Is it Time to Buy Gold, Silver, or Copper?

Is it Time to Buy Gold, Silver, or Copper? — with David Moadel hello and welcome to looking at the
markets with David Modell are you a fan of commodities do you like gold silver
copper while commodities have been making a pretty good comeback
lately and they went sideways especially silver and gold went sideways for much
of 2018 until the fourth quarter in which we saw a nice breakout which is
still underway and so is this the time to get into gold silver or copper a lot
of people forget about copper which is the best one to get into right now well
I cannot tell you what to do or what not to do you have to make your own
decisions but I can tell you what I’m looking at right now and first let’s
look at a couple of fun facts just to let you know how high they could
potentially go gold reached $1,895 almost $1,900 per ounce
we’re talking about in US dollars of course on September 5th 2011
boy that was a pretty good year for precious metals right and silver reached
49 dollars and 45 cents per ounce On January 18 1980 long time ago but it
also reached about the same level 49 dollars and 82 cents in April of 2011
2011 was quite a good year for precious metals so that just gives you some idea
of how high they could go so if you think that reaching 15 or 16 per ounce
and silver is a lofty goal that’s nothing it could actually go quite a bit
higher if you think 1300 is a milestone in gold
imagine 1900 it is possible it’s been almost there before alright so let’s
take a look at some of the charts and these are from I want to
give them credit this is gold and as we can see it said quite a run up recently
after a lengthy basing process in which it just couldn’t seem to lift off from
the $1200 level and then okay is it too late to get in well I
think I answered that question if you’re a long-term investor no it’s not too
late to get in it’s been as high as almost 1,900 dollars an ounce so it’s at
around 1300 now now if you’re a short-term trader it might be a little
bit late because it looks like looks like it already happened but if you’re a
long term if you’re just gonna buy it and hold it
you can certainly still get in how about silver kind of the same story
you had that basing process for several months and then BOOM right okay whoops
there goes and is it too late to get in well the short-term you look at all
those you know green candles I mean they’re not green on
they’re white but look all these all these up days in a row all right I don’t
like to necessarily get in after such a long term run-up if I’m if I’m a
short-term trader but if I’m a long-term investor then you know okay so it’s
almost at 16 but that’s nothing it’s been much higher as you can see a number
of times all right so it depends on your time frame whether to get in now or not
but don’t forget copper copper is still relatively down yeah and it’s at what
you might call a support level or you don’t have to call it support you could
just call it a good price where it’s it’s been there before and it bounced
off of it all right so yes it’s not exactly at the bottom
but it’s pretty close and if you want to talk about resistance levels or maybe
just a selling price you could talk about up here at 285 or so all right on
this chart so if any of these are gonna be a bargain right now at least in the
short to medium term I would pick copper just based on the charts all right but
long-term any of these are fine all right so it depends on your time frame
as to which one you want to buy and whether you want to buy them at all all
right so I hope this was helpful to you my name is David Modell if you like this
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a de l at thanks a lot I appreciate it and I’ll talk to you again

8 thoughts on “Is it Time to Buy Gold, Silver, or Copper?

  1. Copper and gold cannot rise together. Copper doez well when there is a global 'recovery' ( doesnt matter if its a genuine recovery). This could happen if china launches a stimulus or trump launchez infrastructure plan. If this doez not happen and markets tank, then gold will rise as a safe haven.

  2. I got in at $1229 and will hold it. 10oz of Bullion and I have no intention of selling regardless of how high it goes. This is just to save and keep for a rainy day which hopefully won’t happen and then pass on.

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