Land Rover Defender Raptor Engineering Dash Binnacle Upgrade

g’day I’m Brett Defender owners will
know that rattles can drive you crazy one source of a lot of rattles is the dash
pinnacle the plastic becomes old and brittle and the mounting tabs snap off
and the screw holes crack away allowing the dash to bounce around on corrugations
so to fix this permanently I’m upgrading to a raptor engineering –
binnacle this is an exact replica but made from metal so it’s built to last a
lifetime it’s finished in black powder coating
now this is the standard version but deluxe versions are available with
anodized silver or black bezels for the front these can be purchased later if
desired if you wish more bling on your vehicle so it comes with a mounting kit
which includes button head hex screws and the key so let’s have a go at
installing this and banishing these rattles permanently for easier access
you may want to remove the steering wheel to do that pry off the Landrover
badge with a screwdriver and mark the steering wheel position
then undo the big nut. I’m going to try and leave it on first just so I have
less work to do for the dash you have two screws on the side and two underneath I
only have two screws on the side remaining you can see how this has
cracked away quite a lot so there’s not much holding the dash on anymore
lift up the dash and squeeze the speedometer clip firmly this may take
some work and it can be quite stiff begin unplugging the cables deep down
behind the dash you’ll find a multi plug adapter for the gauges undo this to make
removal easier the dash is off so my removal was a
little more complicated as over the years i’ve added additional circuits as
well as aftermarket gauges which has changed the connection points but all
the wires I’ve labeled some and the rest have taken photographs with my camera so
I can check back and see which wire goes where that’s probably a 15 minute job
for me let’s take this into the workshop and get these gauges swapped over undo
two screws for the warning light module I’m giving everything a clean as I go
undo two hex screws from the Raptor binnacle then reinstall to remove the speedometer remove two
nuts and the holding arms then push the gauge forward out the front begin swapping over the other gauges and
do the wiring as you go everything’s all swapped over now you
can see the state of the cracks on the old one both sides cracked out plus the
tab missing on the bottom even a crack in the front face where the
instrument panel goes so it’s highly recommended if you’re going to install
the upgraded binnacle that you upgrade the binnacle mount as well to the steel
unit a plastic one will probably break under the extra weight because there is
a bit more weight here now so to do that you need to remove four bolts a side
bit for your dash and the blower motor wiring and that should just slip
straight in then and then you can fit one of these ready to go fit two captive
nuts from the kit to the binnacle mount and loosen off the tabs for later
adjustment also fit two captive nuts to the bottom tabs of the binnacle rewire
the gauges double-checking all connections are correct then maneuver
the binnacle into place now I use the additional four screws that come with
the kit to bolt it up and the installation is complete all the dash is
rewired connected the dash is rock-solid it’s basically mounted through the
binnacle mounts to the firewall so it’s pretty strong the black powder coating
is quite bright looking from what I’m used to so it’s quite a nice updated
look otherwise I’m quite happy it’s a simple modification takes about a day to
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8 thoughts on “Land Rover Defender Raptor Engineering Dash Binnacle Upgrade

  1. What a great up-date whilst keeping the standard look for the binnacle. Just a thought though.. would 'Raptor Liner' sprayed onto the housing prior to installation give the old 'dimpled' look? Might give it a try. Top video cobber. Cheers for sharing 🙂

  2. Oh NO!! No more bottle cap!! ……… I hope you kept that? It's a little piece of the history of your travels 😉 (you should probably just screw it back on, even though it's not needed 😎)

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