Jobs Figures Disappoint but still suggests lower gold and silver prices ahead

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Friday 6th January 2017 and we are
commenting on the US Jobs figures announced today.
According to the US Nonfarm Payroll report, US businesses added 156,000 jobs in December
against a projected figure of 175,000 and well below the 204,000 which was upgraded
for November. The jobless rate also edged up last month to 4.7% from 4.6% and job growth
reached 2.2 million in 2016 compared with 2.7 million in 2015
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics said that the annual rate of wage growth accelerated
in December to 2.7%. This compares with a 2.5% increase in annual average hourly earnings
recorded in November and is the quickest pace of growth since June 2009.
Kully Samra, UK Managing Director at Charles Schwab, said:
“Despite December’s non-farm payroll numbers missing forecasts, the US economy still has
a robust labour market….The case for investment in the US remains very much intact. These
figures should still be viewed as a justification of the interest rate hike last month, and
we continue to expect the Fed to raise rates throughout the year.”
James Hughes, an analyst at GKFX, said: “Despite the miss in the headline grabbing
non-farm payroll number, the overall jobs report can be considered a strong one with
the all-important average earnings jumping from a negative reading last month.”
President-elect Trump, who takes office on 20th January, has pledged to create 25 million
jobs over 10 years, cut taxes both for individuals and for businesses, as well as invest in national
infrastructure and hopes to boost US economic growth to 4%. If his policies move in this
direction, and are at all successful, we will witness an improving economic situation, higher
interest rates, a higher value for the dollar and at least for the short term, downward
pressure on precious metal prices. It was interesting to see that once the jobs
announcement was made, instead of gold and silver prices rising because of the missed
jobs forecast, they actually fell a little, not by much but had this been a few months
ago, we would have seen gold and silver rise by 2 -3% on this employment news.
We shall comment further on our weekly update published this weekend.
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19 thoughts on “Jobs Figures Disappoint but still suggests lower gold and silver prices ahead

  1. more bad economic news, market goes higher metals go lower. typical manipulation.
    I must assume everyone here is aware of how completely bogus the unemployment number truly is.

  2. who knows where prices are headed short term but do you have any thoughts on Keith Neumeyers' class action against the banks' manipulation of the silver market and whether more coverage will have an effect on prices in the weeks and months to come?

  3. Unemployment figures only include those who are currently receiving unemployment benefits.
    Not all people without a job are included in the bogus figure.

  4. Agreed if Trump accomplishes half of what he says he will, its good news for America and bad for gold. But it requires the belief that we can kick the can 4 more years and keep the bonds from going thermonulcear.

  5. I understand and appreciate the logic of addressing the metals market in accordance with the facts of the situation. Knowing it's manipulated and plagued by corporate schemes, etc. is a given, and a waste of time lamenting. I'm not concerned with market fluctuations because I think big trouble is coming soon. I may not get rich but I'll still be in the game. If disaster doesn't strike better yet, and mores the reason for factual, relevant information.

  6. Information like this has convinced me to enter into the markets rather than focus primarily on collecting physical – if this manipulation continues for some time, it makes little sense to stack silver while I could be making profits elsewhere.

  7. The Obama Administration has been notorious for pumping the numbers any which way they want for example in order for an incident to be counted in which a wolf kills a cow in the state of Wyoming an actual biologist that works for the feds has to witness this occurring. as you can imagine this severely limits the number of non-indigenous wolf attacks on cattle. The Obama Administration is dangerously driven by agenda.

  8. 445rd!!! d=O)

    I'm hoping for another drop or two myself! I've still gotta get the 5th Privateer before they sell out!

    As usual…I spread the info a little bit wider:

  9. Thanks for making cents _ I look forward to every publication.
    You have a way of making complex events easy to comprehend.

  10. do your homework.all stats are available to you Tyler Hagen,one can just buy and hold,you have to understand ag and au and the "role" physical metals actually play "about" in your investments.#1 is are you strapped for cash because of payments to credit? physical holdings of gold and silver enhance a disciplined life style.

  11. It seems rational thinking of what you would think may happen even factoring a bit for manipulation is well and truly left by the roadside like a hitchhiker trying to get a lift. Forget the facts just get in the first car that offers you a lift. You will get out safely at your destination. Always works, even if your drunk and half clothed. No harm will ever come of you.
    It is becoming ever more clear, all you need to know is what G.S and it's "ex" employees are doing and you have your answer on where things will go and when on there say so. I hate them for that and what they have to our country.

  12. Just want to say thank you so much for all your videos and postings, and that i feel really privileged to be able to get this high value info so quickly!
    Every day i visit your channel several times looking for new videos, and watch them with great interest and joy each and every one.
    Thank you!

  13. As you've said in the past, to paraphrase, it's all fun with numbers … but the markets react to the bogus numbers, so we need to know them. Thanks again for all you do to educate us, meaning me.

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