Keurig K-Cup vs Reuseable K Cup Filters (Ekobrew, Solofill Cup and My K-Cup)

Hey everyone, I’m Brian
with Thanks, as always, for joining me
here in my virtual coffee shop brought to you by I’ve got a side by side by side by
side comparison video for you today. We’re going to talk about all
the different ways that you can make your own coffee using a
Keurig K-Cup single serve brewer. I’m going to show you the
differences and how much coffee you get in each of these
and the type of coffee each one will brew, and all the different
options that they offer you. So, what I have here,
going from my left to right, I have the Keurig My K-Cup option
for brewing your own coffee. I have the Solofill cup. I have just a regular K-Cup. Actually this is
an Extra Bold K-Cup, and we’ll talk about some
differences later on. And finally, I have the Ekobrew
Stainless Steel Elite. So we’re going to go over
all the different features on each of these and give
you some comparisons between then. Let’s dive right in and make
that happen right now. So to start off, let’s talk
about the amount of coffee that you can put in each of these
brew-your-own options and how much is included
in the average Extra Bold K-Cup. So starting off again on the left
here with the My K-Cup option. I can get about 10 grams of
ground coffee into the My K-Cup. That’s not too bad, but it does
limit you a little bit on how bold you can
get your coffee brew to be. Moving over here to the Solofill, I can get about 11 grams
of coffee into the Solofill. And that gives you definitely more
options for being able to get a little bit stronger brew. As we move on to
an Extra Bold K-Cup, and an Extra Bold cup
simply means that there’s more coffee
grounds in this cup. An Extra Bold has
about 12 grams of coffee, so that’s going to, of course,
give you an extra bold brew. Finally, we move on to the Ekobrew,
the Stainless Steel Elite. Here I can do up
to 13 grams of coffee, and we’ve weighed
all these on a scale. So we know that these
are pretty accurate. So I can do about 13 grams of coffee
in an Ekobrew Stainless Steel Elite, making this guy the winner if
you want to get the absolute most bold cup of coffee out of your
single server brew-your-own option. So let’s dive in and brew
some coffee and talk about each of these brew-your-own
options at the same time. Let’s start with the My K-Cup. This is a great way to be able
to make your own cup of coffee using your own grounds using a
Keurig single serve K-Cup brewer. It’s real easy use. Just simply fill the inner
foil up to just about the top. Don’t overfill it because you don’t
want to get water overflowing. Place that into the My K-Cup,
and then close the lid over it. Now that’s a benefit, is that
you can make your own coffee. What are the drawbacks with this? It’s a little more involved because you have to screw the lid
off and various things like that. It can’t hold as much coffee
as some of these other options. And another thing that is
a little bit of a pain with it is that in order to use it
you have to actually remove the brew basket
from your Keurig brewer. So you need to reach in and
pop out that brew basket. And the reason for that,
as you’ll notice, these look pretty much the same. That’s because this is
actually going to replace the brew basket
in our single serve brewer. So those are some of the cons,
the pros obviously we talked about. So let’s just go ahead and brew,
because again, no matter what you’re going to be able to quickly
and easily brew a cup of coffee using an option like this one. So we’re just going to place
our tumbler and go out and brew about an
8 ounce cup of coffee. So there’s our cup of coffee
from the My K-Cup option. And this is by Keurig of course,
so it’s their way of giving you an option to make your own
coffee, making use of a single serve K-Cup brewer. So that’s that one right there. Let’s go ahead and
move on to the Solofill. Now the Solofill is a great way to
be able to make your own coffee. It’s definitely one of my
favorites when it comes to using my Keurig machine
and brewing my own coffee. Again, I can get about 11 grams
worth of coffee into the Solofill, which is great because
I can get a nice strong brew. And some of the bonuses of the
Solofill are that’s because it has this flowing system on the top of it
which really insures that the water really gets all of the coffee grounds
that are inside of the Solofill, you really make sure
that you’re going to get the most strong brew
out of the Solofill. And then because this is
the new version, the K3 Chrome, you’re going to notice that essentially its entire outer
ring is all outlets. So you’re going to sure that
you get as much flavor out of the Solofill as possible. Now one thing that some
folks have talked about with options like the Solofill,
is that they will get coffee grounds ending up in their final beverage. And one of the reasons that that
ends up happening, typically, is because it really depends
on the ground of coffee that you’re going to be using. And there’s also no paper filter
in an option like the Solofill. I have here a K-Cup that I
opened up, and in that K-Cup you can see there’s a
paper filter inside of here. So that paper filter does help
to stop any excess grounds from getting out of
the brewing cup. So that’s something to keep in mind,
but typically I have not seen it be too much to put me off
of drinking that cup of coffee. So that’s probably
the only downside. The rest being, of course,
you’re going to be green about your coffee making and you
can brew any cup that you would like. So let’s go ahead and drop this
into our Keurig machine. Again, I’ve put my brew basket
back into the machine because I need that in order to
be able to fit the Solofill. Now I’m going to brew the same size
of coffee that I originally brewed using the My K-Cup option. And there’s a cup of coffee
from the Solofill. We’ll just put that side by side
with the My K-Cup option so that you can see that. You can I brewed essentially
the same brew size. Clean up real easy. You just
take that Solofill out, do away with the grounds and now
you are ready to brew again. But of course there is going to
be a little bit more cleanup anytime that you’re working with one
of these brew-your-own options. So let’s move on to
the Extra Bold K-Cup. A plus of the Extra Bold K-Cup
is it’s prefilled. You don’t have to do any work here. You just simply take this
and drop it into your machine. The downside is going to be that,
very simply, there is more waste. You use more plastic,
these are not reusable, you’re not as green with your coffee
making, and so on and so forth. Now, with an Extra Bold you do get
12 grams of coffee in an Extra Bold. Now compare that to a regular K-Cup, and this is a regular size K-Cup
that I have right here. You’re only going to get
about 10 grams in that. So if you want stronger brew,
you’re going to want to use Extra Bold K-Cups. And of course they are
prefilled, which is great. We’re going to place that
into our Keurig machine, and now we’ll go ahead and brew
a cup using our Extra Bold K-Cup. And there’s our cup of coffee
using an Extra Bold K-Cup. I will say that it takes a little
bit longer to brew using a K-Cup, but I think that maybe the
extraction process is just a little bit different because there is a little bit
more pressure on that K-Cup. And as I say, K-Cups, they really
don’t have a lot of outlets. They only have that hole
that you punch on the bottom and the hole that you
punch on the top. So there’s not a whole lot of
space for that water to go, so it takes a little bit longer
to be able to brew. So that is our Extra Bold K-Cup. Of course clean up is easy because
you simply get rid of that K-Cup. Let’s move on finally to the
Ekobrew Stainless Steel Elite. And of course, this is definitely
one of my favorites. I can get about 13 grams
of coffee into this, so this is really going to allow
me to get the strongest brew of coffee that I would want to get,
I think, out of your average brew-your-own system
for a Keurig machine. So we just simply fill it up
and then we close the lid. So that’s the first plus
of the Ekobrew. You can get to 13 grams coffee. That’s the most you can get into
one of these brew-your-own options. The other plus is
because it’s stainless steel it’s going to be pretty rugged. The hinge on this is great, and you’re going to be able to use
this over and over and over again. The only downside
that I could really see is that maybe the pricing of these
ones is a little bit prohibitive. It’s a little higher.
We’ll talk about pricing later. And usually you want to have
a couple of these around, so you’re going to have to
buy a couple extras. That way you’re going to
be able to brew as much coffee. But there’s really not a whole
lot of downside here, and you’re going to be able to be
green about your coffee making, which is great. Brewing is really easy. All you have to do is drop the
Ekobrew into the brew basket and just line up these small wings
that are on the side of it, with the indentations
in the brew basket, close it up and now we’re just
going to go ahead and brew again, the same size of cup of coffee
that we’ve been brewing throughout this entire video. And there’s our cup of coffee
from the Ekobrew. That’s quite a dark brew of coffee. I have to say I’m pretty
impressed with that. And of course, cleanup is
really easy on the Ekobrew because all you need to do is take
it out, empty your spent grounds, and then of course you
can continue brewing again. So there are all four
of these various options. Three of those brew-your-own for
the Keurig K-Cup-based machines. One of them of course
being the K-Cup itself. Side by side by side by side
you can compare color right there. And depending on what you’re drinking,
you can compare taste as well. Alright let’s talk about pricing
between all these different options. Starting on my left again with the
My K-Cup, you’re looking at about $15. That’s not too bad. With the Solofill you’re
looking at around $18. Also not too bad, but again you want to keep a couple
of these around more than likely. With K-Cups you’re looking at
somewhere between 50 to 60в per K-Cup. It depends on where you shopping
and what kind of K-Cup you’re buying, but you’re looking at
about 50 to 60в apiece. Then finally on the Ekobrew, you’re looking at about $25 for
the Stainless Steel Elite version. That is a little bit more expensive
and definitely the most expensive of all of these, but the savings
that you get over buying just K-Cups, if you are using a brew-your-own
option are pretty much going to be very immediate. So that really depends on how
much money you want to save, and of course the type of beverage
that you want to brew if you’re going into the world of
single serve brew-your-own options. Bottom line between all of these. The single serve do-it-yourself
options, brew-your-own options being the My K-Cup, the Solofill and
the Ekobrew, are all really good ways to be green about your coffee making and to allow you to brew any type
of coffee that you would like to brew. They also allow you to very
quickly and easily make loose teas, which is great. They do take a little more work. You have to fill them up, you have to clean them,
and various things like that. You do not have to do that with
a K-Cup, but of course with a K-Cup you have more waste because
you’re throwing plastic away, and you probably will in the
long run have more cost because you’re going to be
buying K-Cup after K-Cup. Whereas with a brew-your-own option
you just simply need to get that and then buy any coffee
that you would like. You still get just about as much
variety between all of these, and you still get the ease
with all of these when you come right down to it because you’re
still using a machine that’s going to brew that cup of coffee
really, really quickly. So the absolute bottom line here
is if you want to be green about your coffee making and
hopefully save a little bit of money, check out a single serve
brew-your-own option. If you are looking to just have
the quick and easy way of making a cup of coffee
you can stick with K-Cups, and of course that’s been working
great for us for quite some time now. It just depends on what you prefer
in your own at-home coffee shop. So there you go guys. That is a side by side by side
by side comparison of four great ways to be able to make coffee with
a Keurig single serve K-Cup brewer. I hope you found it useful. As always, I’m Brian, coming to you from my virtual
coffee shop here at I want to thank you guys
for joining me and I look forward to
seeing you next time. Take care.

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