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Hey There! Would you like to discover how
to start your own business based on saving money, not spending money? If so
you are definitely in the right place! My name is Jeffrey Kistner. You may know
me as The Network Marketer With Integrity Plus! And right now it’s an
honor and my pleasure to present Karatbars International Gold Rocks! It’s my sincere goal that before the end of
this presentation you’ll see money in a whole new way. You’ll see that Karatbars
International has solutions for your short-term, long-term and in between
money problems as you discover how to spin off passive residual income, acquire
24-karat gold from the Karatbar System like magic instead of paying for it out
of your own pocket. Let’s get started with Karatbars
International Presentation Gold Rocks by asking you two quick questions. Question one: Do you
think that one hundred dollars today will be able to buy the same amount of
goods and services one year from now. Question two: Do you think that one gram
of gold today will have the same purchasing power one year from now.
Please think about those two questions and in just a moment I’ll show you two
stunning factual examples. Okay, this is an example of one hundred
thousand dollars versus 100 thousand dollars in gold over a ten year time
period. Between 2005 and 2015. First the bad news. The 100,000 in cash lost
seventeen thousand seven hundred and twelve dollars in purchasing power in
other words the same hundred thousand cash in 2005 can only purchase $82,288
of goods and services by 2015. Now the good news! For those that saved
in gold. The same hundred thousand in gold gained $137,583 of purchasing power by 2015. Wow! Are you starting to see why everyone
loves gold? We need to understand what the problem really is so that we can
implement a smart solution right away. Let’s move to Webster’s dictionary for
the definition of inflation. Inflation is a steady rise in the level of prices
related to an increased volume of available money and credit resulting in
a loss of value of currency. Loss of currency? what? That’s exactly right Loss of currency. Most of us go to work
and earn money. The problem is that the money we earn is
worth less and less as time goes by tick-tock, tick-tock. Scary right? Let me
prove this for you. This is what loss of currency looks like
and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. You cannot outrun inflation with income
earned in a shrinking currency. In the last 100 years ending 2011. The US
dollar has lost approximately ninety-eight percent of its value and by
2016 nearly ninety nine percent of its purchasing power. Here’s what Alan Greenspan chairman of
the Federal Reserve from 1987 through 2006 had to say about it. In the absence
of the gold standard there is no way to protect savings from
confiscation of wealth there is no safe store of value deficit spending is
simply a scheme for confiscation of wealth. That’s crazy! But, it’s true!
Deficit spending is simply a scheme to confiscate our wealth. Here’s another quote by John Maynard
Keynes economist and father of Keynesian economics by continued process of
inflation government can confiscate secretly and unobserved an important
part of the wealth of their citizens. Well, they didn’t teach us that in school
so most of us the hard-working people like you and I have to figure it out the
Hard Knocks way. No worries, keep watching and I’ll show you a rocking solution. Okay, the quotes by Allen and John are
excellent but what does inflation look like to you and I. What does inflation
really look and feel like? Well in 1975 twenty dollars could buy a full cart of
groceries however by 1995 only 20 years later the
same 20-dollar bill can only purchase half the amount of groceries that’s right about half a cart and we
all know by now that the same twenty dollars today could only by a few items
and you wouldn’t even need a card true or false? Here’s another quick
example as we move towards the solution In 1971 a gram of gold would buy five
loaves of bread and in the same year a dollar would buy about the same today
one gram of gold would buy 20 loafs of bread and the dollar would only by about
half a loaf. President Richard Nixon took the United States Government off of the
gold standard in 1971 until then gold had a fixed price of thirty-five dollars
per troy Ounce. This was an attempt to solve problems but actually led to more
concerns like quantitative easing where we use our printing press to make more
and more dollars which has led to currency wars and insane 80 trillion
dollar global bond bubble a federal deficit of 20 trillion + dollars the
third largest stock market bubble in history and almost 100 million Americans
not in the labor force. Scary right? The truth is that even if you are one of
those people who aren’t working today Karatbars International has a solution.
Keep watching… By now i’m sure you can see why
financial experts like Mike Maloney robert kiyosaki and Jim Sinclair recommend holding
physical goal as a hedge against inflation. The problem is that less than one
percent of Americans own physical gold Most know very little about it and have
been taught only to trust the declining paper money system. Next, let’s look at a few quotes by
billionaires to see what they have to say about gold. Kevin O’leary is chairman of O’leary fund
which has 1.2 billion dollars in funds He’s also the star of ABC’s Shark Tank.
Perhaps you’ve heard of or actually seen the show before. I happen to enjoy the
show. Anyway Kevin stated that he likes gold because it is a stabilizer it is an
insurance policy Kevin also said never owned the minor. Own
the gold Next up is multi-billionaire Ray Dalio
who was an American businessman and founder of the investment firm
bridgewater associates in 2012 Dalio appeared on the annual time 100 list of
the hundred most influential people in the world. Ray Dalio qoutes: If you don’t own
gold you know neither history nor economics and the final gold quote is by
John Pierpont you may know John as JPMorgan the American financier and banker who
dominated corporate finance and industrial consolidation during his time.
We’ve all heard of and possibly bank at JPMorgan Chase. Same family. JP quoted gold is money. Everything else is credit he went on to
state that once you truly understand this you’ll never be poor again. People
all over the world are concerned about the economy and what their futures hold.
The good news is that you can forecast your own future with a good plan. Have you ever heard this quote by Sir
Winston Churchill: He who fails to plan is planning to fail. I heard that qoute
many years ago and it made sense. So I wrote out a basic
plan and i have continued to improve it This is served me well and I recommend
starting to plan of action right away! Do you have a plan to protect yourself,
your family and your assets? Would you like one? Would you like to know what to
do and how to do it? Right now you’re going to learn about an international
Ecommerce Company that is changing the way people think about Money, Opportunity
and building a legacy of wealth for their families and I’m going to show you
a way to acquire the very best quality of gold through a system instead of
paying for it out of your own pocket Karatbars International Gmbh is
registered as an E-commerce company headquartered and Stuttgart Germany
that is privately held in one hundred percent debt free. Karatbars
International specializes in the production and sale of 24-Karat 999.9
Fine Gold Bullion in one tenth of a gram, one gram, 2.5 graham and 5 gram weights.
Federal Express handles all worldwide deliveries. Karatbars International is
currently serving 119 countries with the goal of adding 70 more countries shortly. Harald Seiz was born in 1963 near
stuttgart in Calw Germany. Harald started his career as a financial advisor with
more than 30 years of success in sales and marketing of investment products
Harald began formulating the Karatbars International vision and business plan
in 2008 and launched Karatbars International in September of 2012 with
the goal that Karatbars International helps millions find financial freedom
form the current global system of debt. Karatbars International is an exciting
new business model that offers free gold savings accounts to anyone 18 years of
age and older. Customers and affiliates are given free websites and web-based
software tools that are used to acquire, manage, ship, store and if necessary even
liquidate their gold. Karatbars International Gold comes from an LBMA
refinery. LBMA stands for London Bullion Market Association. The Karatbars name is
X onto the back of the gold bullion and a warranty certification stamp appears
eched the back of the car the Karatbars International gold bullion is enclosed
in a plastic UV protective polymer. Karatbars are the safest gold cards in
the world with integrated nanotechnology that provides a verifiable DNA proof of
authenticity and backlight control that is exclusive with their gold safety
system. The Karatbars DNA tester allows anyone to be able to check the
authenticity of the gold. Karatbars International promotes saving money not
spending money. Karatbars encourages exchanging
declining paper or digital currency in the gold because it’s smart and
preserves the value of your money and when it’s time to exchange your
Karatbars International Gold back into currency or to purchase goods and
services K-Exchange centers continue to expand
worldwide. Karatbars International is not a program for speculators. Karatbars is
not a program for day traders. Karatbars is about saving gold is money and you
can build a financial legacy for your future. Opening a free Karatbars
International account is quick and simple. You have the choice to open Karatbars
Affiliate Account or a Karatbars Customer account. Both are free to open
and we love our customers however I recommend opening a Free Karatbars
Affiliate account just like I did. The reason is that the affiliate account
gives you several more features and benefits including the ability to build
an income and earn Karatbars Gold that makes sense doesn’t it? Karatbars International affiliates are
generously rewarded for sharing their story as well as karatbars the karatbars
affiliates simply recommend people to videos like the one you’re watching now
so that people can make an informed decision by doing this Karatbars
Affiliates are performing the essential function of marketing that we all do. We’ve all recommended movies,
vacations and much more you say to a friend or a co-worker that they must see
this new action adventure movie or try the newest restaurant in town or travel
to a favorite vacation spot. The problem is that you don’t get paid
for these recommendations.Getting paid for those recommendations would be great!
wouldn’t it? Well, at Karatbars International affiliates are rewarded
for marketing affiliates are not salespeople nor they investment or tax
advisers. All sales are made by and through Kartabars
International online referral Rewards are earned each day in real time
and are paid weekly and monthly as a result of customers acquiring gold, new
affiliates acquiring a business package and when affiliates on your team acquire
gold for themselves. It’s all very exciting and it works!
karatbars international has seven primary income options for their
Karatbars Affiliates that are all impressive! They include double income, direct
uni-level bonus, generation bonus, Karatbars pool, Karatbars gold fund,
Karatbars packages bonus and dual team bonus. Karatbars first five income options are
available to affiliates with free affiliate accounts. Joining a company at
no charge and being able to earn five of the seven primary ways is impressive to
say the least. My team and I love recommending
Karatbars International. Free affiliates can earn from point 5 to 5.5 and direct
commissions and or differential bonuses of all line sales per month. Additional
bonuses up to .5 are earned on gold director elite team sales with one two
or three gold director elites in a line points accrued determine your rank 2
Euros in sales equal one point and ranked determines your percentage. Please refer
to the Karatbars International Marketing Plan for complete details. Free
affiliates may earn more than 1 million dollars and fabulous international.
incentives ranging from gold bullion to a luxury home built just for you
anywhere in the world. Incentives such as the rolex watch, Mercedes cars and the
luxury home can be exchanged for their value and Karatbars Gold Grams! How cool is that? The choice, the freedom,
It’s yours! However if you truly want to max out
every income option available you’ll want to add the optional packages bonus
and dual team bonuses. Dual team payouts happen in real time when either team has
50 units on one side and 25 units on the other side. You earn a dual team payout.
each duel team payout converts units into earnings that appear in the pending
payout box in your back office dashboard What you earn per payout is determined
by the package that you decide to purchase and paid the following week. All packages are one-time purchases only.
i love that. Sharing the Karatbar story will lead you to new customers new
affiliates and business relationships with the dual team system you are
awarded for unit sales throughout your organization over time your business
will be rewarding you for units purchased by customers and affiliates
packages purchased by new affiliates branding card orders, K-Exchanges and much, much more! Again
once you’re in 25 units on one side and 50 units on the other you will earn a
payout! Karatbars International Affiliates may earn up to 180,000 dual
team payouts per week. Yes, that’s a lot of money! karatbars
international definitely as the recipe for success we are going to show you how
to leverage a proven duplicatable 3-step system into a weekly passive residual
income utilizing all seven income streams. Sound good? Great! Here’s how the Karatbars
International System works to maximize all seven primary income streams. Step
one is to register for a free Karatbars International Affiliate account online
and purchase a business package. Your choices are bronze, silver, gold and VIP,
The business package that you choose determines your commission level. you
will have instant access to the dual team system pay plan and all that it
offers. The one-time package purchase you make determines your direct Commission
level and how much you’ll be paid per cycle for gathering units. Remember that
25 units on one side and 50 on the other for a total of 75 units pays a cycle
bonus. Nice right? The reason this is important as you
build your business is that you can cycle as much as 180,000 times each week. Would you want each of those
cycle bonuses to be fifteen dollars or $100? Yes, me too! I’m glad you can see the
huge difference between bronze and VIP just like life the more you invest in
yourself the more value you’ll be able to offer to the world and you’ll be
rewarded generously for that. Right now the bronze package is approximately 175
dollars and you would earn five percent of any packages that people bought from
your Karatbars International Affiliate Site. you’d also learn about fifteen
dollars for each cycle bonus. Let’s move on to the silver package.
right now the silver package is approximately 475 dollars and you’d earn
ten percent of any packages that people bought from your free Karatbars
Affiliate site. You’d also learn about fifty dollars for each cycle bonus for
example purposes let’s say you bought the silver package and then refer to a
person to your care of our site where they purchased the VIP package you just
turned two hundred and thirty-seven dollars let’s move on to the gold package right
now the gold package is approximately 975 dollars and you turn fifteen percent
of any packages that people bought from your free Karatbars Affiliate site
you’d also learn about 75 dollars for each cycle bonus for example purposes
let’s say that you bought the gold package and then refer to person to your
Karatbars Affiliate site and they purchased the VIP package you just
earned 356 dollars. let’s move on to the VIP package. right
now the VIP packages approximately $2,475 and you earn twenty percent of any
packages that people buy from your free Karatbars International affiliate site You’d also learn about one hundred dollars
for each cycle bonus. For example purposes let’s say that you bought the
VIP package and then referred a person to your care for our site where they
purchased the VIP package you just turned 475 dollars. Wow! It’s important to point out that the
VIP package pays double with the silver package pays the reason that I state
this is that most people want to get paid more for doing less again the VIP
package pays double of what the silver package pays. No worries you can pay the
difference in package prices when you decide that you’d like to upgrade to a
more lucrative package. The truth is that most people know two
or more like-minded individuals who would be eager and excited to acquire
Karatbars Gold Bullion and get paid to do it! it’s important to get the word out
because today more than ever people are concerned about the economy, the growing
stock market bubble, the devaluation of our currency and our nation’s addiction
to debt. The good news is that Karatbars
International has solutions for real people and their families we can help
you grow a wildly successful business you simply need to make the decision to
get started just like I did and tens of thousands of people all over the world
who want a better life for themselves and their families. Remember that the objective is to start
exchanging some of your declining paper money into Karatbars Gold and then to
teach others to do the same you have to get off your wallet and choose to put
yourself in a position to start earning residual income and gold bullion from
the system instead of paying for it out of your own pocket. Karatbars International affiliates are
paid worldwide on a global debit Mastercard the Karatbars Card was voted
best card design of the year by MasterCard Europe in 2013. Earned
commissions are transferred onto the card every Friday morning. It’s a convenient way to receive and
move money it’s also an easy and discreet way to exchange any declining
paper or digital currency into gold anytime anywhere in the world. Just to
sum it all up in three easy steps: one Register for a free Karatbars Affiliate account
and purchase a business package right now, today so that the next person who
watches this Karatbars International presentation and joins falls onto your
team smart right to start exchanging some of your declining paper currency
into Karatbars Gold on a regular basis and teach others to do the same three
recommend to and more Karatbars Affiliates with the help of your refer
so that you have the potential to earn all the gold you could ever want and
have the time to enjoy the finer things in life. I know, I know. The best things in life
are free. But I must say the second best things in life cost a lot of money!
Remember, Everybody Loves gold where do you see yourself fitting in most people
start in one of three ways one they open a free gold savings account and acquire
some gold for themselves to they casually build a part-time business in
their spare time and acquire a little more goal for themselves through
recommendations three they open an affiliate account by a package acquire a
lot of gold and build a huge passive residual income that is exactly the
choice I made and I’m very happy my name is Jeffrey Kistner and it’s been
an honor and my pleasure to present Karatbars International to you. By now
I’m positive that you know that Karatbars International can help you
accomplish your goals and dreams! That may be a better life for you and your
family, security for your future, world travel and much, much more. Remember that thousands of people all
over the world of joined Karatbars International just like you and I and today many of
their dreams have and are coming true. I’ll leave you with this if your current
dream vehicle is not taking you as far and as fast as you deserve then it’s time for you and everyone you
care about to reserve a ticket on Karatbars Bullion Air. Have Karatbars
International take you to the places that you have always dreamed about right
around here somewhere i have left you a link so that you can get started right
now today for free again this has been Jeffrey Kistner. Thank you for your
attention and sharing time with me. Bye for now! Karatbars International PresentationKaratbars International Presentation Karatbars International Presentation

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