19 thoughts on “[LIVE] Day Trading | How to Survive as a Day Trader (These Days Happen…)

  1. Clay, there are some various online courses like investopedia that for $200, you can learn "Position sizing strategy and goals

    To establish rules for trading decisions, including a  system that constructs concrete entry and exit points, and maintains a safe volume of risk"
    Etc. Are these worth the $ if youre looking into day trading?

  2. The majority of these trades were more breakouts and breakdowns which don't seem like your more successful "letting the trade come to you" style.

  3. I keep asking myself why you don’t automate your trading strategy. You seem like you have a very strict set of rules, and a very high win rate. If you did automate your trade strategy you in theory would make more money. Ever gave automation any serious thought?

  4. I've worked for the major banks for years, I haven't looked at trading on You Tube for about 10 years. It's stunning just how many people are trading,talking about trading especially FX and don't have a clue how they are losing money. Simple fact most blow their accounts over time and quit within two years, few break even and a very tiny percentage less than even 1% are actually successful. The game is designed to beat you and with retail data feeds and platforms you have almost zero chance from the start.

    Anyone selling a platform, training, some magic indicators, box or software is just a scam. If actually worked and they were successful day traders they wouldn't be on You Tube selling stuff.

  5. Wish I had known about the $25,000 minimum to start day trading. I wouldn’t even be looking into it if had I had known this. Only one of the 30 videos I have watched have mentioned it. Guess I’m screwed.

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