Jack Schwager presents: 15 Hedge Fund Market Wizards trading secrets & insights in their own words

Interviewing top traders to learn from them.
The difference between Schwager’s four Market Wizards books.
Markets have changed, but the typology of successful traders not. The genius of Michael Platt (Bluecrest) and Ed Thorp Three of the 40 Market Wizard Lessons
For Traders: 1. Find your own style 2. Be flexible
For Investors: Volatility and risk are not synonymous Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater: How to consistently achieve outsized, uncorrelated returns.
Jimmy Balodimas: The most unconventional of the successful traders. Joel Greenblatt: Why value investing still works

54 thoughts on “Jack Schwager presents: 15 Hedge Fund Market Wizards trading secrets & insights in their own words

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  2. Very well said selling insurance –selling options the rare event that Talibi speaks about. It happens more often than you think. Buying options — options usually expire out of the money so they usually lose but you limit your losses are limited to the option cost. But the occasional win outweighs the limited losses because the profits can be inifinite ( at least with calls). The return can be asymptotic because as they approach the money the delta increases or the rate of return increases.

  3. @ aqeel3344: Jack obviously answered this question right at the beginning of the video. He basically started to write the Market Wizards books in order to learn from the best.

  4. fantastic interview. a tip for future videos: if you record about a minute or two of audio in the room when no one is talking and then add it over the sound of people talking, it'll be less jarring when a person stops talking–the audio won't go totally silent. That technique is called adding "room tone"; I learned about it while making short films in college.

  5. Didnt get it? If your long and find out your wrong – if your a good trader you liquidate, if your a great trader you liquidate and go short.

  6. lol if u are a trader u know it is very hard to reverse tour trade! I have met many traders in life plus myself, none have gone reverse the trades. It is easy to say than get it done.

  7. ? I fail to see the connection between how much I or you trade per day and what Mr. Schwager sais about great traders.

  8. Hi Mathias . As far as reversing your position. This reminds me of the trade I put on last night. I was long gbp/jpy there has been a good support zone. So I set my stop below the support zone and also entered a limit order right below my stop {meaning short order if support is broken} My stop was hit my new position entered and due to the majority of traders being long with stops near mine along with short orders for a downside breakout in 5 minutes pound was down 100 pips.

  9. A note to Jack draw down verse percentage gains should not be looked at the same in the options markets especially just buying calls and puts. Due to the opportunity to gain several times your risk alters the relativity. I can risk 2% and bag several time my investment. Coming back from a drawdown even minimizing risk to do so can be much faster then the same percentage down trading stocks. So you can have drawdowns that may look worse then stock traders but in reality your trading is less risky

  10. That is correct Tony, Arnold was born in Southern Austria and I in Southern Germany, so for us German is the first language. I didn't make it to Hollywood though, just to Opalesque.TV ­čśë

  11. He's absolutely right about the challenge facing traditional trend-following models. They no longer work as well as they did before due to choppier conditions and false breakouts.

  12. Fascinating insight into Ray Dalio and Bridgewater's search for the best diversification, namely market drivers that are truly uncorrelated trades.

  13. Intriguing introspect into R.Dalio and Bridgewater Pure Alpha..My portfolios annualized net gains with Brevan Howard are the best..seems they have talent finding asymmetrical outcomes in equity others just cant match.

  14. I'd like to see theses expert traders start with $500 put in a room and try to trade with a retail account and not start with other peoples millions.

  15. Excellent insights presented .. 
    Good Traders Liquidate when wrong ..GREAT traders reverse.. !! AWESOME !!

  16. at 6:15 – 6:30 ┬á"he ( Ed Thorpe ) was using the B – S formula and making so much money , he didn't want to publicize it" –

    That's what happens in the real world. All these people that want to 'sell' or teach you their secret of making money or winning in the markets AREN'T really making money in the markets..they are making money SELLING their idea of "making money in the market' to suckers like you. If they were really earning from the market, they wouldn't waste time to teach or sell their method or "technique" to anyone .

  17. wonderful thanks a lot i still looking how earn on forexl and this wideo helps me a lot thanks, check my links from profile

  18. Every financially successful individual must write a book on his journey, the mishaps and the unexpected good fortunes. They owe it to us wannabees.

  19. Ur text book on technical analysis of the commodities and financial mkts is a great book to learn to trade the mkt

  20. the people who talk down here the supertraders in that book, not only they didn't read any page in that book, they wouldnt understand what is written even if they tried to read it, because you need to actually know trading before reading schwager book, that text is not for everyone

    yet everyone can comment here on youtube, poor fools

    @lafayette mitchell the interviews in the book are NOT about any methods or ''techniques'', you didn't even open a page in that book

  21. There's an upcoming Stock market event in SG!
    Might be interesting to see and learn from real-life market wizards like Mark Ritchie and Mark Ritchie II.


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