36 thoughts on “[LIVE] Day Trading | $600 in 10 Minutes (Learning Lessons)

  1. That is why you pay happily pay commission because your broker is so good with the 1/4 fills. Your broker platform is running Windows 3.0 compared to most.

  2. SAGE upside pop but with downwards pressure! Gee Clay what are you saying. "I guess I can go either way @&$*#*#&" Great thanks for the tip!

  3. The spreads are huge and it's very risky to trade these. A beginner trader should NEVER trade stocks with big gaps. He can lose his pants within minutes

  4. saying $600 in 10mins is data deception, it shoulds be ___% in 19 minutes….
    i gained 213 with a 5.1k account plus robinhood margins.(totaling 9.#K)…

  5. Hi, I just subscribed your Chanel , I have one question , how do you cut loss when you in and direction is opposite? Thank you !

  6. AUPH , I saw you down 400 and more , if it keep falling down , your loss would be big . I am new to the stock market , but is that risk still too big ?

  7. Love these live trade sessions. Clay what do you think of Warrior trading? Is the guy really doubling his account every day? Or just a marketing scheme?

  8. Yo clay, I tried swing trading instead of day trading, and made $68 in a little over a week.! (Compared to about $2-4 day trading) Swing trading seems to be the way to go when you can't beat the pdt rule, since you can go for larger moves… https://ibb.co/3B5QnN0 I plan on filling this graph out for a month, will update you in like 20 days. (My strategy is investing in 10 stocks using your volcano trading strategy.)

  9. LOL: It makes me nervous in the gut just watching how you hang tough in some of your trades that go south, and actually do come back.

  10. thank goodness did away with commissions, oh the partial orders, grrr, lol, horrible, had that happen to me, only wanted a few shares ended up with 1, lol, luckily now can cancel and cool, sure get that few cents fee, but no more $4 odd one… so yeah, nice being able to buy for say $50 and it be that, whether on 5 shares or 100 shares, cool… :).. anyway…

  11. Clay you always place higher than high of day or lower low of day. How you pick ur price? If the trade goes against u then u average down. And ur strategy needs big account $25,000+ Do u give 1-1 mentorship?

  12. Could you please explain how do you always trade on 30 min timeframe without watching the direction in shorter frames ? Thanks

  13. Watching your practice makes me have a few ideas about trading strategies (not day trading) that could be automated. Starting to like your channel as it weeds out the gamblers. Keep up the good work!

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