Liquidate Your 401K and Buy Silver!!

Hey guys it’s Trillion Dollar Silver doing
a special investment advice report. Today I’m advising everyone to take out at least
25% of your 401K; even with the 10% fee. I guess it is, it’s kind of a tax. 10% is really
nothing. Do you know how fast you can gain 10%? On silver especially right now? If Silver
is at $22, if it goes up $2.20..You just made your 10% back. And you still got everything
at your house you know, it should give you a great piece of mind. The markets are at
all time highs, people tell you to sell high and buy low, but no one ever listens. I guess
some people are convinced that silver could be at some type of high, but it’s important
to realize that silver is on an exponential average price. So right now, just the fact
that it’s going down at all, is against the average price. The average is always increasing
to at least 1 trillion dollars, basically to infinity. Take at least 25% out and buy
silver. And the reason you are only taking out 25%, is so you could buy again if it drops
more. So you’re saving your bullets for the bankers. You need to have some back up in
case it does drop, because they can do whatever they want. And then they’re just going to
restrict the supply more, which allows them to keep the price low. Because people are like,
“Well I can still get silver, but I’m not getting it.” You know? How many people do you know
saying that? Like everybody. $20K in silver and $10K in gold is so much more than $100K
in 401K. Basically all these people that have 401K’s, back in 2008, they just don’t even
pay attention to it almost. And they’re just gonna hold it until it’s gone. It’s all stocks
and bonds and mutual funds, all of which can be endlessly replicated. Silver and gold is
nothing like that, and it’s not like the dollar either. Also the reason to only get 25% is
because you should be able to spend your money better than just silver. You’re gonna need
more things than just silver. You have to be able to stay alive! You’re gonna need a
gun! I mean seriously you might need body armor. Why do people think that they’re just
gonna be going around shooting all these bullets but they’re not gonna need to ever worry about
getting shot at. So you need to be thinking. Like home security, a personal organic farm
at the least; which would probably be able to develop into some type of business very
easily. I highly suggest that everyone consider some type of business that is related to economic
collapse. So this is how you will greatly increase your chances of making it through
these rough times. And yeah you just need to get your 401K and start doing something
with it. Don’t worry about the 10% fee. Don’t worry about silver premiums. They’re really
not that high. What you should be buying is something like the 1 kilo Australian Lunar
Rabbit coin that they have at Provident Metals. I really don’t know how they have it so cheap.
But they have it for like $1.50 over spot, per ounce. So that comes out at about $770.
It’s crazy guys, the whole things about to flip around. The 401K’s are going to continue
possibly, to go up in number. But the price of everything is going to sky-rocket so fast.
And the price of silver is going to sky-rocket much faster than stocks at some
point, in the very near future. The problem is everyone just wants to ride to the top,
but like everybody I know with a 401K; they don’t pay close enough attention to get out at the
right time. So now that we know we’re at market all time highs, you know? Why wouldn’t you
get out now and get in on silver which is definitely right in there at the bottom. So,
I guess these people probably are getting on the stock train late, so they’re trying
to ride it as long as it goes. And then, when it hits bottom.. I mean they’re all just losers.
There’s a lot more losers out there than winners. Oh man! Theres a giant mosquito here. There’s
such big mosquitos. I hope they’re not GMO, because the actually just released those.
But, yeah you guys need to do something with your 401K’s, because you either need to use
it or lose it. It’s not really there, at least not all of what they say is there, for all
the people around the world. Or even in the United States.. Especially not in the United
States. We are definitely the most over-promised of any of the countries. So when I say that,
in the last video, “Like all the countries owe everybody and everybody just owes everybody.” It really is that the middle-aged people think that someone owes them something. They think
that they are going to get paid Social Security when they retire, but there’s not enough to
go around. So that’s where everybody owing everybody comes from. Every single different one of these ponzi games is going to be raided, one after another after another. Each week its
going to start happening, and then it’s going to start happening everyday; and then pretty
soon, if you don’t hold it you don’t own it. Trillion Dollar Silver out!

44 thoughts on “Liquidate Your 401K and Buy Silver!!

  1. One of the main reasons I'm considering taking out some from my retirement accounts is because I fear the government might FORCE us to buy long term Treasury Bonds or impose monetary constraints on those retirement accounts to deny us the ability to take as much out as we want in the future. Desperate governments will do desperate things to try & survive, even at the expense of their own citizens.

  2. I wouldn't feel comfortable advising people to cash in their 401k. But I would advise people to buy silver!

  3. You are right however, selling at all time highs and buying silver at multi-year lows sounds like a good strategy, however the stock market COULD continue to rise and silver COULD continue to fall. It's all about timing and it's relative to the individual. I've seen many people load the boat on metals to only run into cash-flow problems which forced them to sell at a loss. It's not a pretty sight. Either way, good video. Stay prepared.

  4. " even at the expense of their own citizens"?

    everything government does is at the expense of their own citizens! in good times and bad, it's always the same thing. the difference is in bad times we suffer and they can keep inflating $ and taxing us to death to keep their good life as long as possible. public servants give themselves the kind of retirement and health care u and i can only dream about

  5. Because I think we do need a small, limited government (as most Founding Fathers wanted), then that small government needs to be funded one way or the other. So THAT amount of small government is for the benefit (not just the expense) of its citizens. But anything beyond that is only at the expense of its citizens. So we might just have a semantic difference here or perhaps I should have chosen words better.

  6. yeah i think we are on the same page – we agree that even a small gov. that might be more of benefit to us is still funded " at our expense" though we would get a better deal for the buck — of course right now we are being robbed blind for generations…

  7. Its amazing that everyone says you need a gun but no one talks about body armour, i had a bullet proof jacket before even owning a gun.

  8. Thanks for letting me know this.. It is still well worth it however. Like Eraser said, your real 401K value is approaching zero unless it is growing much faster than the rest of the market. They could likely increase fees and penalties to keep people holding up the ponzi scheme longer.

  9. not to mention the premiums added to the silver. if you can buy some for spot, let me know… otherwise the price is still about 26 bucks per oz. good luck. otherwise your points are well made.

  10. Silver is going extinct, and the purpose of the SLV is to cover it up. When the SLV ponzi scheme finally breaks, holders of physical will be blown away by their new found fortunes.

  11. It is going extinct in the current price range, and won't be readily accessible until the price raises to MUCH higher levels.

  12. Silver is a chemical element. It is not going extinct. You can bury it, but it is still there. There is 63 times more silver than gold on the earth's crust.

  13. It is a chemical element that is going extinct, "in the current price range." Let me know if you want to sell any of your silver for spot price.

  14. Chemical elements cannot go extinct. It can only bond with other elements to form a new compound. You are making things up.

  15. Do you have a source of that 63:1 ratio? I've always heard it's about 16:1. Just curious.I've never heard 63:1 before.

  16. It's from Click on silver and gold from the periodic table to get the abundance of gold and silver on the earth's crust. 0.0011 ppm vs 0.07 ppm respectively. I don't make things up like these guys who are trying to get attention and Adsense money.

  17. The Earth's crust is not what is important. All that matters is what is above ground and what is under ground AND economically accessible (You can sell it for more than what it costs to remove) AKA very little. Also he Earths Crust is up to 6 miles thick.. The deepest any mine has ever been dug is 2.4 miles deep.. And it just so happens to be a gold mine.. They wouldnt dig 2.4 miles underground for silver at $23.

  18. Silver is a by product of many other metals including gold. Also, if the demand for silver is there, they would dig deeper.

  19. The whole thing has been about to flip around for 30+ years since early 80s survivalists were saying the same thing about silver and fiat.They wasted their life in fear waiting and it looks like another generation is taking their place.

  20. This is irresponsible and reckless advice. You should be ashamed. that 10% early withdrawal tax that you claim is "nothing" has a "time value" associated with it……..depending on the time frame you would need potentially need to earn more than 10% to break even… possible the # could be significantly more.

  21. So much for that great Idea. 2-18-16 Silver is at $15.40. Small yard, small gas grill, plastic lawn furniture & your brilliant advice is to dump a proven retirement plan that offers FREE (matching) money. Looks like you are right where you belong. Carry on.

  22. The problem is that you have to switch jobs to sell your 401k. So wallstreet has laws that prevent you from doing that easily.

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