Live Day Trading – 1 Hour, $127 Loss

(words slamming down
and futuristic chimes) – [Clay] Good morning this is
Clay Trader at This will be a live trade
video where I try to capture some of my trades as they unfold live. Market opens up in about two minutes. So let’s see what happens. I will keep you updated. I have an order out, a
couple orders out there. One is short LITE, and then this one, which is currently what you see to try to build a long position
on a deeper pullback to 16.51 on the opening order. Still a ways to go but
this one can move fast. So we’ll see if it can
get down there or not. Couple of fishing orders out there; we’ll see if I can get any nibbles. I already picked up a small allotment of shares at APOP at 6.15. We’ll look to take a quick $50, or if it wants to give
me a little bit more I will take those. I’m gonna start the process over again. This time first entry at 6.05. 500 shares of a stock
that’s no even trading for $7, sure I’m not gonna
make a killing at 500, but the goal is to get more at 500. Like I said if it’s gonna
give me a quick $50, like you saw, I will gladly take it. I will pause it and keep you updated. Okay looking to pick
up some shares at 5.81. I canceled that order based
off a couple other things that I saw and moved it down to 5.81. Got as low as 5.90 so far. So let’s see if it can get down there. It’s working its way down there. Let’s see if it can make a
little bit more progress. It’s gotten as low as 5.84. Alright now… Moving it down to 5.65 just because trade plans are fluid
especially with entry points. We’ll see if it can get down there or not. We’ll paper trade that. I could’ve gotten in at 5.81 there. But I’m thinking I can get a
better entry point at 5.65. We’ll see what happens with it. My sell order would’ve been
at 5.95 so, in the spirit of paper trading my gut instinct seeing if that was right or wrong. Again it still needs to get
down to 5.65 to fill me. I’m gonna go ahead and pause it. Yep, I was wrong there’s
5.96, 99 on the bid. So I was wrong; I
should’ve just left it down there at that order. Shoulda, woulda, coulda, but gonna keep that 5.65 down there for now. I have an order for 500 shares
to go short at 45.25 on MDLZ. We’ll see if it can get up there or not. Still have my APOP order out there. I will pause it. Alright got my 5.65; sorry I was watching the other one when it happened. I’m gonna look to pick up some more shares at 5.35 and then 5.25. Like I said I’ve always wanted
more than the 500 shares. Even if I get these two
that will still only put me at 1500 shares; nothing big at all. Yeah I’m more than happy
to buy this pullback here after a strong start. I guess I’ll run it a little bit more, although it’s kind of
tightening up here a little bit. There we go, trying to
bounce up a little bit there. I will go ahead and pause
it and if it looks like I’m gonna get filled, either
when I’m buying or selling, I’ll get the video rolling again. Alright, trying to get up through 5.70. Again my sell order is at 5.75. We’ll see if it can get up there. I’m out for just a quick $50. How low did it actually go there? As low as 5.40, so somewhat close. Wanted those 5.35 but didn’t get them. I am gonna leave my 5.25
order out there though. If it wants to pull back some more, I’ll start the process over again. I’m gonna keep on hunting. No promises if I actually
capture that on video because I will be looking
at other stocks as I go. Let’s see what happens. Okay I have an order to short at 64.49. We’ll put a stop in at 64.56. If I get filled here on the sort side. Still a ways to go before that, especially now it’s pulling back. I guess, at this point,
it’s looking like nevermind. Okay readjusting here a little bit. Entry 64.97, stop at 64.06. So risking about $50 on it. I’d be more than willing to
lose $50, maybe up to $60, but could potentially get a lot more if this continues to roll back over. I’ll keep you posted. But, again, got to get up to 64. Excuse me that’s not right. 63.97 would be… Is where I want to sell. Then 64.06 is where I’d want my stop. There we go. We’ll see if I can get
filled on that or not. I’ll keep you updated. Okay looking to play the
pullback here on TWLO. Initial entry point at 29.59. I realize that’s about
50 cents off right now but this one can move in a hurry. We’ll see if it can get down there or not. There goes AKAM like I
thought it would do rollover. The only problem with my trade plan was I didn’t get the right entry point. I had the right overall idea
but not a good enough idea. If I had the perfect right
idea I would’ve gotten into it. But nice rollover there. I still have an order for, yes, I already talked about that one, TWLO. I still have an order in there. Still scanning the market. Still just 18 minutes into
the day so still looking. Alright looking to short 38.47. Stop at 38.52, so risking
right around 25-ish dollars. Again not looking like, it
got up as high as 38.37. So about 10 cents off on this. My thinking here is that this
thing wants to roll back over. I’m willing to give it a
little bit more time here. I’m not gonna let it
consolidate on me too much. Let’s see if it can get up there or not. Again 38.47 would be my
entry for 500 shares. Stop at 38.52, so right
around $25-$35 risk. So this thing’s either
gonna continue to bounce on me and I want out, or
it’s gonna roll back over and who knows how much
upside I’m gonna have. Oops… that one actually, wow. The spread got me on that one for sure. That was not very pleasant. I threw myself into that
one knowing the spreads can get kind of crazy. If you’re curious to see what happened you can just rewind the video and see. That was annoying for sure. I’m gonna try 39.15 here, as initial… Now this is a whole different situation because it’s already been bouncing. So I’d have no problem doing
some more shorting here. First step though, it’s
gotta get up to 39.15. Now I’m up $31 on the morning
and it’s 30 minutes in. That was definitely my own fault. I should’ve known better that the spreads can get so to think that I
would’ve gotten out perfectly within five or six cents. But the spreads opened up on me big time. I took a much bigger
loss than what I thought. However, taking that loss
looks pretty good right now considering how much that
has if I didn’t take the loss how much I’d be down at this point. Let’s see what else is out there. No need to cry over spilled milk, right? Alright I’m short here at 38.17. My thought process here
is this thing’s headed back below 38, so if
it can break through 38 then I’m gonna move my stop loss down. But let’s see if we can get
some downwards momentum here. I’ll let the video roll here a little bit. It’s working right here around this area. I’m gonna go ahead and pause it. Alright looking like it might want to get down through 38 here; it’s trying. 38.03 as random as a spot as
that is, seems to be the area. That fast it snaps back up on me. On the flip side that fast
it can go back down too. We’ll see what happens with it here. Alright I just got to get out of this one. Goodness this one is kicking my butt. Can’t even get out when I want to get out. Still have 200 shares I need to get out. So there I’m out. Now I’m down to 227 so I’m
down 127 on the morning. So yeah, not the best morning and GRUB is taking me to the wood shed. I cannot get this one figured out. But the last thing I want to do. Of course, the last time
I was disciplined it rolled back over on me but
that’s just the way it goes. Last thing I want to do is for this thing to start to bounce upwards and me to get stuck on
it from the short side. Not one that I wanted to build more. Sometimes I do want to build more but that was not the case with that one. I just got to get out so,
yeah, quite frustrated. That’s just the way it goes. Still only down 127; I don’t mean to imply that 127 is not a lot
of money because it is, but nothing that is
going to send me looking for a cardboard box to sleep in tonight. Let’s see if I can capture one more trade. One of the questions I
always get with these videos, this will sound probably
goofy because you’re thinking “why would I care how you
find stocks you keep losing?” That’s besides the point. How am I finding these setups to trade? What I’ve done is put together
this free resource guide where I talk about the
tools that I’m using to locate stocks that I’m interested in and think may have some
profitable potential. If that sounds like something
that could add value to you as a trader then go
ahead and click right there and I will email you the guide. The guide is very short and to the point. You’re biggest risk is a few minutes of your time to go through it. But the reward, I’d like
to think, is quite large because if it really
helps you out then, yeah. There’s a lot of upside to it. So go ahead and click right there. Still searching for one
more trade so let’s see if I can find one. Okay, looking to go short 500
shares at 179.45 here on PXD. Getting somewhat close so we’ll see if I can get filled there or not. I will keep you updated. Alright that one never worked out. A little over an hour into the day and I’m just gonna call it a wraps here. So, yeah, finishing the morning, the first hour of the day down 127. Obviously still five
hours left in the day. These happen; losing mornings happen. It is what it is. Yeah it sucks to post this but whatever. That’s the reality of the matter. No trader, no matter
what they try to portray on their YouTube channel
is green every single day and always having massive winners. Losing trades happen;
losing mornings happen. That’s what I had here. If you enjoyed the video and
want me to keep making these, easiest way to let me know that is to click that like button. Also subscribe to the channel. Lots of other things on the channel besides these live trade videos. Definitely check out
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risk and such with charts, you can, again, go to and check out training courses
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23 thoughts on “Live Day Trading – 1 Hour, $127 Loss

  1. Morning,

    How do you people follow this guy. Truly awful trader, throws thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars at stocks with no reasoning, no basic plan, loves to try and catch a falling knife, or chases running stocks, truly not knowing if they will drop. Very much a joke and should not be teaching people anything. He is a fluke in an up market. Save your money. Tho watching his live trades are very fun.

    Good luck to all.

  2. Hey Im currently 16 years old and work at a part time Job. I calculated that I would save up enough money for a training course in 7 and a half months. If I was to buy your training course , would my age affect this? I do understand that I need to be 18 to buy my own stocks.

  3. I really have a hard time understanding what is going on the screen (the chart/graph), anyone have any suggestions as to where to begin in order to understand this?

  4. These comments are entertaining to read. Now I see what you were talking about in the chat when you said GRUB got you with massive slippage. It's crazy how one person can make money on a stock while one loses. All about the plan. Love these live trade videos. Keep it up!

  5. Hey Man great video, Just goes to show that no matter how good you are mistakes can be made and your not affraid to show them. Real traders with the interest of helping others show there wins and losses. So big up to you Clay.

  6. I've not watched the video, but I have listened to Clay enough to know he has the mindset of someone who understands risk and attempts to drill that in to people every day. He is a day trader of US stocks and I know you cant'always call where the market is going to go or you may make your own errors but you trade within accepted parameters so you always live to fight another day. Anyone slagging him off doesn't understand the day trading mentality which is needed compared to that of a longer term swing trader. PLus, why would anyone put losing videos up if they weren't the real deal, i.e. they post when they win as well as when they lose.

  7. thanks for posting a video that represents realistic trading. there are too many videos that show only gains. Keep it up!

  8. Thanks Clay for posting this, I don't like it when traders only post winning days. Every REAL traders loses money every now and then, Thanks again. Love your videos

  9. Clays Trading style is simple that is why it seems as though he has no skill. Im not a professional trader but with anything in life practicing it repeatedly helps develop a natural focus and from our perspective clays style seems too easy to be true. Most of us that are upset here have lost lots of money from trading and don't believe it to be easy. You paid your market tuition and so did clay but you see all this work he has put into creating a channel and trading courses clearly means he has learned to take trading and business and combine them. Last time I checked you can have more than one passion. At the end of the day I could be totally wrong about Clay but whatever hes doing to make his money is working for him and he realized it. Now we just gotta realize how we are going to get our dineros. ……I live for the bell.

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