Local Coin Shop LCS Junk Silver Hunt $52 FV – Barbers and MORE!

called ahead to my silver dealer and
said listen you need 90 percent or constitutional silver he said he did… asked
for a $50 bag – just throw it together for me he knows I like Barbers SLQ’s
I’ll take ben franklin’s walking liberties any Merc dimes things like
that he actually had 52.40 and I said I’ll take it all! so we got it right here
figured I’d open it up live with you guys and see what we got! I’ll go ahead and dump it out real quick and it looks like we’ve got a pretty good assortment he did tell me
that the Benjamins in here came out of a full book so I should have one of every
year in mint mark for every Ben Franklin struck so I’m kind of excited about that
I’m gonna stack those separately I’ll checking it’s my albums see if any
upgrade and I think I have a couple of slots that I can fill but let me go
ahead and just get this sorted by denomination and then we’ll go ahead and
go from there so I’ve got everything laid out here for the C I’ll talk about
the Benjamins first I didn’t lay them out and sure enough the years where
there’s only gonna be one like 1955 and the years where there’s three like 1963
we’ve got him and some extras so I forgot that I recently finalising
completed my benjamin book I do have some fillers in here though that I’m
hoping I can replace with some of these maybe better ones I’m gonna go through
these first see if I upgrade any and then we’ll kick it off with the barbers
and go all the way across to the smallest denominations so we’re only
able to slightly upgrade three of my Benjamin Franklin’s mainly because the
reverse had some bail lines that mine didn’t so that’s good
got some sixty fours here I already checked them all there’s no accented
hair but I’ve chose these because they’re in pretty nice shape overall and
I thought they’d be pretty good for when I give away some Kennedys during my
livestream well put those away as well now I move on to the barber half dollars
so for the Barger house no key dates bound we
1902 Oh which is nice we got a 1906 P and D in 1907 d in 1911 P – 1912 peas
and a 1913 s not in bad shape some are in pretty bad shape like that one right
there is trashed but could be a book filler let me see if I need any of these
for my barber half dollar book probably do because I just started that book and
we’ll see which ones we add so these three are not better than the ones that
I have and these five are either gonna fill a blank spot or upgrade the one I
have and you know this is just filling a blank spot so I’ll be nice to get some
of these barber half dollar holes filled let me go ahead and do that and then
we’ll move over to the walking liberties so I’ll save you the details on the
walking liberties I’ll tell you though ironically in that batch I didn’t have a
40 1 s or 46 Philly there’s my 41s spot and my 46 Philly
spot right there and of course a 44 s so that’s pretty cool I get to fill two
spots with that purchase and once I get these in the book that will complete the
half dollars and that will move on to the quarters next so I’m pretty stoked
guys here’s the barber quarters here we got an 1892 P in 1899 P a 1900 Oh a 1901
P – 1907 O’s and a 1907 s a 1915 P but I can’t believe it I did to get a semi key
date barber in that purchase a 1911 Denver only nine hundred and
thirty-three thousand of these minted in G for shape which is what this is
because in order to be very good you got to see some of the letters in the
headband of where it says Liberty and you don’t but g4 is worth 30 bucks and
thinking about what I paid for this right around 11 a have 12 times faced
even at 12 times faced 12 times 25 cents it’s 3 bucks I paid three dollars for a
30 dollar barber quarter I’ll take it semi key date I’m pretty sure I don’t
have it in my book and that’s a good find the rest
it is what it is you’re not gonna get much out of them but I will take that
let me give my barber quarter book down and see which of these I need so seeing
as I just started my Liberty Head Quarter book literally about a month ago
we did need six of them for the book and these three don’t upgrade I already have
them and why would they upgrade they’re trashed but I get to add all of these
bad boys condition doesn’t matter because there are holes that I have in
my book and especially in 1911 dee and ironically it’s one of the nicest ones
of the bunch ah let’s add them to the book and they’ll move on to the SL cues
and the Washington’s so unfortunately both SL cues are dateless that’s a
bummer so what I always check on the dateless ones is I look for the back and
I check for the three stars under the Eagle you can see that those are fairly
worn away so this is gonna be a 1918 through 1930 and I always check the
front left by the pedestal for a mint mark I looked under the scope there’s no
mint mark on that so it’s a Philadelphia minted 1918 to 1938 these are the ones
that I have that don’t have dates yet one of these days I’ll figure out a safe
method to get some dates awesome maybe and then these are the ones I have with
dates that are duplicates that don’t go on my album we know because there’s no
stars under the Eagle on this one it’s definitely a sixteen or seventeen and
obviously you really want the 1916 P the good news is you can almost see next to
where the mint mark would be on this one and if it had a mint mark it would be
right next to this star above the pedestal which is right here that he
stands on it I don’t see a mint mark I guess you can kind of see an ass but
that’s just damaged it’d be a little better than that so I don’t think
there’s a mint mark so this is either a 1916 key date slq from Philly or 1917
common one and judging by the fact that there’s hardly any made or minted in
1916 it’s probably in 1917 but we’ll never know yet I’ve scrutinized it
underneath the scope there is nothing you can see the date would sit pretty
much the nine would be left up here the one would be here so we know it’s gonna
be a one nine one we just don’t know what this is I doesn’t have the looks of
a seven I mean your eyes play tricks on you it looks like there could be a sixth
there but without a way to safely extract the date or even get a date
extracted from it we won’t know so this is gonna go into the unknown as well
in the meantime we’ll stack it with the silver move on to the Washington
quarters so I stacked all the really nice 64 and 63 s in here these are my
mother miscellaneous and these are some older ones this is the quarters that I
have got today there really is no key Bates I’ve checked any of the years for
doubling I didn’t see that so I guess the next key is since I just got this
quarters album recently I’m just gonna go ahead and add the ones that made for
my book I have never really collected Washington quarters because their
condition so we’re missing quite a few in here once we get up to the 1950s I
really don’t have much so hoping to get some and then I really stopped at 64
because the rest is clad and I’ll work on taking my really nice clad ones I
found for my quarter boxes and put them in here but that’s not we’re doing today
let me see if I need any of these and that will go from there
so I was able to add a 35 s as well as a 1957 D to the book so two more holes
filled now we’ll stop with the Washington’s we’ll add these to the tube bingo was his name it looks beautiful
and we’ll move on now to the dimes and I’ll tell ya I did pick up another 1857
Philadelphia Mint seated Liberty dime now this one’s warped and dented but
I’ve got one of these already still nice to pick it up I couldn’t turn it down
for the buck 20 then it cost me had to get it we’ll save that one let’s
move on to the barber dimes let’s see what we got in there so I’ve got the
barber dimes laid out I’m pretty happy we got in 1897 Philadelphia a 1900
Philadelphia really worn at Oh to Philadelphia at oh seven Philadelphia an
OS an oh nine Oh a 1912 P and D to 1914 peas and a 1914 D and I’ll tell you I’m
really excited about this 1909 oh because look at the detail on this guy
shoot less than two point three million minted of these this thing’s got good
luster but let me bring it under the scope so you can see the level of detail
that’s on this guy he does have a scar on his face right there on his chin and
a few small scratches but overall I’m pretty happy with this let me show it to
you under the scope so you can see good beating around the edge look at the word
Liberty on his headband I detail this is a beautiful beautiful diamond 1909 is
crisp let me flip it around yeah look at this detail
you even got kernels on the cob right there so I’m very happy with the
condition of this time look at the veins and the Leafs 1909 oh the good news is
you got a member I paid about a buck 20 for these 1909 oh right here two point
two eight seven million minted we go clearly to the red book list of
conditions date letters plane liberty obliterated well that’s not true some
letters visible in Liberty we see them all letters in Liberty visible though
some weak no it’s better than that in my opinion letters of Liberty evenly plain
now it could be very close to that maybe I think it’s better all the letters in
Liberty are sharp distinct headband edges
State so if I just go back to the diamond question we know dang well those
Liberty letters are bold maybe slightly worn but I don’t think so
so judging by what I see here this looks like an ef-4 T type coin for the for its
age of course for its age honestly this is at least in my opinion
probably with the luster you see here an EF 40 and I’m happy with it
outside of that the rest of these bad boys are pretty common so we’ll check
them against my albums see which ones I need I probably don’t need many of them
but I bet you I need that 1909 oh and even if I don’t definitely could use it
in that condition so we are able to add six times now not add we’re adding four
and we’re upgrading the 1909 oh I actually have a 1909 oh and it’s not
that bad of shape either but I don’t think it’s better shape but the luster
on that one still a pretty nice example and this 1914 P does have the Li and
part of B and Liberty and my 1914 here is completely worn you can’t even make
out anything on the headband so we’re gonna go ahead and probably update these
six and they’ll move over to the Mercury dimes although I probably won’t need any
of those since I have most of the Mercury dimes
well that was freaking out for a second guys I grabbed the front of this dime I
saw was in 1916 I flipped it and I saw mint mark look at that and I was like
it’s not a 1916 D which of course would be impossible and sure enough it’s not a
D it’s an S but sorting them and I freaked out wanted to let you share into
my moment of heart palpitations before I realized it’s just the 1916 s that being
said we’ve got them sorted I always pick up forty twos
whenever I see them because I’m always checking for the 42 P 42 or 41 or the 42
D 42 over 41 you never know if you’re gonna run into one so I always look for
him I did pick up a handful of 30s but 21 and 21 di can’t locate after that I
just need a 42 D over one I do have a 42 2 over 1 which is kind of cool that’s it
as far as the other later years for the younger years a 16 D of course outside
of that nothing really in the Mercury dimes there’s really no key dates in
here again just this heart attack on the 16s man I saw with my old eyes and I
thought that might have been a d of course anytime you see a 1916 that you
bought in a junk purchase with the midmark you get excited for a second
well there you have it everyone we finished in the junk silver purchase
matter of fact this is all of the junk silver that I’ve purchased over the last
several months obviously I have albums full with my coins as well and of course
I do stack silver bullion which is not included in this that’s in my safety
deposit box but for just junk silver or constitutional silver and from what I
found either coral hunting or stacking through purchasing this is what we got
we got nickels dimes quarters 40% half dollars with some proofs back here that
are also 40% we got 90% with Kennedy’s Benjamins walkers and Barbara’s so it’s
fun hopefully you’re diversifying your
portfolio by stacking not only silver in its bullion or custom pour States but
never forget to stack it with the constitutional silver I hope you enjoyed
this LCS purchase and hunt if you did I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always
everyone happy stacking and thanks for watching

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  1. Local Coin Shop Pickup and a Junk Silver Hunt!

    Since I have had several requests for me to do another local coin shop (LCS) pickup video, as well as a junk silver purchase and hunt, I decided to go to my Local Coin Shop and kill 2 birds with one stone!

    I grabbed a $52.40 Face Value Junk Silver Bag filled with all of his available Barber Half Dollars, Barber Quarters, Standing Liberty Quarters, and Barber Dimes he had, as well as Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Benjamin Franklin Half Dollars and Mercury dimes – which I was hoping would contain some key or semi-key dates!

    Hopefully you all enjoy this video! I may also hit up some pawn shops and thrift stores to see if there are any hidden treasures hanging out in there too!

    As always – Happy Hunting and Thanks for Watching AND keep Stacking that silver my friends!!!

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  2. Never heard the term constitutional silver? I need to look up if there is a coin shop near me, I'm in Denver. I used to frequent my local sports card shop for sports cards and pokemon cards for years growing up; it has since closed, sadly, a few years ago. Never been to a coin shop before

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