
bow my head in shame Had I known this earlier,
would I have let it go this far? You’ve shown how
immature you are! Start the car Blabbermouth! It wasn’t intentional Dude, let’s check at
Vino’s friend’s place Who is inside?
Come out Come out, I say – Where is your son?
– Why do you want to know? If he elopes with our girl,
will we zip our lips? First talk with respect Why respect a man who has
a casanova for a son? Don’t talk without enquiring I haven’t raised my son that way Hey, listen Your son has lured my daughter
in a systematic manner I’ll give you time until tonight If your son does not bring
my daughter back home… …then I’m warning you
I’ll burn your entire family alive Son of a mongrel Let’s go (reality show) Change the channel, ma Hey! Keep quiet Look how she’s anchoring the show See when and which program
they are glued to the TV! Clarity of mind! Someone is at the door
Go and check You won’t even
let me eat in peace Is that girl coming- Shut your bloody mouth What brings all of you here? Vinodhini has left the house
without informing us If she had, would you
have let her go? What kind of a question is this! What else should I ask? So you were aware of
Vinodhini’s plans? Our entire college knows! News has spread
even in her college? Is this how an educated girl behaves? We went to college
only for this! Are you starting a revolution? Is this some new trend? Better cough up the truth
Where is she? To spoil her career, huh? Don’t be obtuse If my uncle gets to know,
he’ll kill her Will you kill for
such a reason? He’ll resort to murder
for the sake of prestige How is prestige
connected with murder? You won’t understand, Bill If his daughter goes to work
why should his prestige go for a toss? Has she gone for a job? She has gone to Coimbatore to attend
the final interview in Tidel Park If it is work related
why should she go to the park? Uncle, Tidel Park is
an IT infrastructure and office She didn’t elope with that Satish? With Satish? Didn’t she go for the interview then? Why are you
confusing us like this? You’re the one confusing me Do you understand now? Shut up, you bungler Punch him
on his mouth! Tell me, partner Oh my God! We are also going
in search of the same boy It seems our men went and
ransacked Satish’s house What’s worse, our uncle
has hit his father Matter seems to have
got out of hand Hey blabbermouth!
Did you see properly? Was it our girl and that boy
in the railway station? I saw them with both my eyes Did you see them together
or next to each other? You blockhead!
Both are the same Both are as far as
Earth from Pluto! Think again I saw them together but they were
standing next to each other Commotion starts hearing rumors Arundhathi, Rudramadevi,
Chandramukhi…! Hope our girl has really eloped I know how your
gray cells are churning! Why? If only we find out
Vinodhini hasn’t eloped… …you’ll be buried alive – What if she has eloped?
– Even then you only die! So where are we going now? Check into a hotel Shut up and come along Get down I haven’t seen such a huge hotel! Uncle, it isn’t a hotel
This is Tidel park They’ve built it entirely with glass In a riot won’t the glass
get smashed to pieces? In a riot? Look at those
gearing up for a riot? Are you developing
that girl’s arms? Get your hands off
Take it off I say Get lost! Looks glossy, right? Naturally, created by a foreigner I was talking about that girl Me too! Bill, I don’t know
anyone here Leave me Convey my regards
to your father Let’s go If you continue to talk
like this, I’ll go outside Then it will stink! Why are we not allowed? Are you provoking me to retort? Dhothi not allowed, sir Tell me, buddy! It seems you can’t enter
clad in a dhoti We can’t wear a dhothi
and go inside, right? Wish you had told me this earlier Let’s see how you run the company Come, my boys What a set of silly rules! You come They’ve humiliated us What ruckus are
you creating here? You went inside royally Did you look back? He didn’t let us
enter in a dhoti You’re unusually
wearing pants today They let you in
What could we do? Don’t you know
how to carry yourself? First get dressed He insulted us and you are
not taking him to task Did you check
where your sister is? This building has offices
all over the place Don’t know which office she is in Let’s split up
and search What are you doing here? My sister is here
for an interview We are trying to find out
which office she is in Why are you here? My office is in this building, bro In which office is
your sister’s interview? Easy or difficult
Some name like that ECS…! If you ask at the front office,
they will guide you Your friend’s office, huh? No, bro, front office That’s why I’m asking
is it your friend’s office? Front office means reception Uncle, can’t you keep quiet? Come and show us Dude, whose reception is this? His grandma’s reception! Which floor is ECS? Whom do you want to meet? A candidate named Vinodhini
is attending an interview No need to ask
Look over there Why is she coming alone? Brother, how did you come here? Sukanya told you? What does it matter whether
Sukanya or Khusboo informed us! I did very well in the interview 5 lakhs ‘cost to company’
I can join after 2 months Here’s the job offer letter Are you upset with me? Uncle, bring her with you You are rattling all this
without a care Without any festival
your father is walking on fire Why? Plus thinking you eloped with him
they’ve ransacked Satish’s house All because of you Is it because of me or you? How can you blame- Are you a big shot? – Do you eat crap?
– Why are you staring at me? Am I responsible
if she didn’t elope? Ask her What’s the point
in blaming anyone? Go…go Come, dear They’ve scattered
the chillies to be ground And coconuts for sale
all over the place I’ll smash them- Uncle, already Anbu came
and threatened us If you had told me then,
would this have happened? I myself came to know
about this only now! These 2 hid it from me Even Shailu? Forget your father Shouldn’t you have
at least informed me? Why did you hesitate? What would you have done? I would have- Not moved even a pin! Aunt, where is Satish? Please call him I am not able
to reach him Very good Must have switched it off Why is he walking in like a groom
back from his father-in-law’s place! Why are you all here? Where did you go? What business is it of yours? – Arrogant ass
– Old hag! Why have you strewn
all our stuff outside? Are we moving to a new house? House-warming ritual
for an old house again! What happened to your phone? It got switched off Did Vinodhini also go with you? Ma…dad is here I know everything
Tell me what happened I went for my friend’s wedding
and got back straight home Didn’t I tell you
he isn’t the kind to elope? Till now no one has dared
to raise his hand at me But today Sevapandian
insulted me in front of everyone All because of this fellow How is that fair, uncle? For Sevapandian’s mistake
how is our boy to blame? Satish, don’t worry about anything I’m not worried But I’m worried, uncle With this election
their game will be kaput I know very well where to hit
and make them wince in pain I’ll hit that weak spot Take her inside and
tell them what happened I’ll be back Won’t you get down?
She has already gone? Stop right there You stepped out without
telling anyone and humiliated us Who embarrassed whom? If I don’t tell you,
does it mean I eloped? Why are you so rude? If a girl walks away like that
what will people assume? If a man does the same
you won’t be flustered Don’t you trust me at all, ma? Why? Heard you ransacked Satish’s house Tomorrow I will
really elope with him What can you do? Even then we’ll smash
only his house There is a fairness
in all the injustice we do This is how people react
when their girl is missing Is it a big crime if we inquired
because of our doubts? Are you totally brainless? You don’t even realize
you’re justifying your mistakes You aren’t even showing any respect
for his age and talking so rudely? Does he deserve any respect? His livelihood is to constantly
wait for problems to happen And a moustache to top it all! Do you know what a struggle
it is to get a job? Don’t know If you had been educated
you would’ve known ‘Even then wouldn’t have known’ – Bro
– What? What is your goal in life? Tell me What’s your aim in life? Don’t know what to say
if you ask me suddenly As if he can answer
2 days later! At least she asked me She didn’t ask you at all! Don’t laugh Listen, my only aim is this job I am also born
in the same house So I share the same arrogance,
obstinacy, everything I’ll definitely
take up this job Go but they will bring you back Shut up, uncle Hasn’t my sister
come back, aunt? Why are you scolding her
for no reason? – You go inside
– Keep quiet, bro You also suspected me, right? I know you better than
you know yourself You don’t have to
answer anyone here We can sort it out later Go inside first From now on inform and go What arrogance! Aunt, we are to blame Influenced by this madcap
how can we doubt our own girl? Why are you also talking like this? This problem has blown up
because of her immaturity Exposed to the outside world for a day
has made her so arrogant! Should’ve stopped her in grade 5
and forced her to learn to cook If she had been
pulled out of school… …she would be
in the kitchen Because she went to college,
she kept the stove under you! Uncle, you’re standing
on top of red hot fire Anbu, call the groom’s house Tell them our girl went
only for an interview Also tell them to
fix the wedding date Uncle- Uncle is always right Get lost! If we thrash him
things will be alright Why are we waiting here? What else to do! Planning to confess to
Shailaja and apologize Oh! Apology Don’t think she’ll forgive you Your uncle has maligned
her parents face to face On top of it, he grabbed her
father’s shirt and disgraced him Don’t do it now Let things cool down When have you ever
left things to subside? Even if there are some signs
of cooling, you stir it all over again We stir it all up and
you are the good Samaritan! Shall we leave at 10:00 a.m? Wait She should be convinced you are not
to blame and you’re a nice chap That’s all, right? I’ll handle it Dude, you go and
talk to her yourself Let him do the honors I’m telling you
I’ll handle it Foreign dude,
I’ll hit you flat Can’t be patient forever Give me some respect, I say He will handle it
slick as a whistle I thought it was my scooty! Look here I apologize
for all the hassles How can he be blamed
for uncle’s mistake? If you want, stop talking to his uncle But talk to him
without bearing a grudge If not- What? If not… …it will become a huge problem Get lost Did I ask you while coming here?
Don’t I know how to get back? Did you see for yourself
how arrogant she is I don’t think she can
fit into our family Better think about it Is this the way to apologize? Do you want me to fall
at her feet and lament? How many families
we have split? How many houses
have you broken personally? Has anyone questioned you? You paid them peanuts
and they left I gave up my pride and apologized She walks away
caring a damn Daughter of a dictionary My God! Okay, time is 8:45 Time for dinner If we go late, we will
miss the intestine soup ‘Vaigai Rani Hotel’ Bill advised me right then To talk directly
And not send you A white man knew you inside out But I didn’t know Why don’t you eat? Hey, I’m talking to you but
you’re continuing to eat Aren’t you ashamed? What should I do? What do you want me to do? That girl and you won’t get along You can pour sauce on a ‘parotta’ But will ‘sambar’ taste good with it? – Of course
– Moron! None of you understand
my pain, right? Eat to your stomach’s content! “Why fall in love, pain inflict?
No need this silly conflict” “Don’t flip for love, dear chap
Love loves to crack-up as mishap” “Why this love, painful misfit?
In this clash there’s no benefit” “Don’t flip for love, dear chap
Love loves to stack-up as mishap” “I want this love-addict
There isn’t any conflict” “A friend for life, partner as well
A girl is your guardian angel” “You’re being stubborn, falling flat
Grinning like a Cheshire cat” “Love-struck in your affair
you want to vanish into thin air” “I don’t like your advice
I’m not acting, guys” “I haven’t as yet built
my fort of love to the hilt” “Why this love, painful misfit?
In this clash there’s no benefit” “Don’t flip for love, dear chap
Love loves to pile-up as mishap” “If you hit on a girl all day through
people will start maligning you” “Don’t walk into this trap, dude” “Your mind generally
derides girls easily” “Zip your lips, buddy” “Even the best of kings fell to dust
thanks to a woman, love and lust” “A girl isn’t worthy of your trust” “If she gave up her mother
nothing else will matter” “Don’t go overboard, partner” “Don’t crave and then fade
So said sages, love they forbade” “Don’t dump a girl and then regret
So said Kannadasan the poet” “Because of your love-mode
you’ll be stranded in a road” “I want this love-addict
There isn’t any conflict” “A friend for life, partner as well
A girl is your guardian angel” “First she will give a go-go
Later she will say a no-no” “This is Love of the day
Let it go away” “She’ll lend her hand very willing
She’ll wipe your tears most loving” “Thanks to her, I’ll become
Superman so awesome” “Didn’t Majnu suffer dear
because of Laila’s behavior?” “Don’t blow the conch of love, here” “But for Laila’s love
this earth won’t revolve” “Don’t lie so glib
And stand here to crib” “Don’t grin stupidly
or be insulted badly” “My 2p worth, listen to me” “Love is not bound by time
Will never be a crime” “So I will say for my love sublime” “Because of a girl, trust me
stranded on the road you’ll be” Shailaja, please stop for a minute Think about what I’m saying leisurely I wasn’t even in town I knew about it
only much later Had I been there, I wouldn’t
have let this happen You would’ve resorted
to murder, huh? Why are you also
talking like them? You feel proud killing people,
separating lovers or getting into a fight I don’t feel proud Uncle was angry because of
his love for his daughter How am I to blame? Is it love to gatecrash into
his daughter’s boyfriend’s house? It’s called frenzy Don’t call it love
and degrade love! I’m not like before Only now I realize
what I did was wrong I’ve changed You don’t have to change
for anyone’s sake Continue your social service
just like before Forget me Listen to me
for a minute How can I be blamed for
an event in my absence? Maybe you weren’t aware of this But you’re responsible
for bringing it this far Take your hands off my scooty The other day I came to
talk to you only for my brother I had no other intention Don’t come to see me again Anbu is here We’ll come back later – We came only to kill him
– Right, come on They are fated to end up
as only dead bodies Considering the election
is round the corner- 10 goons have hit him
What if it had been fatal? Losers don’t think of all that Having the upper hand
we should be patient Say some nonsense
and zip my lips! I want to talk to you, anna – What?
– Let go of Anbu Don’t drag him into politics To further your career
don’t make him a scapegoat How can you be
so rude to our boss? He’s my one and only son
I just want him to be happy I don’t know about your wants I think of Anbu as my son If he has a problem
you will shed tears I will be boiling mad As if he won’t be
fond of his nephew Which room is he in? # 6, uncle – He was a changed man
– Try this fruit Hello, uncle I was wondering why
he hadn’t shown his face What’s all this? Just minor injuries
Only the bandages are big! What did the doctor say? I’ll be discharged
tomorrow morning Leave right now
I’ll get you out of here Okay, uncle Chief doctor’s verdict My shirt, ma Uncle must be right
Give him the shirt Inform the doctor
and go home I’ll come home soon Come along, uncle Take care What’s that big dot
on your forehead? Did you carry out my orders? We slashed his limbs
and his forehead, bro Only thing we didn’t do is
garnish him with spices He’s floating in blood It will be a miracle
if he survives You’ve cut him to pieces
like you’re a tailor! Must be a professional butcher How can we not comply
to your orders, bro? So what? I asked you to tap him
in a few places Not dissect him to pieces If I had paid you
Rs 50,000 more… …looks like you would’ve
even chopped his uncle We’ll do anything for you, bro Don’t go overboard Then the election will
come to a grinding halt Instead of announcing
to the whole world… …get your money
for services rendered Bro…sister Sister? I meant sis-in-law! Why trouble yourself? I’d have come over
if only you had called I didn’t want to trouble you Are you aware
Anbu is in hospital? Will I spare the fellow who steps
into our house and creates trouble? I asked my boys to
beat him up But they bruised him
black and blue No one will cause
any problems hereafter They barged into
my house, right? How does it affect you? Why do you poke
your nose unnecessarily? Shailu, why are you
treating me like a stranger? Thank God only minor injuries Otherwise it would have
blown out of proportion again You call this ‘minor’? Anbu is floating in
a stream of blood Hanging on to his life
by a slim thread That tuft head is waiting to
get his balance payment I don’t want to be
the cause of his death Last warning
Stop with this Or else I’ll myself
complain against you Shailu, I did all this for you Even if you scold me
I’ll gladly accept it Sweetheart? She loves you a lot She’s threatening to
register a case against me It looks like love to you? Though grown up
you’re still a blockhead If a child does
something wrong… …don’t we tell the teacher
to reprimand the child? Same way, it’s election time Who will face the brunt
if you are in a soup? Who? You That’s why she is warning
her future husband Like a nutcase, you are
oblivious to even this! Take that tuft-ie inside
I must learn a lot from you! I get hit for being honest Told you to slash him with a knife,
you nicked him with a blade He admitted himself
in hospital for a few nicks! Why did you bring me here? Nomination for the election- Greetings Good morning, sir How are you? I’m fine, sir Uncle Sign here Why should I sign, uncle? I’m not standing for
chairman’s post this time You are
Sign here How can I stand
superseding you? Does he want
his uncle to die? I’ve thought this over Go ahead and sign Trust your uncle and sign From now on you are
our beacon of light Keep quiet 1st must show him
the way to the cemetery 2 minutes, let me take your
nephew aside to convince him Okay Listen to me What’s this? Come aside please Listen to us You don’t realize
your own strength Come out and
see for yourself You’ll know why
we want you to stand Come out Think you’re our
evergreen hero MGR! Even the 2 stray dogs there
might get up and go away You bragged about my strength
and I can’t see a single soul here That’s why, listen to me
If we should have… …a fan following and
influence of our own …you should stand
in the election And win Most important, do you want
to marry Shailaja or not? How the heck are
the 2 connected? Come aside please Your uncle is the one preventing
the 2 groups from merging into 1 When you become the chairman
you will have complete authority You can do
whatever you think If you merge the 2 groups
not just Shailaja… …marriage, kiss, kids
All that’s possible Look at me, partner I can’t look
Just speak up There will be a 1000 good reasons
for a single bad deed by your uncle Knowing or unknowing he has
done something good for you Think of the good in this – Confusion confounded!
– What are you saying? Grab this golden chance
That’s all I can say Politician Anbu Selvam
Long live! He’s standing
for chairman’s post You don’t even know
what you’re cheering for Dude, count him as 1 vote You say so? Chairman Anbu Selvam Long live! Enough Dude, you’re contesting
in the coming election? Yes, I am In your town anyone
can contest, huh? – Told you to pack him off
– What are you hinting at? Taking a dig at me?
I’ll tear your passport to pieces You won’t be able to
go back to your country Who is rejoicing so soon? Must be our boys Shailaja is only opposing you
in this election, dude Are you joking? Candidate Shailaja I swear I didn’t know about this The auspicious time will pass Think yourself to be
hero Mohanlal from ‘Iruvar’! Anbu is contesting this time Is that so? Then we are sure to win You promised to unite us
and now we are lifelong rivals! If you’re opposing Sevalapandian,
then you can think twice The whole town
knows Anbu’s calibre! Sweeping victory for us
Go ahead and sign Don’t you agree? This is the same dialog
you spoke to your father I spoke this same line
even to my grandfather We belong to
the ‘Ghajini’ family That’s why you keep losing! Excellent!
She has signed We’ve won
Let’s go “You’re a jewel in the crown
Precious crown of our town” “We pull and push with devotion
Our graceful chariot in slow motion” “You are a brick of gold
Lion’s cub bold” “You’ll from now on be
Talk of the town celebrity” Take grandma’s blessings Think of me as your son
and vote for me, grandma Our votes are for you
Bless you, my son What? Where are you going? I requested them
to vote for us There’s more to come I’ll get porridge from
one of these houses You’ll drink it
We’ll click photos And print it in every
newspaper possible Votes will pile in heaps Can’t enter an unknown hous- I’ll organize all that Let me get you
the porridge Don’t barge into
an empty house I need to finish
2 more streets He’s a real pain! Drink it up, bro Click a good snap We should get
a blow-up tomorrow You goddamn thieves! Why did you barge
into my house? Didn’t you hear me? Answer me Wretched fellows! You drank up whatever
porridge I had saved for myself You’ll rot in hell Bloated like a buffalo Why can’t you work hard
than steal my food? Are you brainless? Why do you make us starve? Scumbags! Sesame oil, kerosene,
castor oil, whatever If my opponent loses
why should I bother? His symbol is a lamp it seems If the wind blows
you’ll be snuffed out If the wind blows
we’ll fly high in the sky We’ll fly even with our tails
snipped or our strings snapped With wind as our ally
we’ll fly and touch the sky If you vote for Anbu… …show them that video Our land that’s in a state of
drought without water… …will transform into
a lush green environment You changed our green pastures
into dry, hard, brown lands Bloody scoundrels! Send them out Because volunteers from
the opposition camp barged in… …I request our boys
to send them out A gentleman,
a big shot asked… ‘…Why have you
ruined a good town?’ They beat him up and
sent him to a hospital Uncle and son are
together looting our town Violence, bloodshed
paid Panchayat, rowdyism Murder, suicide, should you
get your hands dirty like this? All of you remember to vote What he said was, our Anbu
will win with a maximum margin Obama has prophesied this They claim that foreign fellow
is Obama’s personal secretary Let me share the honest truth
about that fair skinned boy He came here to see
Suruli hills like- Tourist They grabbed his passport
and making him run in circles They claim he is
Obama’s right hand But they don’t know
his parents are looking for him Into the enemy’s den
enters this lioness Stop the car What temerity! She has a genuine law degree
under her hat, your sister She is Jhansi Rani
of South India She will address you now Why are you standing
behind a female? To protect her from
scumbags like you Go ahead, talk Till now no one has come
from our party soliciting votes We haven’t let anyone in – We are here now
– She might get angry! I believe you will vote according
to one’s capability and not caste Rub it in! Are there good schools here
for your children to study in? Shouldn’t your children study well and
secure good jobs outside our town? – No need
– Of course they should Without discriminating on caste basis,
regard me as one of you and vote for me For sure For atrocity to be assaulted For peace to spread Vote for the lamp You’re the only politician
to support the opposing candidate Did you see how she kept
waving her hand at me fondly? In your dreams! To get votes, she’s waving at
octogenarians to toddlers You’re taking her calculated
gesture so personally Won’t you say a few nice words
just to make me feel good? Having you with me is
a bane than a boon! Didn’t she wave to me? Yes, she did – Tell him
– We’ll win Will he spare you
if you say no? Is this crowd enough? Do you want more? Is this army enough for you?
Or you want more for us to prove? Cast your votes
for our kite symbol Stop…stop We’ll address them from here Why did you ask him to stop? We are the center of
everyone’s stares! If that girl could ask
votes in our area… …shouldn’t we have
the same guts she has? That’s why I asked him
to stop here I haven’t come here
to solicit votes That’s common knowledge Whatever you think happened
with my knowledge… …all that happened
without my knowledge Cast aside the anger you feel
against me for a moment And think deeply You’ll get enlightened I don’t know what more to add I am hoping you’ll understand I end my speech
with this, thank you Vote…we came here
to ask for votes Greetings to all Vote for the lamp symbol Our symbol is kite, dude I meant in Telugu! Very clear!! Lamp is our symbol Can I announce? Have you double checked? Go ahead and announce, sir At the end of the last round
Anbu Selvan has got 24100 votes Shailaja, his opponent
has got 24101 votes She has won with
a margin of 1 vote Why are you still seated here? Leave now This land that made Kamaraj lose… …hasn’t spared you either – Go…go
– Uncle wants me Come on Show your strength now Justice has won
after 20 years Ask the police
to shoo them Not one of them
should be around (general uproar) What’s your problem now? They cheated us
You think we’ll lose by 1 vote – True, I agree
– Answer me Nowadays no one can do
anything hanky-panky It’s all electronic now Ask them to count once more Will you shut up? They are big time frauds Shut up! They will keep creating a ruckus You go in
I’ll handle this Congratulations Even if I have won, to make
my dreams come true… …I need your cooperation You don’t even have to ask My cooperation is
always guaranteed Aren’t you feeling sad you lost? I never thought I should win I am very happy you won Only grievance is you never
understood me till the very end What makes you say that? Of course I know Even though I was
mad at you… …you didn’t hold
that against me You came all the way to
my area and said all that I’ve opened my heart out You’re the one
still tongue-tied I told you I understood you
How else do I make it obvious? So…okay, huh? I won only in the election But you won my heart Shailaja…? “Your smooth waist like yam typified
My eyes by your bosom mesmerized” “Your waist like yam symbolized
My eyes on your bosom hypnotized” “Like a thread don’t splice me
Don’t resist me daily, my sweetie” “Your smile like coconut grater alluring
Sweet as honeyed toffee appetizing” “Don’t get me wrong anyway” “Night and day
don’t shirk me away” “I’ll pamper if you come, birdie-bride
Sideline me for a lifetime to your side” “Fix a good date and willingly
tie the sacred thread, marry me” “Your waist like yam symbolized
My eyes on your bosom hypnotized” “Like a thread don’t splice me
Don’t resist me daily, my sweetie” “I’m a bull from Kangeyam wild
I turned into a cow thanks to you, child” “My sari covering my fevered chest
thanks to you is at its blushing best” “Till the sun goes to bed, dear
you’ll be a treasure superior” “When the moon comes to play
you’ll open my treasure chest to inlay” “You’ll tremble and quiver when I tease
You’ll steal me whole and enjoy the feast” “Your smile like coconut grater alluring
Sweet as honeyed toffee appetizing” “Don’t get me wrong anyway” “Night and day
don’t shirk me away” “I’ll pamper if you come, birdie-bride
Sideline me for a lifetime to your side” “Fix a good date and willingly
tie the sacred thread, marry me” Hari, Sivakumar, Saravanan, Kar- Tell one name at a time How can I write if you
rattle off names like this? I was in a hurry
in case I forget Okay, write Hey! Where are you slinking out
with the wedding in a week’s time? I am going to
see Sukanya, ma You don’t have to go
Ask her to come here Maaaaa! If she wants to go to the temple
will you ask God to come here? How silly of you, akka! If some madcap talks ill of her
the way you blabbered that day… …what do we do then? We shouldn’t suspect
our own children If you don’t trust me
send uncle along with me That sounds like a plan Come along, uncle Let’s go, dear What will I tell my husband
if he asks where she is? Tell him I am chaperoning her Don’t dash into the flower stall Why did you stop here? I need to buy a garland? For what? My friend’s wedding I had promised
to get the garlands Why can’t they buy? I had volunteered to buy
the garlands on behalf of the bride You take responsibility
for everything What am I here for? Good afternoon, bro How much is a garland? Rs 100, bro 2 garlands? Rs 200 I’ll come back and pay you Speed up, dear The auspicious time
shouldn’t pass They will be waiting
for the garlands Don’t go on
blah blah blah Just get down Why are you here? Not going to
the wedding hall? No, uncle Is your friend getting married
without the folks being aware? Not really Her uncle knows Then it’s fine I thought maybe the uncle
is kept out of the picture Where is your friend? Here he is Good afternoon He is the groom? Then the bride? Me of course What are you saying? Vino, I hope no one
saw you stepping out No one did My uncle brought me
safe and sound I brought you here? Are you pulling a fast one? Who else? Who bought the garlands? Wretched female! If your father gets angry
he’ll beat me to a pulp You’re taking revenge
bottling it within you Thanks, brother-in-law Uncle, thanks in plenty You’ll end up in the cemetery! You have a phone? You didn’t get me a phone No one will even believe me My phone is in my pocket And I forgot in
my agitated mind set I’ll be right back He might call your- Get lost! What if he calls your father? Won’t you listen to me? Yes, uncle Anbu, without my knowledge
Vinodhini is marrying Satish Are you joking? I swear this is true Trust me Come immediately to
the registrar’s office If I don’t tell my brother-in-law
he will chop me to pieces We’ve been duped Fill in the register Are you the chap who gets
all these runaway-lovers married? What do you think of yourself? Vino only! Don’t shout and bring
the whole town here Your father wants you to be
married in front of the whole town Wait till Anbu comes Aiyo! Vino, come this side Your uncle- Not only did she get married
behind our back She made me
buy the garlands When she asked you to buy the garlands
did the cat get your tongue? Why didn’t you call us then? I told you she fooled us Ask her about it Her uncle- Give me the garland Hold it, dear You’re encouraging them
instead of ending it Even if she hadn’t
taken this decision… …I would have
got them both married If I should weigh
my uncle’s prestige… …versus my sister’s happiness …her life wins hands down You exchange garlands That’s it! Who will sign as witness? I will, sir He has signed! Another witness? Oh not me! Hope it doesn’t get worse What trouble will she brew? He’s the one who- No one is here
to make trouble? Come with me Is this a sudden plan
or premeditated plan? What’s your hassle? You did this rashly Do you know the repercussions
if your uncle finds out? I am ready to face
any consequence But we don’t want
to be thrashed Have we ever done
any good deed till now? Let our 1st good deed
be for my sister’s benefit If your uncle knows
he will chop you to pieces You’ll be the 1st to be pickled You chaperoned her Looks like you’ll join hands
and make me the scapegoat Why are you flustered? Keep quiet
I’ll tackle everything Save me from- He has come, huh? Famous for his non-stop chatter! Look at the groom
He’s like a great warrior Gawd!
Father Give me your hand Congratulations I wanted to
but you did it! Whole town knows
you don’t have the guts They just brag
No action You tossed our
enemy’s dignity in mid air What’s that snigger in aid of? Good lord! Your uncle is here Now this will blow
out of proportion ‘Father of the girl’ ‘Welcome’ I’m leaving You bring Vino home
safe and sound Before we stepped in
they got married Why should we be scared? Nowadays even a bad man
leads a good comfortable life You’re by nature bad So only bad things
will befall you Your sister has eloped! Shut up How dare you
malign our girl? I’ll thrash all of you Hey! All of you keep quiet No one eloped
No one was forced They got married
because they wanted to Don’t create any
problems unnecessarily Let them have
that pleasure! You lost your position Then your daughter Now your dignity Why do you raise your tone
at the drop of a hat? You’ll pounce whenever
anyone falls in love? You humiliated me when my son
ran away with your daughter Barging into my house
you brought the roof down Now you’re standing
silently here Are you ashamed? Why don’t you get a rope
and hang yourself? How dare you? Take whatever action
you need to according to law Hold on! They only know
to raise their voices Pin drop silence here
like watching a horror film When lovers elope this man
will wander in a murderous rage Now it is his own daughter
who has got married Wonder what he’ll do I’m also trembling in fear But am I not acting
like I am confident? You do the same They have abducted our girl
because his daughter is the chairman If we ignore their atrocious behavior
we’ll lose our respect Just say the word We will kill the entire family
during the temple festival I meant it as figure of speech
And he is agreeing Shut up Anbu, because of my daughter
I’ve been made to bow my head Same way I want him
to bow his head in disgrace Bring his girl here
Marry her How can I marry a girl
from that fami- I know you wouldn’t be inclined But do what I say Get married to her Let us challenge him In the history of
Indian cinema… …your uncle is the 1st villain
to unite the hero and heroine How majestic! Did your uncle rant and rave
to chop all of us into pieces? I can’t tell you all that now Meet me at the temple
tomorrow at 6:00 a.m We’ll talk in person I can’t come Tell me right now To take revenge
on your family… …thinking he’s very smart
he is making huge plans Your uncle is being smart?! Will you meet me
tomorrow or not? Yes, I will
But why so early in the morning? Will it be decent
if I call you at night? Whatever happens I’ll see you
tomorrow early morning, okay? Now hang up the phone See you tomorrow I’ll tie the sacred thread
around your neck tomorrow What the heck? Don’t be scared He’s our Bill His face flashes
gleaming white at night That’s why I blackened his face How do you
like my idea? How do I kidnap that girl
with these imbeciles around? Okay, fine
Why were you late? I ironed my dhoti Are we here to
look at a bride for you? We’re here to
kidnap a girl Some of us have even forgotten
to wear our underwear You’re bothered about
creases in your dhoti? This can be an ‘action’ block Or an usual comedy Be prepared for either Are we doing the right thing? Who knows! Have you ever seen me
bend my head in disgrace? I have I didn’t ask you I’m asking you No So we can assume I bowed my head in disgrace
at the registrar’s office yesterday Our own friend has changed
after splitting so many lovers Why shouldn’t we change? We owe it to him to kidnap
his girl and unite her with him What do you mean? No time now
to explain Finally we’ve been pushed
into kidnapping a girl, dude Don’t feel bad At 6:00 a.m she will step out
to draw the ‘kolam’ at her porch Right time to grab her
and drive away in the car If she screams? Whisper ‘silence’ Stay right there Don’t fall into the gutter Watch your step Hey! Pull your ‘dhoti’ together Especially when
it has been well ironed! Don’t ring the neighbor’s bell You hide now, come out
when I ask you to Tell me when she comes out I’ll grab her We planned everything neatly She fainted in the blink of an eye! I know how tough it is
to kidnap a girl only now So heavy! Careful, my skin might peel Why is he calling me
at this unearthly hour? Tell me Seized successfully What did you seize? Instead of ‘who’
he is asking ‘what’? Your girl, dude We kidnapped your girl Come and make her your wife This is my gift
with all my love Why did you kidnap her? Can we kidnap
her mother instead? Isn’t Shailaja your girlfriend? Shailaja loves me She was about to
meet me at the temple I am waiting for her Why did you butt in like this? Shailaja is in love with you? Why didn’t you
tell us this earlier? Why didn’t you tell me
you intended kidnapping her? Only if we tell you
we plan to kidnap her… …you’ll tell us
she loves you, huh? Where are you now? ‘Tree shop’ In our timber depot Be right there
I’ll land up now You bloody blockheads! You’ve tied her up too tight Give me some water Standing like a stupid statue Gawd! Throw that away You’ll never reform, moron! Why did you kidnap me? You’re educated, right? I wanted to meet you at
the temple, you agreed Then why would I kidnap you? All thanks to this
beefhead- You joined hands
with him, partner Why did you kidnap me? When you were on your way
to meet him, we gave you a lift At 6:00 a.m you left with
your face layered in make up Kidnap it seems My uncle asked me to
kidnap and marry you I asked you to meet me
only to share this news with you These blockheads
were too hasty- Anbu is here Let’s come back later Shall we come back
2 days later? Wherever you go
hurdles…hurdles?! Finished reading the paper? Get down
Damn you! We have a purpose, remember Anbu, do you remember? Slashes on your limbs
and forehead! I will first
slice your tongue They have got themselves
in the right spot to be smashed A lamp that’s about to
extinguish will glow brighter! The gate was open and
you zip zap zoomed for effect My boss never breaks
anything with permission Now he’ll rip you apart
piece to piece You’re not even
in my list, fatso Anbu, is this revenge time? Not like that Then what is this called? Wind will ask me permission
before it touches Shailu! How dare you touch
and kidnap her? How can you lift her
without touching her? Listen to me for a moment I’m not one of your boys
to listen to your orders I’m Shailu’s fiance- I hope these rowdies didn’t
manhandle you, darling? He’s acting like a joker And you’re reacting
to his nonsense I won’t mess with any of them You are the only target of my anger Will you listen
to me for a mo-? You don’t have to say a word I’ll give you 5 minutes, finish these
boys and take them away Isn’t this what
you wanted to say? You’ve seen me stand,
walk and run Even watched me sleep But… …partner, have you
seen me fight? Sit in a corner and watch What’s happening here and
why are you playing the fool? I am playing The game you began! I begin and win the game He is acting over smart Leave him
Don’t hit He isn’t hitting you You haven’t seen
the old Mahesh Babu, right? Go and roll in the mud
I’ll see you as a grubby old man Thrash him Why are you pouncing on me? Come on All of them are busy fighting Why are you lifting me around? Put me down Go Shailu, only 4 minutes left I got cheated I say this dialog always You’ve stolen it from me! Anbu and Shailaja
are already in love They are in love? He’ll marry her
after we kidnap her? That’s enough for me My nephew is truly a lion Like uncle
like nephew! Another 3 minutes left He breaks all barriers
without permission, huh? Take this with pleasure Hey…hey! Respect! Or else this will
come flying at you I won’t spare you Uncle…! You might get hurt
Move aside Hey! Nutcase uncle Listen to me I won’t because there is
only 2 minutes left Get lost! In 1 minute flat,
your chapter will be closed Anbu, he’s my brother Oh sorry, to-be-bro-in-law!
Don’t get in my way Will all your relatives be
henchmen all their lives? Your family lacks even
the slightest decency You’re a fine one to
talk of decency! Why waste time
talking to her? Tie the sacred thread Hey! What’s that? My uncle has helped us
knowing or unknowing We won’t get a better
chance than this either So you’ll marry me
in this crooked way? If 2 people are willing
you said it is a mature love I did Then what? Pray to God He has married Shailaja there They are hitting
each other here He isn’t giving me
a chance to explain Don’t hit your husband
God will be annoyed Let us pray Wrap up your game Hey blue shirt! Hey dumbass!! I’ll take care Uncle…? Why are you here? Sit in the car
I will join you Can’t you hear me? Only 1 minute late
Why did you hit me? Are you mad or what? You think you’re the Telugu Superstar
just because you share his name? No Anbu and I loved each other Now we have
even got married Hello uncle, come What’s all this? I should be the one asking They were minding
their own business You provoked him at
the registrar’s office And instigated them He married Shailaja After everything is over… …you come and ask me
‘what’s all this?’ Let’s go When the groom’s side
has accepted… …won’t the bride’s side agree? Let’s get your father’s blessings Bless the couple, uncle Get the blessings
of your bro-in-law too Fatso, don’t add fuel Bless us You made my fiancée
fall at my feet, to be blessed! I won’t bless you In the end
what a climax! This was how it was
from the beginning We knew the climax rather late – Bro?
– Tell me He pulled away your girl Will you at least pull
the chariot tomorrow? Before I pull the chariot
I’ll pull a few punches on you You muddled me up
by calling her… …sis, sis-in-law…girl friend Get lost You sit in front like
as if it’s your due! Oh! No, it wasn’t
a dig at you, uncle – Where did you disappear?
– Don’t add fuel to the fire! I was shouting for help
and all of you ignored me That blockhead lifted me
and stripped me of my ‘dhoti’ All problem solved, right? The biggest problem
is about to start Tomorrow is the chariot festival Even in ordinary times
they will act pricey After this problem, both sides
will be on a murderous rage mode – How will you sort this-
– Don’t obsess too much Come to the temple festival
and see for yourself tomorrow Looks like it will result in
undiluted violence this time I anticipated this In my present condition
if I get hit on my head again… …that’s the end of me Give it to me Is he playing cricket? I’m prepared this year I’ll definitely pull the chariot How, sir? The ones who were creating
the problem are willing to support Welcome, sir Anbu, will everything
go as per our plan? I’ve trusted you
and taken this risk Can’t be more risky than
being here as Collector? Follow our plan I’ll manage the rest Let me repeat
my statement This temple was
built by my ancestors We should be given
the honors to pull the chariot And the welcome ritual
has to be only for us! Right, uncle? Maybe they built the temple
but this property belongs to us Can I speak instead
of you this time? Not only that We own the 18 villages
surrounding this area At one point my family
ruled this land Family that ruled the land
should be given the honors That is our tradition You are not willing to give up
our tradition at any cost Collector must be right What’s right in what he said? Did you rule at a stretch?
We also ruled in between We ruled as much as you did Only those who ruled
should pull the chariot? That’s all? I’ll ensure only those who ruled
will pull the chariot this year What injustice! When we locals are here… …you’re asking foreigners
to pull the chariot? Foreigner
Quit our land A tourist cannot become
a temple chariot puller This is so goddamn unfair You’re talking of being unfair It’s more than 60 years
since the British left India Even he has stopped
bragging about ruling us You are not capable of
pulling a charity in unity What the hell will you achieve? In our democratic country
every voter is a ruler I’ll give you 5 minutes Join hands and
pull the chariot Otherwise I’ll ask
all those foreigners to pull The whites will pull the chariot And we’ll sell popsicles
in the crowd, huh? If they want to pull, ask them to
push the road roller at the back Will you shut up? We can solve
our problem any time If the foreigners pull the chariot
who will be humiliated? This Collector seems
to be oblivious of this That’s why I am
asking you to pull This year, all of us will
pull the chariot in unison Will we be okay
with all this? How can we? Then let’s join hands
and be united Let’s pull the chariot All of you pray and
pull the temple chariot (Holy chant) May this chariot always
be pulled every year Dude, not me Don’t worry You pull
I’ll deal with it “With the grace of our Goddess
no discrimination between us” “She is extremely generous” “Her auspicious face
radiates confidence always” “The people join hands to embrace” “Thoughts to enhance
Progress and advance” “Sky will shower profuse
flowers of many hues” “Riches to grow
River of joy to flow” “Love, happiness as a constant halo” “Light of bliss is here to glow
Everything good will follow” subtitled by rekhs
assisted by harini

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