Live Real Time Trading: What Works Now!

Rita hello can you hear me now if I was
sitting here talking and you couldn’t hear me it was probably because this
microphone was too far away and then it was cancelling out with the noise gate
that I have on here so let’s just check and see is it is this working now
well also if what I do
I would have to somehow here it on the other end or I
would have to have someone tell me that they can hear it in order for me to know
because otherwise well I’ll just assume that maybe now it’s working because far
as I can tell no one is actually listening or telling me if the audio is
working or not so I don’t know that okay so now if the audio is working and
because this is live I won’t be able to go back and fix all the part that was
messed up before but that’s the way it is and it sits like that a lot in
trading as well because we are trading live in the real world that’s what’s so
exciting about it so maybe you didn’t hear any of the stuff that I was saying
before and if anybody is still sitting there after watching a video with no
audio and still watching then I can explain what it was that I was saying
before okay here’s the bottom line what I’m showing here is how to trade and
that’s what I do live every day and I was explaining the fact that for me the
number of times that I would enter a trade is around two to five times total
during a week the number of times because there’s only a certain time when
I would enter and once you learn how this works you’ll see that those times
correspond to the times when the market is turning if you get into a trade and the markets
not turning how will that work out well I don’t know
people have a lot of different ways of trading the market but
with the logic that I see the market is forming patterns and when you identify
that a pattern has completed and is turning and then you’re able to get in
there at that point then that would enable you to get profits so if you’re
doing anything other than that well I don’t see how you would get profit maybe you could explain that to me if
you have another way of trading just put your comments below and let me know and
I know that there is a just by the way I know that there is a a way of trading
the based on trend-following so when you are trading based on trend following
that means that the longer time frame is in a trend and then every time on a
shorter timeframe there’s an end of a correction and a reversal you would get
in so that’s what I’m doing is whenever there is an end of a correction causing
a reversal of the market that’s when I would get in I’m able to do that over
and over in a way that sometimes it amazes myself I’m actually amazed right
now and enjoying it but today I identified this point
as a turning point you might if you were trading and you saw today there was Kiwi
news there was a Zee News the euro Ozzy was going up and when it went up I said
I’m not getting in that because I’m looking for an end of this correction
and I’m expecting that it’s going to turn but that was the news of the day I
don’t know what was going to cause it to turn but whenever I can see a pattern
that needs to complete something will always happen to cause it to complete
and today it was some news about a little bit of a breakthrough with the with the possibility of their being
trade agreements with the US and China and so that actually caused an end of a
correction let me show you that on couple other hairs so
in just a moment you’re going to see a picture of a classic impulsive wave
followed by a corrective wave you can see a little bit better oh yes
the most obvious thing for those of us who know how to trade but that doesn’t
include everyone but this is the most obvious thing that you would ever see if
you can identify the impulsive part of this and the corrected part of this and
the turning point that is how you trade okay so now we’re done and you know how
to trade well if you don’t totally know how to tree we can work on that because that’s what
we do every day twice a day sometimes three times per
day live every day so today I have recordings of this we could
make a new video where I show what we did live which would already be in the
past but as far as entering the trade live on YouTube I don’t always get the
opportunity to to do that because it’s only two to five times per week and the
number of times when I would be live on YouTube is maybe one time and it’s this
time and the likelihood that there’s gonna be a trade right at this time is
not really all that I but if there was a trade right at this time and we would
enter it live so that turned out to be a perfect end of a correction but I
realize that for most traders the problem is that they have so many
limiting beliefs and so much negative thoughts
people are so freakin negative about trading and don’t you think that that
might be why you have such a difficult time with it is if you hate brokers you
hate people who are showing you how to trade you hate trading all these things
there’s inner conflicts and people are so frustrated and that’s the thing
that’s causing people to not have good results so because of that if I were to
show you exactly how to trade right here right now so many people
would just cancel it right out so that it be like they didn’t even hear it or
they didn’t even see it now what I’m showing you right here is
that this is an impulsive movement and that this is a corrective moment and the
reason for entering this which by the way this is going to keep going for
several days and I’m going to stay in this and I’ll show you later maybe I’ll
show you when I exit this train but that is why I entered so let me know in the
comments if there’s any part of that that you don’t understand does does that make sense one thing that
I’ve noticed is that if people have in their mind that they don’t want to get
in when there’s an end of a correction and there’s nothing I could you know I could
say well do you see that if you don’t see it well the best thing for you to do
is to go away and do something that you do want to do you don’t want to get in
when it would give you the maximum profit when you can identify an obvious
end of a correction if you don’t want to do that or if it’s being canceled out of
your mind somehow that you’re thinking no I don’t you know anything that’s
coming up where that’s been my observation is I could I could get a
roomful of traders here right now and show them exactly how I get in and out
right exactly at the precise moment and do it over and over I can do it live
with you I could come over to your house and click your mouse for you if you if
it would help you I would come over there and say do you see that here’s how
you click the mouse I’m getting in do you understand that well I realize that
there’s more to it then sometimes would meet the eye on an initial observation
of what it is that I’m demonstrating but even still if if anyone is having a
conflict with that the best thing for you to do is to go go away and do
something else because I’m not going to try to change that in you I can help you
and I can show you ways that you could change it yourself so that you would
want to get in when there is an end of a correction I can help you with that if
you want to learn how to change whatever it is that’s stopping you from wanting
to get in when there is an end of a correction that’s something that I
actually have a lot of experience with and I do know how to do that I can show
you how to change what is stopping you from wanting to get in when there’s an
end of a correction so let me know in the comments again if there’s something
that’s stopping you that you don’t want to get in when direction want to do
something other than that beckon see because if you want to get
profit and do that over and over again and you can look at a chart and see do
you see that right the only thing I could do is say just keep looking at the
chart until you realize that you do want to get in there so then if if you’re in
agreement that you do want to get in there and the only thing then we could
move forward see seeing this thing on the Aussie yen the Aussie Swiss that is
the precise phenomenon that happens when there’s an end of a correction and that
that’s the thing that you would have to learn to identify and that’s what I
could help you with and that’s what the market does so if you’re doing something
that’s not based on what the market does then you probably won’t get as good of a
result okay so I just happened to stop in here
today and I’ll show you that’s one of the trades that I just got in today it’s
still good I plan to stay in it you could kind of estimate even based on
this wave as a estimate for how long this one would last it may last this
long or longer than that I don’t usually have to have a a precise time target
because I can tell as is going what is it forming a trend and I can tell if
it’s forming an end of a trend so I can tell one’s forming an end of a
correction that I can tell it was forming in a trend and then I just keep
doing that so if you can read the market then you could do that too so does that
make sense that that would be something that you want to know how to do so if
you want if you think that you should be able to learn to do it by watching one
video and then you become disillusioned or disappointed that you’re not able to
maybe you’re not able to do it after watching one video or something like
that well if you do practice it every day together with guidance through
repetition over and over you will develop a skill how else would you do
anything if you learnt wanted to learn how to do something like how-to right a software
or something like that you could watch one video but until you
actually develop a skill and practice it over a period of time together with
other people who are are assessing and guiding you testing with you and showing
you things and it might not actually happen unless you were willing to
invest that time so that’s one of the trays we entered
today still in it I’ll show you later when I exit that but it won’t be right
away and another entered ozzie euro Kiwi which is right here oh man it was so
awesome every time I see these things I just get
so excited because I could see this coming or days and we
planned it we’re stalking it and looking for it to happen waiting and waiting and
waiting we know it’s gonna happen and the news came out and the Euro Kiwi was
going up if you were watching it you know what I’m talking about and some
people went long and maybe they also got some profit out of that but when I saw
this I did not go along on that as I could see this shape it’s all in the
organic shape it is a classic shape one two and then one two three four five of
three or one two three four five boom and well for those of you who don’t know
about the stuff I’m describing here that’s okay you don’t necessarily need
to know but if you would like to know you I can show you but this is like a
daily thing over over and over to keep on doing it and it’s extremely
satisfying and fulfilling and it is wonderful to see what happens to a
person’s account when they keep on doing this and you imagine what could happen
to your account if you develop the skill that the only time you ever entered a
trade was when there was a turning point in the market and why else would you
ever enter a trade why would you ever enter a trade if
there’s not a turning point you’re sitting there the mark is not
turning just you make up some reason to get in then it no it just messes around
and drifts and you know you’re in the middle of something that’s not an entry
but if you can identify these points these are phenomenally excellent I can
look at this right now and I can just I could see this coming
um away because I’m so familiar with this with this pattern with this shape
we have an intimate relationship me and the market I know every curve that the
market forms I can see it and I can show you how to see that’s why it is so
beautiful it is a sexy thing to see a trend in the market be able to identify
the point where it’s turning and be able to know when it’s not turning and even
if you made a mistake can you
have a good trading career or a business in training
and still make mistakes of course that’s what is so liberating
you can have a mistake so what I have a mistake now again and a couple of times I tried to enter you
know and didn’t work out so what you know when it did work out then it’s
gonna more than make up for them so another error we entered was the
pound key we let me know if there’s any part of this you don’t understand we can
go over it and if you want to really know more just sign up for our free
training or join us in our live sessions or you know whatever you would like you
don’t have to you don’t want to don’t do it but don’t expect me to give you some
additional sales pitch or anything you know if you want to do it do it and if
you don’t don’t because I have no idea no sales pitch about this and don’t
really care whether anyone wants to do this or
not but but me I love doing him so the other thing was I got into a somewhat
risky trade going short on gold and it was from identifying this turning
point and again on the one to two hour I could see this coming a mile away
waiting and stalking it then one particular point looked said okay now
it’s making that’s what I do every day and I love it
and I know that if you develop that skill you will love it too
how could you not you know man anyone who could do this
has to enjoy the hell out of it because it is very satisfying and it
really is fulfilled so if we had more time I could go
further into all the details of how I can do that and I can show you how to do
it but that is kind of outside of the scope of what we can do in this short
live video but I hope you have enjoyed it if there is any part of this that you
don’t understand if it’s anything that you would like to go further into understanding more clearly as this is a
subject that I happen to enjoy and having the unique experience that I
and it makes me feel so wonderful to have something to offer to people that
can help them and there are a few people who hear that call and maybe they tune
out the the stuff that’s causing them to not believe it or whatever it is it’s
you know shutting your brain off or you can’t think and you think something
comes up and go was just one of those things or he’s just trying to uh you
know whatever it is it’s you that you’re doing if it’s something that’s stopping
you well wouldn’t it be nice if you could learn to do this without having
something that is stopping you whatever it is consider that
and man this has been an extremely profitable day and what is more exciting
is that I can see that the the trades that I am in are likely to keep on going
a bit so let’s see how that works out and then I’ll show you when I decide to
exit the trade and and oh man tell you one thing when you are looking to enter a trade
it’s really advantageous be very selective about why you would enter a
train when you’re looking to exit a train it’s even more seneschal to use total select
selectivity why would you exit a train cuz if you get out too soon you won’t be able to just get back in
you think sometimes oh I’ll just get back in if I get out or whatever but
there’s usually one place where there’s an excellent opportunity and then if you
stay in it on the timeframe where the where the turning point formed and you
get out you go to a shorter timeframe get out or whatever that’s it probably
won’t be able to get back in because of a phenomenon that I have come to call
the blasting effect and I can show you more about that later
but it is a universal thing and it always happens and you can see it on the
chart if you look at a chart you will see it and I would love to show you more
about that because it is another one of my passions and now that these things
that I have discovered from long periods of trial and error they are things that I am very happy and
very passionate about and would love to show it to other people but only if
you’re really sincere uhh well I am told it’s one person had a
comment is you have any any comment on shorting the aussie in the kiwi and my
comment would be if you shorted the euro Kiwi and the
euro Ozzy earlier today when I showed this live then that’s what you should do
now the next time that there’ll be an opportunity to ideon it’s not as as as it’s a bit tricky but
let’s just say that if you go to the one hour for instance
on the euro Kiwi or the euro Ozzy if you’re looking to short the other
direction like on the Aussie dollar
or the Kiwi dollar I would say for now don’t do that don’t don’t do that cuz
there’s a long on the Aussie dollar and on the Kiwi dollar if you’re looking at
those and the strategy is to stay in the long until this completes and if I had a
way of drawing on here I would just draw that this wave probably gonna
go up this range here where my mouse is could correspond to this wave over here
to be about that size though wait till if there’s an ABC shape or something
like that wait till that’s form I can show you that later but for now on the Aussie dollar on the Kiwi dollar
on the Ozzie Swiss on the Aussie yen on the Kiwis Swiss on the Kiwi yen but
short on the euro Kiwi on the euro ozzie and the trade is in the past and it’s
still going and it’s gonna continue but to get in as it continues is a bit
tricky what you could do at this point just as a
as a possible advice on how you could get in if this continues to go to
approximately the one hour and yeah I don’t have this template on here
and I can’t actually show my other charts on this streaming platform
because you have to set it up in advance and not too Swift on doing that on the
fly but if you go to the one hour and put on your charts say a basic
stochastics oscillator the next time huh what would be your I think like a 833 or
something like that and I don’t really trade based on indicators but I can I
just know that if you go to the one hour during a blasting effect which is what’s
happening what’s probably going to happen
and the next time that the the CICC asses get up up into the over bot zone
and reverses that would probably be pointing right at the continuation
you know that something is going to continue by the fact that you’re reading
it on the charts that’s a way that you can help to identify the point where it
continues so try it go over the 1 hour put a 8 3 3 so Kasich’s on your chart
next time it goes up reverses you say I’m not using stochastics I don’t use it
but that’s how you could get back in there so another person is asking you
know the Canadian his good day and
you don’t want to get me started on that but I don’t trade Canadian pairs and can show you why but until you get it
people just keep on thinking it’s a good currency to trade and it’s
not so but anyway you know if it’s moving if there’s something else that’s moving
like if it’s the yen Rufus if it’s the Canadian is moving it’s probably because oil or something
but I just don’t really get into that ozzie Kiwi is something I also don’t
trade I don’t really care how the Aussie is moving against the Kiwi I would only
care how the Aussie and the Kiwi are moving against all the other currencies
but not how the Aussie is moving against the Kiwi I did I just don’t personally
pray that but I can tell you that the pears that you choose are part of the
process of how to trade and I can show you more about why I mean yeah the Canadian yen is going up
but if that’s because of the Canadian yeah I think it is
so reliable I just personally think that
there are other things that are more reliable but but anyway that’s great that’s great
that the Canadian yen is going up and you guys are seeing these things that’s true those the yn0 good to know which currencies are strong
and which currencies are weak but in addition to that if you can read the
pattern and identify the turning point that really really what’s what’s gonna
help you to break through and be able to trade and man it is excellent so I hope
you guys had a lot of fun today and yeah let’s do this again you guys who are
making comments today I would love to get more into what it is you’re trying
to say there and since I’m on here live I can’t actually see what you’re saying
but I can get back to you later so I gotta hit on head out of here and in
just less than another hour I’ll be back live for our New York session not on
YouTube but in our daily sessions and we are going to be starting to you know
count our money from today’s rates and project what it’s going to be by the
time is over so I can see there’s gonna be a lot of celebration this week just
like last week and on every other week some weeks are better than others but
this week I know we are going to be having a big celebration so
join me in celebrating what’s happening in the market this week all this Boris
Johnson shutting down Parliament
China may be having some agreement with the US may be moving forward with talks
all these things moving the market but I I discover why the markets moving
after I’ve made the money there’s a lot of times I don’t know why it’s moving
until afterwards and some people would think well how can you do it if you
don’t know look at the news a few minutes after you
see a turn you’ll see why but more accurate to see it on the chart because
the chart is very accurate if there’s a turn it’s turning
so trust that and believe it and believe that you can trade I don’t care what
anybody says in fact it’s it’s wonderful when people
say you can’t you can’t trade based on technicals or whatever it whatever
people say that’s great okay all righty you can’t trade based on
looking at charts okay but for me that’s the only way raid fundamentals oh that’s
like they’re always a lagging thing there that is not super accurate is you
can try to figure out what’s going on with the fundamental but when you look
at a chart you can see what happening if you develop the skill
be able to distinguish earning points from random fluctuations
and that is is skill that will enable you trade or the rest of your life and
keep on doing it over and over again the ability to determine to identify the
difference between turning-point on any time frame and a fluctuation of price
when it’s moving and fluctuating you go that’s not a turning-point
then BOOM that is a turning point all these things come together for a
specific phenomenon that we have learned to identify with a fairly high degree of
accuracy so anyway I won’t ramble any more for now and I’ll see you the next
time right here live next time we do well in just an
hour I’ll see some of you if you happen to be in our live sessions in a little
while excellent see you next time
signing off with my tag line whatever it is have fun and enjoy

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