18 thoughts on “[LIVE] Day Trading | How I Made $850 in 5 Minutes ($1,190 in Total)

  1. First comment! LOL as though that means anything haha congrats on being a successful Trader and YouTube personality clay! You're the man I don't comment much but I watch a lot of your videos. Keep up the good work. Your style is fun to watch!

  2. Here I am, proud to be consistently making like 2$ day trading with $1k, and clay posts videos of him making $850 in five minutes. XD
    So excited for the day I can quit my job and day trade full time~

    Keep up the great content, Clay!

  3. Hey clay, I just plan to get into clay university and one question I’ve always had was what equipment do you need? I see you have 3 computer screens?

  4. sir clay. how much if u open acount in lighspeed? thank u. i love ur video always… u so good at trading. hoping ur reply. thank u and more power.

  5. The most appreciating part for me is that you can control it.I mean, in the video, there is a guy who knows what he is doing, so this is appreciating bro.I appreciated

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  7. very interesting to watch but not so easy to trade due to the fact its like casino, I do rather slower trades with commodities, with similar results

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