Make $4,916 Trading Bitcoin

You can make thousands of dollars trading
Bitcoin. I did. Market Research Market research is the most
important part of trading Bitcoin (or stocks lol). Trading platforms like Paxful are living,
breathing marketplaces. If you don’t pay attention you might not
get any sales or worse, lose money. Ensure your market isSustainable
Scalable Profitable
Western Union is easily the most popular way to trade on Paxful. It’s sustainable because a lot of people
are familiar with WU and they’ve been around for a long time. It’s scalable because there’s no limit
on how much can be transferred with WU. There’s a problem though. Western Union is NOT PROFITABLE. There’s too much competition; Reputable
users are selling for 5% profit. (You get ¢95 per $1 spent when buying, meaning
seller makes 5% profit.) This is what’s called an OVERCROWDED MARKET. There’s too much competition to make any
profit jumping in now, especially with no reputation up against people with +612 & +813. By the time you factor in gas prices to drive
back and forth to WU you’re losing money IF you get any trades at all. Not to mention WU’s fees. Any Credit/Debit card is scalable because
you can sell any amount you please. It’s profitable since you’re dealing with
low fees. However, Any Credit/Debit card is NOT SUSTAINABLE. You have to sign up for a card processing
service with an online terminal (e.g. Stripe) to accept cards. Look up a review for ANY of these services
and people complain about their accounts getting terminated and funds frozen/stolen, even with
high-risk accounts. Bitcoin is extremely high-risk; People will
try any which way they possibly can to screw you. It only takes one bad transaction and you’re
done. Screwed by the scammer and the corporation. Double penetration. If you’re selling flowers out the back of
your van, Stripe is fine. Bitcoin is an entirely different beast. There’s only two offers for Cash by Mail
on Paxful worldwide, and for obvious reasons. Very few want to mail cash! It may be sustainable (probably not) and it
may be profitable (low competition so you can charge exorbitant prices) but it’s not
scalable. You won’t be able to simply adjust your
price or offer terms to get new customers, the few will come and go of their own free
will. Calculating Profitability 1
Profitability is the keystone of Bitcoin ventures. GROSS MARGIN is profit without accounting
for cost. For example, at 50% markup $100 becomes $150. You set the GROSS MARGIN in the create/edit
offer page, which you can access from the dashboard. Calculating Profitability 2
Net Profit is how much you made after it’s all said and done. Let’s do some math. Western Union is the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin
on Paxful; It says so right on the homepage. So Let’s spend $200 for 0.33582403 BTC
Calculating Profitability 3 Search up “Bitcoin Calculator” and you’ll
find one of these (I’m using Coindesk’s calculator)
Looks like we’re paying $200 for $199.91, phenomenal! Assume we’re selling for 50% markup which
means 150% total. Find a percentage calculator. I’m using
Calculating Profitability 4 Now subtract any fees. In this example, we’ll only account for
Paxful’s 1% seller’s fee. In this example, your net profit is $96.86. Not bad for clicking around on the Internet,
eh? This is a completely feasible net profit,
I sell at 50% at the time of writing. That’s why I went with 50% for the example,
I know the numbers already so it was easy. Create an Offer Now that you’ve ensured
your market is sustainable, scalable & profitable it’s time to create an offer. If your feedback score is still 0 you’ll
need to buy coin a couple of times to get some reputation. is my page
if you’d like to buy from me. If it says “user has no active offers”
i’m offline. Also YOU NEED at least 0.2 BTC to begin trading
on Paxful. Creating an offer is self-explanatory and
Paxful even has their own instructions to do it which I have a link to in the description. However, there are IMPORTANT tips you have
to know. Your offer terms need to be comprehensive,
clear and enticing. Explain the whole deal, how it’s done & why
this is the right offer for your customer. Include important info or disclaimers. Any common problems such as delays should
be mentioned in the disclaimer. Remember to include that you can refuse service
to anybody. Your trade instructions should be short and
simple because your process should be short and simple. Don’t estimate your customer’s intelligence,
just make it as easy as possible to understand & follow. You can look at other people’s offer terms
for inspiration. On my Amazon offer one part says “READ”. Are you taking notes? If you don’t know how to trade with a particular
payment method, you can buy coin from somebody in that payment method and see how they do
it. Then you can simply mirror them but with different
words. 🙂
How to Actually Trade (Forewarning) Now that we’ve decided on a market & created an offer
we can begin to turn some profit. When trading Bitcoin, be weary of scammers. They’re cunning and sly, so watch out. There’s a link in the description to Paxful’s
own Bitcoin Seller Scam Defense Guide. It’s an ESSENTIAL READ. You’re going in blind if you don’t read
it. How to Actually Trade (4real) Once somebody
sees your offer and starts a trade you’ll have to chat with them. Ideally, your trade should go something like
this. How to Actually Trade (5real) Once you have
the money, remember to release the Bitcoin and leave feedback! How to Actually Trade (6real) Here’s an
obvious scammer. Don’t deal with people who are promising
something too good to be true. I usually like to have some fun. How to Actually Trade (tips) Be nice, but
not boring or plastic. That’s gay. Be yourself. Nothing wrong with personal flair. Check what other sellers in your market are
selling at and adjust your gross margin for a competitive price (if you can afford it,
that is). When you’re waiting for a trade, make sure
your profile says you’re online by visiting a webpage or refreshing the page every few
minutes. Enable 2-step verification and use Authy or
Google Authenticator. SMS 2 factor is extremely vulnerable and is
being phased out by the industry. I’ve been hacked and lost all my Bitcoin
twice. Trust me.

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  1. do you know how the high volume amazon gift card sellers are turning there amazon balance into cash or btc to make a profit?

  2. Whoever you are i think your super cool. Im looking to buy some bitcoin tomorow. Couldn't figure out how to message you on this thing but please reply soon.

  3. Hi, Thank you for sharing this helpful video. I checked out your Paxful page and it appears that you haven't been trading since February. I just wondered if you found something better.

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