Live Day Trading – My Trade on a Chatroom Alert

(whooshing) Good morning, this is
Clay at This will be a live trade video where I try to capture some of my trades as they unfold live. Market opens up in about 15 minutes. Watching VKTX and maybe a
pre-market trade on this one. Threw out an order a long time
ago at 8:12 in the morning, Eastern time that is, but the
price is no longer even close to 14.95, so I’ll probably
just get rid of that now. But I am watching it and I’ll
probably be watching this one upon the open. Might look to potentially
short the 13.30 area here if it looks like it might break, but we’ll see what happens. Like I said, market opens
up in about 15 minutes. I’m gonna, ah, well, I was gonna say I’m gonna
get short here at 13.30 and hit the bid, but
as soon as I said that, the bid dropped out on me. Let’s try 13.35 here, market opens up, in, well, really any time now. This will just be my initial entry point. If I can get more, that would be great. Let’s see what it wants to do here. (clicking) We’ll go for some up at 13.75 and 13.95. I got those at 75, so let’s see if it wants to move up some more or not. I’m all out and that was a
quick hundred dollars there. Our market hasn’t even
been open an entire minute, although I do wanna get
another order out there at 13.99 in the event it wants to make another surge back up there. There we go, like I
said, not even a minute and a quick hundred dollars. Let’s see what else I can find. Put an order out at 12.85 to go long if this wants to flush. Which it looks like it’s
starting to do right now. (clicking) So, we’ll let it run here. See if we can break, there we go. Gained 12.85 and now at this point, I’m gonna, remember there are other
screens that I’m watching. Based on that, I’m gonna, like
I said, change it to 12.80. (clicking) The typing you hear is
just me making alerts to the live trading room. Back up above 13, so
I’ll go ahead and pause. Order at 12.51 for my
opening allotment here. Got down as low as 12.58. Again, I’d like more than 500 shares, but we’ll just ease into things. Have an order on BBY, Best Buy, but that’s kind of a I think
a pie in the sky type order. I’d be shocked if that
actually gets filled, but you never know. Now, the price is starting
to bounce back up, so nevermind, I’ll keep
an eye on it though. PCG, have an order at 30.75,
so about 30 cents away, but this one can move very, very quickly. It’s not actually as
far away as it may seem, 31 will be the key break, though. Still have orders out
there on VKTX and BBY. The bobbers are in the water. Just looking for some nibbles. I have a couple orders,
VKTX, nothing new there, but ETRN is a relatively new IPO. It’s been open for awhile, but I have an order down
here at 20.51 represented by that green line. We still take quite a bit of a pullback, but just in case there’s
a crazy move that happens in any of these and I miss the entry, I wanted to at least get them documented. VKTX, pulling back here. Volatility picking back up. First order at $12.10
went as low as 12.13. I’m gonna go ahead and
change this to 12.01 and also go 11.80 in case it
wants to breakdown through 12. 12.10 initial entry point with
another quick one at 11.80. Let’s first see if it can
even get down to the $12 mark, which it’s trying to. I will keep a close eye on it. Potentially, 11.85 in play here. Got down as low as 11.92. Working it’s way down
there, gettin’ close. (sighing) As low as 11.88. Well, don’t like how
it’s just sitting around, so I’m gonna go to 11.65 there. (clicking) Yeah, right up here,
you can see my cursor, it shows the low of 11.87,
so had the right idea. Bounced, but I had the wrong
idea in the entry point. I’m gonna keep an eye on it though. I have an order at 12.28. Roof here is getting pretty
(clicking) interesting. Let’s see, it’s gone up as high as 12.24. This one wanted to play ball
out of the opening gates, but now it’s just being difficult. What’s going on with EQ, EQT here? That’s interesting. Let’s go 21.47 in case that
one wants to move it’s way up. Let’s go back to VK, well,
and now that one’s back at flirting at 12. This one, all over the place. The problem is it won’t fill me. I’m not gonna give up quite yet. 12.45, I have an order to short. Once again, on VKTX so
as I’m sure you’re aware, this one’s quite the jokester. We’ll see if it can get up there. It did, there we go, all right. I’m in, I want more. (clicking) More if it wants to give
me the quick $25 bill. I will take it. Again, right there, I want more than 500, but I’m also not gonna turn
down a quick little move there. Yeah, I get it, hindsight. Should’ve just, oh, less talking, Clay. 67.85 on BBY, so let’s come over here and see
if I can get a fill on that. Now, something else is moving, LITE. Let’s pull up this one too. 41.35. There you go, got some orders out there and let’s see if we can get
some nibbles on any of these. We’ll watch LITE for now. 41.35 may seem far away, but I have some experience with this one and it can move very quickly. How’s BBY doing? Now, back down that one went. How’s VKTX, and back down that one went. Well, at least we’ve got
another one, so 125 now. Going for the break of 41, there it is. Again, 41.35 initial entry point. Well, now back below 41. Let’s see if that one
wants to make its way up. I will pause. 845, 500 shares go short here on CBAY. See if this is some
sort of dead cat bounce. Obviously, 500 shares on
$8 stock is nothing huge. It’s trying to work its way up there. Well, back down it went. Let’s go to 8.65. I’ll keep you updated. 8.65 potentially coming into play here. Still have those other
bobbers in the water. I’ll keep you updated. All right, close. 8.62 right now. There we go in. We’ll look to get more if possible. Do my next group at 8.95. Again, just 500 shares,
so nothing much at all. (clicking) Put some at 9.15, 9.20, 9.25 just in case there’s some
sort of explosive move up through nine or if it wants to go to
8.55, I’ll take the 50 bucks. It’s kind of slowing
down here a little bit. I’m gonna go ahead and pause for now and if it looks like I’m gonna
be able to either get more or get profits, I’ll get
the video rolling again. I apologize, I missed it,
but I got some at the, there we go, nice. There we go, all right. (clicking) There was a good-sized move there. See if I can get some up there. (clicking) Put some orders out down at the low nines. If it breaks through nine, then that’s essentially where
some of my profits start to come into play. I’m at 3,500 shares, but once again, 3,500 shares may sound like something, but, I mean, when we’re
talking about a sub $10 stock, it’s nothing massive. Getting some fills. Down to 27.50. Let’s see, I got some at 9.05. We’ll try some for some more down there. (clicking) It wants to work it’s way up some more. Get some other orders out
there at these levels. I will go ahead and pause and if it looks like there’s
gonna be some more action, I’ll get it going again. It is pulling back here some. Kind of. (clicking) That green line there represents that, essentially, if we can hit that, that means that I’ve
locked in more profits. You can see, it’s down in
that area of the chart. Now, I’m down to 500 shares left, so what I’m gonna do is put
in a stop loss here at 9.01 and then just let this work for me. At this point, it’s not a question of if I make money, it’s how much money am I going to make? That’s, as traders, the
position we wanna be in. I’m out there and now 306 on that trade. Not even our end of the
day and, let’s see, at 431. Again, just to explain that last 500. The worst it could have
done was bounce back up and take me out, which it did, or it could have kept
going down in my favor. In that situation, the sky’s the, well, not from the short side ’cause it would have
stopped going down at zero. But, you get the general idea is that from a risk-reward standpoint, I was totally stress free at that point because I was making money no matter what. It was just a question of how
much money I wanna gonna make based on how far it decided to go down. Obviously, as you saw,
it did bounce back up and took out the remaining 500 shares. With all that being said, where are we at? 14 minutes, all right, let’s see if we can get
one more trade on this. If it wants to pull back, so I would be interested at 8.25. I’ll keep you posted, but
if it doesn’t like it, it’s gonna get down there. Then, we’ll just call it good
as we’re almost about an hour into the day. Have an order at 9.49. See if we can get a whole
nother batch of these going. That was actually the
move I was looking for, so let’s go to 9.69 here. Let’s see if we can get up there. I’ll keep you updated, I’ll
keep a close eye on it. Before I forget, one of the
big questions I always get is, hey, Clay, how does the
chat room actually work? If you look down there at the
very bottom, on nateWilson, CBAY dead body city five minute, so that is the alert that
actually got my eyes on it and then you saw how everything
took over from that point and I traded it. But, I did not, self-admit, I
did not find that on my own. That was a fellow member of
the community that alerted it. That’s how the chat room works. We only have two eyeballs. I only have two eyeballs and
as much as I wish I could say that I never miss anything, I miss plenty, but when you have other
people out there looking too and scanning and then sharing, I ended up, like I said, getting
$300 because of that alert. That is how the chat room does play out, but it’s looking like this one is done. At this point in time,
I’ll wrap things up. If you do enjoy these
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it’s like I always say, I’m more than confident
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  1. Your style of trading is awesome. Could really see it going wrong if someone didn't know how to keep it together emotion wise lol

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