Joaquin Phoenix and Jimmy Fallon Trade Places

-I have a card here that says
three things on it. And one of them may be true
and none of them may be true, do you mind if I read these
things. -Are they things that I said?
-Yes. You said these three things.
None of them may be true, but I think I know one of them
must be true. -This doesn’t seem real.
-No, it’s real. -Okay. Let’s see.
-You can’t set him up for that. -Okay well, you’ve watched the
movie “Step Brothers” more than any other film.
Okay? That’s number one. -You want me to sa–
-No, no, that’s number one. -Am I just listening?
-Yes. [ Laughter ] -This is a listening show.
[ Laughs ] Like, guests, come on
and listen to me talk. -I feel like I’m being
hypnotized again. -Welcome back to an all
new boring “Tonight Show.” Alright. Number two —
You love reality TV and think reality TV stars are
the best actors in the world. [ Laughter ] Number three,
one of your nicknames is kitten. [ Laughter ] All right, let me take a guess.
I’m gonna circle my answer, then I’m going to
ask the audience, then I’m going to ask you
what your thing is. [ Mutters ] That, nah, you
wouldn’t do that. That? Maybe, possibly, nah.
I’d say oh, you said that. But you were being funny. This is how, this is the game I
play with a you. With a you. Uh. Uh.
I’m going to say that one. Audience, is it one? -Nobody remembers what it was.
[ Laughter ] -It was only 30 seconds ago,
what are you talking about? What do you mean,
what number one? -Can one person remember what
the first answer was? -Alright look —
-“Step Brothers.” -“Step Brothers.” You’ve seen “Step Brothers” more
than any other film? -You guys listen to him?
-Yeah. -I’ve never — Listen. You’ve seen “Step Brothers” more
than any other film? -Yeah, okay.
-Number two, you love reality TV and think reality TV stars are
the best actors in the world. Anyone on that one?
[ Cheering ] -Number three, one of your
nicknames is kitten. [ Cheers and applause ] -So what does that mean?
-I circled number three. One of your nicknames is kitten. I think I believe that
to be true — -Now, what are you saying that
it’s true or that I said these things.
-I think that’s true. -But I didn’t say it?
[ Laughter ] -The more I think about this, I
mean I didn’t — my segment producer set this
up for me. The more I think about it,
I don’t know if any of these are true. But I call you Joaq.
-Why? Well, your name’s Joaquin I feel
like that’s too long for me. -You can handle it.
I feel like you can handle it. -I save a little energy
-You do the Monologue every night.
-Yeah, but I save a little energy by calling you
Joaq, don’t have to do the quin. -Okay.
-You know? -That’s a good part.
-Hello, Joaq. -Oh, okay.
-You know? And I like guacs. I like guacs. You know?
I like guac. Hey, guac is extra.
That should be the — That should’ve been the headline
of “Vanity Fair” — the guac is extra.
-Yeah, good. -Alright. I don’t know if any of
these are real or true or not. But, do you know if any of these
are true? -Um, what do you mean true? That’s what I’m trying to
understand. You say did I say these things
or are they true or both? What is the question?
-The question is, are any of these true?
-Okay. Okay, I think that I said —
-No, it’s not about you said. See you’re really good.
You’re honor, you’re honor. He’s under oath.
-Okay, they’re not all true. -We make you put your hand on a
Bible before you come out here. -They’re not all true.
-They’re not all true, yeah. But one might be true.
[ Laughter ] And is the one
that might be true, the one
that we all think is true. Is one of your nicknames kitten?
[ Laughter ] -You’re feeling very sleepy.
-[ Laughing ] Oh, my gaw! That’s ridiculous.
-Yeah. -I don’t —
the two of them were — I was just joking around.
-Yeah, I don’t “Step brothers,” I assume you love that movie. You didn’t see it more times
than any other film, though, it’s impossible.
-I have. -You really have?
-Yeah. -That’s the one?
-Yeah, it’s true. -That’s the one?
-Yeah. That’s good, I like —
I love hearing that. We got a little fact from
Joaquin, who knows if it’s real. But that’s cool.
[ Laughter ] I’ve seen
“Peewee’s Big Adventure” more than any other film.
-Yeah, that’s a great one. -Yeah it’s a classic. Let’s talk about,
speaking of classics, let’s talk “Joker.” Man, oh,
man, you’re awesome in this. [ Cheers and applause ] -I haven’t.
-You haven’t even seen it yet? -Yeah.
That’s what I was gonna say. -People are excited about it.
-Uh-huh. -You’re fantastic in
it, it’s all you, man. You’re driving this train, car? What vehicle do you
think this movie is. What type of —
form of transportation. -[ Laughs ] I’m not sure.
-I’m sorry. so look, so wait, no, I’m sorry. So you didn’t, since you’re in
the movie. But it really is you. And then I see you go a little
mad in some scenes. I feel like you’ve gone nuts in
this thing. You don’t pick these roles where
it’s like — why don’t you just pick a role
where you just go to Hawaii and you’re on the beach and
you’re goofing off with your buddies? -It’s like every actor’s dream
part, that’s the thing. -Yeah.
-You make it, and then you do the movie.
-You go to Hawaii and goof off with your buddies
for two hours. -You’d be bored.
-You would be bored? [Bleep] you need to do the laugh
and the whole thing and you’re coughing,
don’t you think? -You don’t need to do all that.
-You did it, and then you did dance. -Let me see the dance. That was
adorable. Show that to me. Aw!
-Dude, you’re really, it’s insane.
You’re fantastic in it. Basically,
to set it up is you are — it-it-it’s there is no, there
are no superheroes in this film? It’s just kind of a making of a
villain that’s what I would —
if I was a film critic. It’s not that great.
Is it off a little bit? -I mean,
you’re great in general. But that wasn’t the best.
-It wasn’t the best thing? No, it’s about how you can beat
a human being down. -But don’t tell anyone, it’s
okay let them just see it. -Just see the movie?
-Or not. -Or not. You know what the
movie’s about, kind of, right? Yeah. So you don’t need me.
You don’t need me. [ Talking over each other ]
-It’s cool. -No, come back, come back.
Come on, man. Oh, no, no, no, no. Come back!
Don’t do that. [ Cheers and applause ] -All right, welcome back. we got a great guest tonight,
Jimmy Fallon. [ Cheers and applause ]
All right, welcome back. Alright. Sit right here
Come on in. [ Cheers and applause ] -It is, um.
It’s so funny. -I’m reading your text messages
of somebody saying heavy. -Well, I have to lose
a little weight. I’m a little heavy, yeah.
But I got it figured out. You lost weight for this film.
-Uh-huh. -And I read somewhere you
said you lost 50 pounds? -No, 15. Wait did you say 50?
-Oh, who cares. -Five-oh?
-Yeah, five-oh. -No, one-five. 15.
-Oh, 15? -They didn’t pay me that much.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, Well I’m just happy to be
here and talk about the film, “Joker,” it was great to get in
there and, like, really — [ Chatter ] Yeah, yeah, don’t worry about
it, we’ll cut it out Later. -Don’t tell, don’t tell them. I didn’t know
the microphone was on. -[ Clears throat ] Getting in
there, Todd, I call him T.P. Todd Phillips. I call him T.P. And he was kind of cool,
because he was like a teepee to me a little bit, like,
he was my home for a long time. I basically felt like I lived
inside of him, when I was playing Joker.
And I’d come out of the teepee. I was like, “Time to film.”
[ Laughter ] I go, all right,
“What’s for breakfast, daddy?” [ Laughter ] -And he would get,
“What’s for breakfast is this scene right here,
get into it. And eat it all up.”
And I did. I think what you’ll see here in
this clip is me taking the script and making it
the best I can make it. And thanks to T.P.’s work and
everybody involved in editing, and the soundtrack
and everything. It turned out pretty well and
I hope you enjoy it.

100 thoughts on “Joaquin Phoenix and Jimmy Fallon Trade Places

  1. Joaquin Phoenix….. it's Me…the One the Only…I see you, I hear you, I read you, above all I Feel You…your shoulders must be the strongest in the world as You carry it so lightly… Thank You…

  2. Feels like Joaquin def is autistic or something. I know actors are generally Fucking weird , but he seems to be on the spectrum for sure. Awesome movie and excellent performance though. Solid A for sure.

  3. Jimmy Fallon is an embarrassment to talk show hosts worldwide. He is fake, foolish, and not good at interviews.

  4. Proof that Jimmy Fallon is scared of Joaquin Phoenix
    Joaquin and Jimmy :hahhaa
    Jimmy: touches Joaquin on the arm
    Joaquin: looks at him
    Jimmy: immediately removes his hands from Joaquin

  5. this is either the funniest prank or this dude just refused to admit that his nickname was kitten…fucking hilarious

  6. Once you go black you don't come back and let's go black and white and then you go black and white…
    WT..F….. whenever! It's real simple!
    You hold US down at gunpoint and %×€@#$_ for a quad….that's what happened too…

  7. Ok I don’t understand these interviews – are they being awkward on purpose?? Why is the script so poorly written for Jimmy? Kimmel’s was bad as well.

  8. Still Waiting for the moment when Joaquin says the Knock knock joke then take out a Gun and shoot Fallon in the Eye 😂

  9. Joaquin: “what do you get when you cross a respectable actor with an interview that treats him like trash?
    you get what you f*cking deserve”

    And remember, that’s life

  10. If you're going to have such a great actor, you could at least prepare your interview, not just improvise some dumb things. Joaquin seems super bored and I don't blame him

  11. Awww Joaquín, just imagine if he actually took back then the role of Doctor Strange, he'll be suffering the annoying interviews and press roundups plus doing stupid things to promote the movie .

  12. i love this interview much than interview with Kimmel he was a little bit rude with Joaquin but here he looks just great and Fallon is so cute

  13. Joaquin is such an intense guy that it’s hard to watch him UNLESS he’s acting. In which case, he’s a delight.

  14. Joaquin: knock knock

    Jimmy Fallon: who's there

    Joaquin: it's the police your son has been hit by a drunk driver

    Jimmy Fallon: that's not funny

    Joaquin: sorry, it's been a tough few weeks ever since I killed Jimmy Kimmel in that last interview

  15. Reality Check..children: Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor..but he is not the Joker..Johnny Cash or Caesar…these stupid comments on here..are so brainless..

  16. "I hope my death makes more cents than my life"
    JOKER 2019

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