Kenya Miners Part 3: Mercury recovering gold from sluice cons, then burning to get salable gold

Is it okay? can I take your picture? Yeah? okay. This women has just panned her concentrates down, you can see the mercury in her pan is it okay? yeah? This is how they do it She is rubbing the mercury around you can see it beading up She just panned down all the stuff off the top and she has her mercury She has what looks like a steel washing dish, a steel washing pan She is going to take the amalgam in her pan and ring it out in that cloth there comes the mercury You speak Swahili or a local language? she doesn’t speak it that much Doesn’t speak it that much just the local language How much gold is that Solomon you think? 0.15 grams approximately 0.15 grams A tenth of a gram approximately. Yeah and than what will she do with that? for it to go the yellow color of gold she must heat it yeah, she must burn off the mercury than it will go to the yellow and that is when being bought by some people here the brokers they buy them does she burn that off in like a open fire? yes, on a open fire will she do that now or will she wait till tonight? can we go with her where she will be selling it? yeah, i would like to Solomon, how much ore did she run? one sack or two sacks? just ran some tailings she got 0.15 grams from eight sacks and a sack weighs 50 kilograms. Yeah. Does she have children? One is just completing primary school and one is completing high school One completing high school is 18 , the one completing primary school is twelve years and how long has she been mining? she has been mining for two years now two years, two years, okay very good This is the gold buyer and she has brought her amalgam 1 gram is about 3,00 Kenyan shillings One gram is 3,000 Kenyan shillings It’s like a little spoon rolled up a spoon but the tip has been folded, yes I see he is just standing over it burning the mercury off there is children right here they are all watching because are mizugal, white people, we are white man and the children are very interested He put his rolled up spoon in there with the little bit of amalgam and is going to burn the mercury off and than he will weigh it and pay this women for her gold, whats this womens name? Monica? This Monica from Migori Kenya Solomon, can you tell us what they are doing? they are going to weight the the gold now? The little scale, yeah They use the scale in measuring weight so he is setting the balance so he is balancing the scale 0.2 grams of gold so he has no money currently She will come back to get paid How long did she work this morning for that much gold? 5am to now, what time is it now? 9? So she worked 4 hours for 0.2 grams She will come back to get paid 600 Kenyan shillings yeah, okay how much gold does he buy in a day? do you know roughly? he takes about 8 grams a day 80 grams a day? oh 8 grams, so thats about what he gets per day from the local miners Solomon is this nitric acid? what is he doing now? is this nitric acid? he is taking his gold buttons he is using nitric acid and that’s NO2, the dark brown gas He is getting the rest of the mercury and the impurities out the wind is blowing that way and there are all the children right down the road He is cleaning the rest of the amalgam and he is boiling it in nitric acid Thank you very much, thank you very much they collect the gold in Migori and they sell it in Nairobi or Dubai How much gold will they get in Migori before going to Dubai? 5kg per day 5kg per day, here in Migori Some are coming from this way, some over there, some way out there they can even get from 10 to 5kg per day, they take it to the smelt in Nairobi they take them and make them into gold earrings, necklaces and bracelets They take those things to abroad, Dubai They make it into jewelry and than they sell the jewelry in Dubai They go to Nairobi and make jewerly and than they take it to Dubai to sell ah I see, I see it leaves Kenya as a gold product not a gold metal, not a gold bouilon not bouillon just as jewelry

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