35 thoughts on “[LIVE] Day Trading | How to Make $1,000 Per Hour (Trade Stocks Online)

  1. Hi Clay, can you tell us if there's a free way to scan for pre-market stocks? I've only found one that costs 170$ a month πŸ˜‚, I mean I'm a new trader Clay and with a 1,000$ its unrealistic for me to pay 17% of my account every month on the scanner alone. If there isn't a free pre-market scanner out there which I'm sure there isn't, I know you offer live chat room that doesn't cost near 170$ and is appropriate for day traders, so if you can link me to a video explaining how to join or a website page that would be great. Thanks for the great content btw, I'm always watching every video you post πŸ™‚

  2. Trading against the trend, trading against momentum, trading without a stop loss, constantly adding and changing orders not based on rules instead intuition, and finally adding more to a losing position when its going against you. Did I miss anything Clay? Do you really think this is the best way to show beginners how to day trade the financial markets? How about go long @$10.00 with the trend instead of short on your first trade, and get out at $17 with a 70% return? 1 Trade no stress! I'm not some dumbass on a keyboard either, I've been a successful full time trader for 26 years and whilst you can do this, people here should know this is incredibly risky. Do you agree Clay?

  3. I'm sorry but the premarket trade wasn't wise. You were down at one point $900 which is a very bad strategy for a day trader. you were lucky that it came down but it could of continued going up and at what loss would u have gotten out?
    This is definitely NOT how to make $1000 in a hour

  4. I love it. 35,000 homeless in Los Angeles alone. Record food stamp use. Country is basically bankrupt and you just sit at your computer having a blast like all is well. Awesome stuff! You make me giggle like a school girl.

  5. hello clay, what is your probability of success over several months or 1 year for example? (sorry if my english is not good I'm french and use a translator ^^)

  6. Hey Clay, I am learning a lot from you and wanted to note my appreciation for you guiding us newbies in this market.

    Quick question, should I worry about my stake in a company that depends on selling more shares than their own product despite them having a projected market cap of $1.4 billion by 2024?

  7. ClayTrader what is the name of the program you are using and what company are you signed up with? What is the rate charges on trading with them?

  8. Absolutely fantastic video! I have watched three dozen of your live trade videos and this was one of my favorites.

    Happy holidays Clay!


  9. you're telling me your strategy is going 60% red for 10 minutes, why not wait until you had 3 candles nearing the 12.00 showing resistance why not wait…? seems sketchy and seems like bad RM, in no way am I harping on you or your strategy but im just confused on the strat and RM it seems messy.

  10. I’m sorry to say something negative on your video and you are a part of a group of people who make videos regarding day trading. With titles like this you are ignoring the fact that when a person trades they are in competition with each other and investment firms. I understand how easy it is to believe that you can predict when a stock will go up or down and sometimes a person can but it’s bullshit how a some people can portray day trading as there are those who can’t afford to lose the money. So I would appreciate it if you’re videos, at least those like this, cease to come across my vision.

  11. hey clay what platform do you use? im using think or swim but yours seems allot more user friendly especially with your buy and sell limit orders. please advise if you can. thanks

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