Kentucky Atomic Uranium, Tow Boats, Patti’s Settlement Christmas!!!

oh my god it’s going the wrong way we’re
gonna die I can see how that would freak somebody out if they were in the
passenger seat that’s awesome that ain’t right Eric are they wrong let me pack everything up I’ll get on
the road head on into Kentucky today driving right into the Sun straight
south currently and look at those clouds the Ohio River which means on the other
side of this big body of water is a new state it does look like I need to clean
the inside of the windshield those streaks that’s from the condensation
from running the propane catalytic heater yeah it could use a wash goodbye
Ellen the wall and this blue sign off to our right welcome to Kentucky unbridled
spirit and instantly gas prices go down about 35 40 cents a gallon it’s my time
to this just perfectly looks like my RV buddy is from Minnesota
here got the same idea ooh 233 across the street its 223 here
and with my good Sam’s discount that brings it down to 218 and gallon whoa
yeah a truckstop food it’s really not that good but it’ll work in a pinch
all right downtown Paducah Kentucky I don’t want to call it killing time
necessarily but I am waiting for a friend to get off work and then we’re
gonna go out and hit up a quirky spot for dinner tonight so I am just kind of
exploring the city of Paducah and I found something pretty cool it’s the old
water fountain here not your ordinary water fountain this is the first ever
horse and dog drinking fountain established by the Humane Society in
1907 and still here with oh you can see it there’s water in there guys a little
plaque there talking about it there’s where your pup would come up and drink
from while your horse can come right up here how about that 1907 I don’t know if
there were a lot of people walking cats on leashes in 1907 but I’m pretty sure
they were welcome not just dogs but many of my subscribers already know this
about me but one of my favorite things to do while I’m traveling
his head up thrift stores and flea markets and sometimes sometimes antique
shops and stuff like that you know but because I’m traveling the inventory
changes every single day we’re at your local thrift shop the inventory doesn’t
really change week to week sometime same stuff in the store so I did find a
couple around I’m gonna go check them out
not gonna film in those places that’s just kind of fun for me I get anything
cool I’ll definitely let you know danos auto sales they have some really
good deals on some used cars yeah run and see if there’s anything I got a have
yeah we got a TP across the street not like Radiator Springs in Disneyland
or what is it it’s very crudely designed and put together part of the same car
lot ok I thought it might be quirky you never know a lot of stuff is out of
business in this area yeah I mean look at the sky it’s just painted
magnificently beautiful today hey some Lewis and Clark stuff here in Paducah
well plaque there you can pause if you want to read it but this is called on
the trail of discovery and we got I think Lewis and his dog and and Clark’s
over there and then a Native American here and I believe a Native American
with an American flag let me see how many stars there are I believe it to be
in 1803 American flag there what’s over there is there tater tots over there are
they over here over here I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that it’s
December in Kentucky or what but they seem to have a lot of ample parking for
RVs I want to call the port here friendly to RVs and and buses and
visitors very much we’re gonna go ahead towards River here all right we got the
Paducah wall wall portraits of our past here I believe the river to be just on
the other side of this wall and don’t quote me but I’m pretty sure that this
flood wall is commemorative of the 1937 great great flood here I believe that’s
what’s what this was cars keep going down there I wonder if the RV will fit
down there yeah the cars can don’t go down fairly easy but I would bottom out
right about there in the RV someone I’m gonna stay up on land
you know what these murals have amazing detail they are gorgeous let me stand up
next to one so you can see I mean that is some great detail and not a speck of
graffiti here in Kentucky way to go guys I love it
yeah I got a big huge Christmas tree up here they’ll probably light that up
later tonight and here’s an opening in the wall the flood wall of the Ohio
River I get a kick out of how massive the Mississippi is but this particular
section of this better actually be the Ohio I mean I shouldn’t I’m pretty sure
it’s the Ohio River I know the Tennessee is near but yeah that’s a that’s a
monster there’s your Port of Paducah Kentucky
welcome sign on this side well I just learned some new stuff I talked with
some locals over here he gave me some information they didn’t want to be on
camera but they were pretty knowledgeable and they did let me know
that indeed yeah this is the Ohio right here but this little convergence is
unique because right there is the Tennessee and the Ohio that’s where they
come together to form the Ohio this is the Ohio River that we drove over up
farther downstream farther when we came into Kentucky actually so you get the
Tennessee and the Ohio River combining right there cool also this
little stretch right here is major big for tugboat transportation there’s
nothing out which is one way on the other side don’t know if you can see
that one way out there but I was thinking of hoping that possibly a boat
maybe coming through and it looks like we’re not gonna see anything today
nothing moving right now but yeah my friends saucy she’s actually a chef on a
tugboat that runs these waters and we’re gonna
meet her again later tonight I saw her at Lollapalooza in fact is where I first
met saucy the tugboat chef and she actually surprised me today she texted
me earlier and said she booked me a campground here in this general area of
Paducah so I’m gonna go check in there with Jax get all comfortable and then
we’re gonna go out to dinner together and that was really nice of her so so
yeah the Ohio River but there was one thing I guess I was wrong about so let
me talk about the wall again real quick because it’s not actually commemorating
the great flood of 1937 this massive mural wall that we have been walking is
actually the atomic wall because Paducah was really fond of the fact that they
were the country’s leader in uranium production and atomic bombs in this area
and I guess as the decades have kind of gone on they just kind of dropped it and
they don’t talk about it and they’re not very proud of it anymore but yet the
wall itself is actually an atomic tribute I guess it’s kind of different
okay and of course to keep that Atomic Age
moving you had to have the railroad to move it all around welcome to the atomic
city and here we got a big train out here all of a sudden though it got
really chilly and cloudy remember they were like blue skies up here when I
first started walking around it’s like anime rain on us seriously if
you ever get a chance to walk this little mural wall take your time enjoy
it the artwork is magnificent it’s so pretty and I still have not
found a speck of graffiti anywhere it’s beautiful it’s gorgeous
Hey look a brick road not in the greatest condition either I don’t want
to drive the RV on that but there it is alright I got a little more driving to
do get parked and then I’ll get back to you guys
alright well here I’m parked had a little campground here in Grand rivers
Kentucky my first official camp campground RV park and Jax is in there
already fed him a snack and everything I’m gonna be going out and checking out
some things with my friend Lola from Lola Palooza introduced me to saucy and
she’s got a YouTube channel what’s it called
saucy the towboat chef I’ll put a link in the video description if you want to
see her stuff but these are your parts around here right yeah I’ve been here
for almost four years and it’s just quiet country but it’s fun here too
that’s nice we picked a good weather day to go play where we gonna eat yeah
Paddy’s 1800s all right well I’m gonna lock up the RV and then I’ll hang out
with saucy air well glad some fun and go explore a
little bit of Kentucky here tonight okay so we’re here at Patti’s 1880s
settlement waterwheel here and they’re doing some construction we’re gonna
we’re gonna eat in there and then it’ll probably get dark and then we’ll check
out ristmas town over here see all these Christmas lights that may look really
cool later all right out front here’s the new entrance they have been
rebuilding some stuff because they had a fire here so not everything is quite
open inside there but we got our little buzzers this will ring and tell us our
table is ready here in a minute and I already got my magnets because I found
the best one honestly this is like an oven mitt right but it’s got Patti’s
sawdust pie recipe written in it and it’s got a built-in magnet that might be
the coolest magnet I have ever collected I’m really excited finally well it’s
been like a month since I’ve added a new magnet to my board so I’ll show you the
yeah Lobby in there too there’s some there’s Christmas stuff in there just one cup of coffee for me today
proceeded with all the Christmas decorations and the local ale here for
tablet flowerpot red there and I went with these spicy chicken that’s the
ticket right there strawberries with butter it’s working for me it’s working
okay trying something a little different no burger no tater tots went with the
Texas State Fair dipping my steak in a sauce hmm mine was delicious
saucy would you have I had the prime rib and of course it’s delicious is it nice
and then these green beans with Hammonds Williams and grilled asparagus wonderful
awesome dinner was awesome I’m gonna have a few leftovers steak to give to
Jax later tonight and it’s not even that cold I think the low is 50 degrees
tonight in Kentucky there it plays everywhere like even up in Illinois but
for some reason it’s a warm night I want to show you some of the Christmas
decorations at the end of the video but first I did make a crazy purchase at an
antique store today but this needs a little bit of a preview because this
item that I got today I was so excited about it because I’ve been looking for
one of these for years I just not found one in a good enough condition they’re
all broken or missing parts or scuffed and missing paint is sometimes a little
embarrassed about how much I love Disney and especially Mickey Mouse but complete
in the original box from 1976 a Mickey Mouse phone I know what you’re thinking
what the heck am I gonna do with this hang onto the end I will tell you
exactly what the plan is but first of all inside this box it even has a
number on it along with the original packaging and everything
the original manual for the phone in 1976 and then the masterpiece Mickey
Mouse not actually the first edition of this phone
there was a 60s version of this phone it was not as colorful and a little
different like I said I found lots of problems with other phones this one we
actually tested in the store in their landline plugged it in and I got a dial
tone so the hang-up actually works the phone
is the right color yellow these are so hard to find people just replace them
with the black ones all the time and all the keys on here work so what am I gonna
do with this well besides just displaying it over by my Miki section
over there with the Miki watch clock and stuff like that
there is something really cool you can do I don’t have it yet but there is an
adapter that plugs into the receiver okay down here on the phone an adapter
that plugs into there and then that cord goes into an iphone and allows it to win
your iphone rings you can pick up this phone and talk on your iphone like this
there’s just something unique and fun about holding this you know that’s the
way we all learn to talk on the phone for long hours and stuff like that so
this is kind of my early Christmas present I’m not going to reveal to you
how much I spent on this it’s a little embarrassed but I love it alright I
spent some time with Jax tonight after I edit the video I’ll leave you with some
of the Christmas decorations they’re from paddy settlement it was amazing in
person absolutely highly recommend walking
through Christmas town back there and I appreciate saucy showing me around hope
to see her again on the road but we gotta get keep on truckin East from
Jack’s Mickey and me good night everybody

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