Magneto VS Darth Vader (Marvel VS Star Wars) | DBX

Boomstick : Before we get started, Boomstick : Before we get started,
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yay he here Magneto: I may excuse my interruption, that insignificant planet just so happens to be my home Vader: How amusing. (DARTH VADER grunts) HERE WE GOOO! Vader: You underestimate the power of the dark side… Magneto: You’re welcome to DIE Vader: NO Magneto: Release me! (groan) Do not mistake that as mercy.. Magneto: I wouldn’t recognize mercy in the first place.. Magneto: Fool! Magneto: You can not resist the master of magnetism! Vader: You are not the victor yet! Vader: You are most impressive.. But not impressive enough. And that’s the ballgame!
Winner: Darth Vader

100 thoughts on “Magneto VS Darth Vader (Marvel VS Star Wars) | DBX

  1. This battle is extremely flawed they made magneto too weak and Darth vedar too powerful,in reality magneto should win.

  2. Vader has to be close to Magento the Feats i just Mention are outside of a Solar system away…Aka Magneto could crush him PLANETS away he Pulled a Spaceship city sized….. could yoda move spaceships Planets away? No … case closed. Magento could have single handedly beat the Death Star… could anyone with the force do that? Nope 😉

  3. Magneto's helmet protects him 4 telepathy and his magnetic field protects him 4 telekinesis so the force is out, vader is made of metal so

  4. Am I the only one who cant stand when the other comments say that magneto shoulda won coz he could just crush vader's metal suit when they literally show him try to do it IN THE VIDEO and vader just force chokes him, proving that it's a 2 way street and magneto cant just crush him…

  5. Magneto can just crush Vader’s respirator. In fact he could just crush him in a ball. Magnetos magnetism is so much stronger than Vader’s force manipulation by a wide margin. Magneto against Vader is proof death battle has no idea what a real close match is.

  6. Magnetos magnetism is planetary level….. if he through Vader’s light saber at him Vader wouldn’t even be able to slow it slightly……

  7. So when did magneto can hear people in space talking about blowing up the earth but can’t hear when the X men in coming in their invisible jet 😂😂 oh and I didn’t know magneto can breath in space much less fly to a spaceship in space lol so stupid

  8. Yoda and Vader take effort to move rocks.

    Meanwhile Magneto can easily move thousands of tons, reposition satellites, stop City sized light speed bullets, reflect nuclear weapons and bullets, and has even done blood based body control. There's no contest… Showing them as equals for managing metal is not accurate. Vader is absolutely not like the Phoenix for controlling objects.

  9. Darth Vader: Impressive. But Not Impressive enough.

    Translation: I already died to a Marvel Villain once, I’m not gonna let that happen again.

  10. 3:27 – that doesn't look like Vader's lightsaber, but other than that. This animation was so well done.

  11. The only issue I have with this video is that a lightsaber cannot cut through metal that quickly. As we saw in The Phantom Menace, it took Qui-Gon quite a bit of time to cut through a blast door. Yes, it can cut through, but it's not instantaneous. Vader would either have to dodge or reflect with the Force. Other than that, good fight.

  12. People are saying magneto would win but we don't know if he can control cadets metal since there's multiple kinds of magnets

  13. We got to remember how fast Vader actually is. It's kinda OP. I also think this is one of those matches where it needs to happen like 1000 times to see who'd win more as I think they have equal opportunity killing eachother.

  14. What people don't know is, magneto controls the gravitational Force around metals it doesn't matter what metal it is he can control it

  15. Darth Vader is my favorite, but this is bs lol. Magneto can control electronics, electrons in the brain, light, and chemical bonds between atoms. Vader is out matched

  16. Magneto should control the whole spacecraft from afar and tear it apart. Vadar will die in the space vacuum.

  17. This is FOX Magneto vs Darth Vader, enough said.
    The guy who can, oversimplifying it, think hard and kill all life on a planet; who's between the 3rd-5th most powerful electricity user in Marvel; who the Omega classification war arguably invented for (both of them), vs the force warrior trapped in a tortuous cyborg life-support system, made with a lightning kill switch. It's Krillin vs Freeze and know Krillin is the strongest natural human to ever live and high up in the top 10 percent of mortals to have ever lived in universe 7.

  18. Magneto could of literally RIP Darth Vader in half not to mention his life force. Besides manipulating metal, magneto has the power to create EMP. To take iron out from Darth Vader's blood, thus killing him.

  19. but vader has a force shield and can manipulate anything including metal that means he can stopp magneto from damaging his suit aswell as crushing magnetos body i doubt vader would use a lightsaber in a fight like this.

  20. Good battle, fun fact magneto can control anything not just metal when he unlocks his potential. I do feel like magneto has better feats of power shown but i know this is just for fun.

  21. This is literally the man who in one run inverted the earth's magnetic poles…but yeah yeah sure he couldn't possibly stop the metalic light sabre hilt from coming near him…heck he could have prob. tossed it in space…what range does vader's force have?

  22. Ive always felt that Darth Vader's iconic red lightsaber was a symbol for the dark side and thought it impossible for it to turn on the OG himself lol

  23. BS! Magneto would have crushed Vader inside the suit or ripped the implants from his body. Vader is practically a cyborg!!

  24. The reason Vader would loose to Magneto is the same he would lose to Palpetine: His suit is full of metal. That makes Palpetine's lightning as well as Magneto's powers his natural enemies.

  25. Magneto could have just dismantled the lightsaber. Or scattered the sabers beam? I mean, great fight. Really freaking cool actually. I just though the light saber would've been rendered useless early on in the fight since he can quite literally bend light.

  26. I would have had my money on MAGNETO, because, DARTH VADER's, cybornetics, would have been defeeted by magnetic forces, disrupting the electronics. -STILL, it was a fun hot show.

  27. Say what you will about Magneto's stance on humans vs mutants, you gotta respect the fact that as soon as the Earth as a whole was threatened, Magneto stepped up to try and protect it. In this universe at least.

  28. 90% of comments. "Vader win because FORCE is FORCEyest FORCE that FORCE can FORCE!!"
    Me looking at Magneto. "ummm…Force is fun, but really? Can Vader REALLY match up against someone who can rip metal out of someone? I feel like ripping a rib out of someone's body would be pretty effective in combat. Or breaking bones? Or ANYTHING other than a force choke?"

  29. sigh if only dbx stuck to this format…the new announcer doesn't know the "no rules, no research, just bloodshed" motto…

  30. Magnetos skills only let him control the metal etc, but Vader's skills on the force like has no limit, I know not all of you guys are reading comics, but Vader used force without moving before, and I'll give you an example, think about a wall (being Vader's body), one person pushing it from outside (magneto) one pushes from the inside (force), now I ask, can you destroy that wall while in a situation like this?

  31. Magneto stomps isn't vaders suit got metal in it? Plus his light sabres handle is metal so he gets impaled with his own weapon so many ways he could lose.

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