32 thoughts on “[LIVE] Day Trading | Making $500 Working from Home (online stock trading)

  1. Sir, create a telegram group in which we can give people some free signal, support and chat discuss please sir 🙌😘😘

  2. dont use signals guys if u want to learn and get rich uneed to do it by ur own, discuss signals or look how the trades end and analyse them but if u trade trade by your own

  3. Fantastic, I have decided to be a trader for a living and I am starting my journey of learning…. Your videos are fantastic. Watching a few a day

  4. ROKU still in strong uptrending, buying in morning dips in this last 2 weeks, you can get at least 5 point up most of the time. but this man playing againts the trend. amazingly he win!

  5. I've been following Clay for years. His "strategy" isn't something any new person can do unless they have huge accounts. He also goes huge negative on his position before he goes green.

    I'll continue to stay away

  6. Can you do like a project where u start with a 5k account and build it up, so it could be more realistic to us starting in the game???

  7. Are you trading 500 shares at the market value of $134 etc? Isnt that like 50k… damn i think i could do what your doing i just want to get really good.

  8. What trading style is this considered? Day trading, scalping? Very intriguing stuff, love your page, just recently joined the chat room. I have learned that as a beginner, the quick in and out fits my style much more than swing trading or long term holds. Something drives me crazy about seeing profits and not immediately taking them. Am I looking at the process incorrectly? Or is trading a “to each his own” type of thing? So much to learn, it’s overwhelming to me 😅 Thank you for your input and videos, they’re very much appreciated to the people trying to navigate this racket on their own.

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