Kristen Wiig Makes Up Fake Cocktail Recipes on the Spot

-I have to say something.
I think I owe — I feel like
I owe you an apology. -You do. -‘Cause you’ve never actually
been on our show. -No.
[ Laughter ] -And it’s not because we didn’t
invite you or anything, but just what happens is — -It’s worse. -It’s almost worse. -It’s worse. You invite me,
and then you bump me. -We bump you
from the show because — -For more important people. [ Audience “Awws” ] Yeah.
Multiple times. -Well, I’m admitting it.
Multiple times. The first time, I was very
excited to talk to you, because I’ve known you
for a long time. And then Michael Jordan… -I know. [ Laughter ] -Michael Jordan’s
in the building. -I kind of understand that one. -He was downstairs. -I know. -He was shopping at
the NBC Experience Store. [ Laughter ] He’s a big “Friends” fan. -He loves that store. -He loves “Friends.” And he always
frequents that store. -Mm-hmm. -And I noticed him ’cause
I was down there, as well. [ Laughter ] ‘Cause I also —
I was making an appearance. And I noticed, and I said,
“Oh, my gosh, Michael, would you come on —
Do you mind? And I apologized
we had to bump. Here’s a picture
of Michael Jordan on the show. And we had a great time.
That was back — [ Laughter ] We had a great time. We talked about everything. It was really, really — And he actually
wore his Bulls jersey, which he rarely — -He never does.
-Never does. He hasn’t played basketball
in years. -Nope.
He looks great. -Yeah.
He still has got it. -Yeah. -He’s got game. And then you were gonna
come on again, and who walks in but the man
himself, Harry Styles. [ Laughter, cheers ] And I said to myself —
Yeah. -Yeah, I know. [ Laughter ] -So, I’m sorry.
So we had to bump you for that. There’s Harry.
Harry came on. And that was — [ Laughter and applause ] I remember
this interview because — Can you zoom in
a little bit there? I remember Harry was telling me
how he does his hair, how he styles his hair. And what he told me was that
he uses two blow dryers, aimed one this way
and one aimed that way, and that’s how he —
that’s how he does his hair. It was a magical,
magical interview. -He’s a magical person. -Then Khaleesi,
from “Game of Thrones”… [ Laughter, cheers ] …was in
the NBC Experience shop. -Yeah.
They all shop — They’re all shopping down there. -It’s a very popular store.
-I know. -And so Khaleesi
was on our show. [ Laughter ] And with a — with a little
dragon, too, on her shoulder. She had a baby dragon. -[ Laughing ]
Oh, that’s right. -And, yeah, that — -And then a fake —
There was a sticker. -A sticker of cleavage, yeah. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] ‘Cause they’re like,
“Kristen doesn’t have that. We have to put in the sticker.” -But then, of course,
Super Bowl champ Peyton Manning was on our show, dressed — [ Cheers and applause ] dressed —
dressed in his full football — his Denver — his Bro–
his uniform. -I’ve never looked
more small and weak. -It looked like a boy. -I look like a boy. -You look like
a little boy came out, yeah. That was actually
a fun one ’cause — -That was — When you told people
Peyton Manning was coming out… -Yeah. -…the amount of applause…
-Yeah. -And then,
when they saw me, it was… [ Laughter ] Half of the people just stopped,
I think, just, like, mid-clap. -“This is such a bummer,” yeah. -Yeah, they were like,
“This is such a bummer.” -They really were.
They really were so excited. -Thank you for always doing
that fun stuff. -But now I’m here. -I have a question. We had a question
from your co-star, Steve Carell. -Oh, okay. -Was dying —
A burning question to ask you for your interview,
and he helped us out. So, Steve, what is
your question for Kristen? -Hi, Kristen. I understand that you enjoy
making old-timey cocktails. Could you share your recipe for a Sea Cloud
or a Fuzzy Worm Hole? [ Laughter ] -You are —
You are known — You are known for
your elaborate cocktail parties. -I am a mixologist. -You really are.
-Yes. -And so what’s goes —
I never — the Sea — -What was the first one?
Sea Cloud. -Oh!
-That’s an old drink. -No. I’ve never heard —
Now, what goes into a — How do you do you make
a Sea Cloud? -Well, it’s funny.
It starts with saltwater. [ Laughter ] -A cockta–
Like, from the ocean? -From the ocean. -Really? -Saltwater.
-Saltwater. -Um, orange wedges.
-Orange wedges. Like, more than one?
-Three. -Three orange wedges. -Three —
Three half oranges. -Three half oranges.
Wow! That’s — So it’s really
an orange and a half. [ Laughter ] And a little bit of rum,
a little bit of milk. -There you go.
Call it a day. -Done.
-Call it a day. -And it’s served lukewarm. -Oh, what?! A lukewarm cocktail. -Because they’re on the sea,
and they don’t have ice. -They don’t have ice on a ship,
of course. An old-timey cocktail.
-Yep. -And how about
the Fuzzy Worm Hole? -Ooh. -That is — -I don’t normally
share this one. [ Laughter ] -This is an old —
This is an old family recipe? -Yes. It’s served
in an empty Campbell’s Soup can. [ Laughter ] -Do you save them
for the occasion? -Well, you have to. -When you have cocktail party.
-You have to. -Everyone gets an empty
Campbell’s Soup can… -Yes.
-…of the cocktail. -Tequila.
-Tequila. -A little apple juice.
-Apple juice. -And the key is,
when you make ice cubes, you put fuzz in the water. -Now, you say that
like it’s a thing that we would have lying around
the kitchen — fuzz. What is fuzz? -Like, fuzz.
Like, fuzz from a sweater or that you just find on —
-You keep fuzz? -For when I make the —
when I’m having a party. [ Laughter ] -Anyways, a great question. -Yes. Oh, I’m gonna
thank him for that. -Yeah, he’s a good guy.
He’s great guy.

100 thoughts on “Kristen Wiig Makes Up Fake Cocktail Recipes on the Spot

  1. This lady clearly doesn't know shit about Kristen Wiig. She's barely faking a glimmer of knowledge. Not very convincing, lady.

  2. Her laugh at the very very end of this video I think that's her real laugh I don't know if I've ever heard it before

  3. They should have sent somebody playing kristen wiig, to the show (for example Michael Jordan?) 😀 This would have completed the joke

  4. Been bumped all these years!?!?! Not right! Lmfao Harry Styles!! Lmfao!!!!! Please bring on Melinda Hill!! Another funny woman who deserves credit!! KRISTENS fellow Toothfairy!!

  5. I love Kristen Wiig for being able to concentrate on the interview with that…. animal on Jimmy Fallon's face. 🙄 Seriously, TF is that on his face???

  6. Kristen will be excellent interviewing staff of the white house catching them out since Kristen is a pro at making stuff up on the spot.

  7. This video should be re-titled Kristen and Jimmy do a bit for 3 minutes, then Kristen shares two drink recipes that Steve Carell actually made up.

  8. Wait… What is talking about the Payton Manning interview as it was her??!! Does she think she is Payton Manning!!?? Poor lady, she needs to see someone.

  9. I try I really try to not be annoyed by Jimmy Fallon he's made me laugh but for the most part it seems like he tries way to hard and comes across as over doing it that's just my opinion not that it matters but if you're reading this Jimmy and I'm sure you're a nice guy you just annoy the living shit out of me

  10. I know people say Jimmy is a fake and stuff, but after watching a bunch of his videos and other peoples’ videos like Kimmel, I think Fallon is MUCH better. He brings out a better side of the guest, I laugh WAY more, and I feel like Fallon isn’t as rude and ignorant as kimmel. Just an opinion.

  11. She usually has it going on in the looks dept, but not here. She looks god-awful with that lousy haircut and the tacky jewelry.

  12. Jimmys mustache looks fake yes?
    Kristin is trying not to laugh,….. seriously.
    Kristin was Chipper Jones yes?

    Sea cloud actually tastes good.
    On another planet, a bar called Zarnell.
    Go if you must go.

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