78 thoughts on “Leaguecraft 101 Episode 2 The Retaliation Trade

  1. <3³

    Its hard for me to excatly scope when its a all in or when the support is just poking.
    I mean I cant even see how the champ looks when its an AA vs something ither or where it fires its shot.
    Ah, training training training

  2. Welcome back Phox!

    I got a Question about winning the Lane as ADC:

    How do i react correctly if I get all-inned by their Botlane, and how do i keep up with BotCamps?

  3. that one dislike,,.,man….he tried…all of the above and got called a noob…and feeder, than raged quit………..

  4. Phenomenal work Phox. I really like the new direction you're going with the channel. This newer content is easily digestible, especially by summoners new to your channel, and readily applicable. You may next want to do a video on snowballing properly/ applying pressure without risk in a global map sense similar to your how to end/turnaround games video. Keep up the great work.

  5. These are really helpful, especially for anyone who hasn't really played enough to know what to do naturally and even for people who don't really get to play with anyone better to be able to watch the more experienced people play correctly. Such as most of Bronze and silver. Most people simply just don't know better and underestimate their abilities haha

  6. Bite sized but informative. The lectures you record at your computer are much better than the ones you record from the classroom. Teaching for a class and teaching on a recording are two different things. You get distracted by the class and live setting and end up missing material you'd otherwise go into if you were recording multiple takes.

  7. This is the only League channel that consistently provides high level mechanical tips that I can take and apply to my gameplay. As a high platinum level player, I can honestly say I'm still learning from your videos. Great job man, keep it up!

  8. This format is much more fitting for YouTube. I've always loved these lessons ever since a friend showed them to me, but every time I try to share it with other players or even some less enthusiastic friends the time stamp always freaked theme out. xp

  9. Great post. I love your posts and wish you did these shorter versions more often. The shorter post gives the viewer a few things to work on after each video instead of trying to work on every aspect of thier game at one time.

  10. While I'm a big fan of the length here, I can't help but feel that this new format is a bit too scripted and robotic. I'm missing the informal, talkative and practical way you did it before. Here I'm listening to my professor in class, before I was listening to a close friend who is high elo giving me some pragmatic advice!

  11. Great video series. I like that you're staying true to what you were teaching in the previous series, but that it's more organized, short, and concise. This makes it really easy to digest and share with others. I'll be trying to implement this and the previous video's tips in my games. Hopefully, I'll be able to build good habits. Thanks again.

  12. This is greatly informative. As someone who NEVER plays ADC, and is trying to slowly learn about playing other roles (besides support), I appreciate the information and your videos are a boon. I will definitely continue to keep an eye out for more from you. Thanks for the tips!

  13. Do you still do this coaching thing? And i want to say i like this new format a lot more so the video is not so long and you have the information more separated.

  14. I love this channel so much! In season 3 these videos helped me go from bronze to plat. Even if you think you know these things, it's extremely helpful to have it broken down for you. Great learning reference.

  15. This is really well done. Thank you! (I would add feedback, but it's fantastic and you should be proud of yourself).

  16. seria bueno este canal pero con  subtitulos en español asi podria entender mejor y habrian mas supcritores

  17. This is amazing info, however the only problem I have is that my support will start flaming and if i do this multiple times he will rage quit,(edit: generally my support isnt too used to this tactic and gets mad because i will focus the adc rather than the support who is attacking him, then they generally die so I dont know what to do about this) yes I know, doesnt sound high level but this is what happens, so then im stuck in a 1v2. But ill give it a go in ranked and see how it goes.

  18. So in the video, you ask how analysis would change if your support is getting pegged and the enemies have exhaust/heal up? What do you do then? Kite/retreat?

  19. What if you are against a Soraka? It's almost impossible to threat a kill on the ADC with her on lane. Should I still focus the ADC?

  20. Most ADCs don't do any of these in low Silver, and usually just bail on the support and let them die, as well as blame them for getting grabbed or caught out which leads them to get frustrated and lose more often, then blame others for them being an "asshole" for the rest of the game.

  21. hey watched your videos since since you've started, where can I find the slides as you used to put them up before your internship.

  22. would you still focus the enemy adc when laning against a high damage support (zyra, brand, annie, VK) in a retaliation trade? also what about laning against soraka? if you don't kill her first she will heal her adc for a very large amount of health

  23. What if i'm a melee support like Tahm or taric and my ADC gets caught? Do i still trade with the enemy adc or do i simply try to save my adc?

  24. What about Soraka?
    I think you should all in Soraka if she plays aggresively instead of for example jhin (Lucian and Taric vs Soraka and Jhin), as she will be able to heal him up to full life in no seconds. My support however decided going for Jhin is better and got very low after every attempt to all in Jhin which has like 15% life left in the end but gets it healed back to 100% in no time. Afterwards the whole team blames me as Lucian because botlane gave 5 kills to Jhin by doing this.

  25. Holy shit these videos are really informative to me even though I'm gold 3. Why didn't I start watching this sooner?

  26. Every time I try this as support, I end up giving the enemy team a free double or triple kill. I normally have 4 or 5 deaths before the first 5 minutes, and then my team commences to flame me. Happens everytime. Very demoralizing 🙁 Bronze problems I guess.

  27. I had some bad games so I came here to learn, but now I keep getting tampon ads.
    Well, at least I appreciate the concern, Youtube.

  28. Thanks for posting this series.

    Enemy Sup engages Sup, you suggest ADC go for their ADC instead of 2v1 vs their Sup. I'll try this out, but it seems there have to be a lot of conditions present for it to work. There are some probabilities that things will go wrong.

    For example, ADC runs past the E-Sup going for the E-ADC, which will likely be an even match up, and has no guarantee of killing him. Actually, ADCs could trade, a big chunk of ADC HP be taken down, enemy Sup may turn around and sandwich ADC between them and get killed.

    Or… ADC runs past E-Sup, E-ADC kites away meaning E-Sup has no need to protect him and can kill Sup. Then ADC is again caught between E-Sup and E-ADC when he turns around.

    Seems a lot could go wrong, as opposed to going 2v1 against E-Sup. 🙂

  29. What about in this season? When supports have just as much (if not more) kill potential then an ADC? (like Brand and Zyra for example)

  30. This video as well as the others have really helped me understand what strategies I should be thinking about, and what goals to set for myself as a Support main. Even if I don't win I can still improve the things I'm working on in a measurable way. Really excellent stuff, keep on posting please 🙂

  31. Thank you so much! I'm in Silver, so none of my opponents ever use this strategy. I win my lane so much more often now, and it is solely because of the retaliation trade.

  32. oh man as a support main i hate when i bait kill my self and set 1-3 kills in silver dish for my adc and he was to scared to kill anybody and run away. btw stuck at bronze

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