50 thoughts on “[LIVE] Day Trading | How to Make $1,000 in Under 30 Minutes (while working from home)

  1. When you miss your entry point why do you cancel the order to go long or short and place a new one at a higher or lower purchase price

  2. sir what's your trading type i need to start it sir can you please say me what types of trade are you been doing and how can i learn it

  3. Been watching your channel for a few days now. Was just wondering is there a way to know what everything means in the interface/program used in the video? Like things such as “visible” , “inside bid”/“inside ask” or what those moving ticker symbols in the upper right corner are for? I want to get started but I get quickly overwhelmed by the looks of these things and all of this information on the screen presented to me.

  4. Congratulations for the great videos and trader, but I have a doubt, I live in Brazil and would like to operate like you. Which brokerage do you use and what margin amount is required to trade day trading? Thank you very much.

  5. Dude how much capatial do you have??!?! Can't wait till I build mine up to where I can buy 500 shares at 100 bucks a piece lol

  6. Just started robinhoodwith 50k account I made 5k today, it was risky with acb, it took forever to sell, seems like bigger start sells faster

  7. Does a BOT type of side mean "bought and sold"? Not seeing how you're selling. Or do the shares get triggered to sell when your inside ask are met? What platform is this?

  8. Hi clay, I have a question about Lightspeed the broker. What type of account do you recommend, and whihc type do you use? LLC, Individual, etc…? Do you use a margin account or a cash account? Thanks

  9. Please tell us:
    1. the name of the trading software
    2. monthly charge for using the trading software
    3. the name of the brokerage firm and
    4. your account $-balance that allows you use to take such large risks.

    Thank you.

  10. Recommendations to expand my knowledge on stock investing even more from what i already know until im 18 to open a brokerage account and trade? Currently 16.

  11. Clay…. what is the point of these videos when you literally give 0 context as to WHY you took the trade. like what??? Why not just post a PnL. What is the point of this. Like you also show 0 time frames or levels and talk about 0 fundamentals. Please enlighten me on what the point of this is besides showing that you can make money trading.

  12. standing in front of freight train is very dangerous for newbies. they don't have large account, you are not showing Level 2, other charts. Where are your losses? stops on all?

  13. Just curious you buy and sell at very tight space ? I"m just curious you buy when it was going down and the order will fill when it when up by 50 cent ?

  14. Clay on 6:40 you said that you were looking on other screens that we cant see which are helping you determine the best entry's and exits, can you share with us what exactly you are looking at on these other screens? Great videos btw.

  15. So I have a question this platform that I always see you use what is this one specifically called. And second if you say 500 shares and price is 100 does that mean it’s $100 for 500 shares? And third of you try to sell at 105 for example can you cancel that or it’s a done deal if an accidental click

  16. Hi, I'm new to your channel, and since I'm from Russia, most of your videos I can't understand. We have a little good content on Russian-speaking YouTube. Prompt, please, where you can read very usable info or I need something. I trade every day, but keep around 0, just above even. Thanks in advance

  17. Learning a lot from you man. Just watch and be quick w thinking process and the mouse!Anticipation is key seems like. Thinking bout investing in your class.

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