Is Donald Trump ‘The Real Deal’ and a supporter of gold?

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 23rd November 2015 and we
are asking the Question – Is Donald Trump the Real Deal?
Many of our listeners are aware that we have followed the Trump Bandwagon since he first
announced that he was going to stand for the Republican Presidential Nomination. Some 12
months away from the US Election where does Trump currently stand?
Presently he is heading most if not all of the opinion polls, with Ben Carson a close
second in some, and all of the other challengers many percent lower. Despite this, many people
do not believe that Trump will stay the full course of the election cycle and that one
of the establishment figures will move ahead of him. Now we are uncertain about his ability
to remain ahead until the end, though we cannot rule this out. Compared to British politicians,
Trump is too abrupt, too self-congratulatory and too boastful about his achievements and
yet there is a quality about him that many Americans like. Some argue that he is only
popular because of Celebrity Apprentice. Others say he is popular because he is not one of
the ‘political class’. A third view is that he is popular amongst Republicans because
he is ‘fearless and not controlled’ and it is this latter view that is shared by Trump’s
long term friend and pre-election adviser, author and political strategist, Roger Stone.
Let’s listen to a few things he said about Trump on Alex Jones Info Wars Programme
on 9th November 2015 …………………
Stone also credits Trump with being a ‘hard money
man who supports gold let’s listen again: ………………………
Roger Stone’s view aligns with Corey Lewandowski who is Trump’s Campaign Manager – this
is what he told the JohnFredericks Show back on the 19th June this year (The sound quality
unfortunately is a little poor) …………………………
Even Jeb Bush believes Trump is for real though there are some caveats. This is what he told
John Catsimatidis on AM 970’s The Cats Roundtable back in August of this year : “The Trump
phenomenon is real ….(But) he’s not offering any compelling proposals though … He’s
not a conservative.” The latest RCP National Poll showing Trump
with an average polling rating of 27.5% with Carson at 19.8% and Rubio at 12.5% certainly
reveals that Trump is going no-where else soon. If he were to win, we are confident
that our listeners will be pleased to know that according to his long term friend at
least, gold may indeed have a shiny future under a Donald Trump Presidency.
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23 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump ‘The Real Deal’ and a supporter of gold?

  1. I am not so confident he is what he claims he is. He was friends with the Clintons for many years. How do you change teams the way he has and still feel he is sincere ? I doubt he changed his stance on them let alone anything else. Trump has a large , no HUGE ego and I doubt he makes friends without totally vetting each and everyone of them. No…… I am not convinced. If he becomes president I am confident his rule will in some way also benefit his kingdom, his monetary kingdom.

  2. All the others guys are going encourage war in the middle east. After supporting or changing governments of 4 countries the result is destabilizing the entire middle east. I support the 1st two wars, but now we want to do the same in Syria? Its either incompetence or a conspiracy. When the Brits ran the world they did a much better job of it. We need to buy Russian war bonds. We cannot afford this. War always leads of to currency & debasing our currency.

  3. It's not a question of whether Trump is the real deal or not. The REAL question should be whether career politicians are fake or not. They're imposters. It's pretty obvious we have a self declared royal class that place themselves far, far above those they are supposed to serve. The appalling results we're living with prove they do not serve us. They in fact look at us merely as a source of revenue for their serial incompetence. They have no skin in the game they are supposed to be in charge of managing. THIS IS INSANE. They pay no penalty for failing, none, which is the rule we live by. This system has no accountability or downside for them not living up to their responsibilities. They spend more time trying to keep their jobs than doing them. They get paid whether they perform or not. Being paid a six figure salary to argue must be nice. Instead of being run like a business, this country is run for special interest groups, and the middle class is not on that list. At least Trump offers some hope of actual change instead of more smooth words spoken by an empty suit reading a teleprompter. The entirety of Washington should humbly apologize to the nation and beg forgiveness right before they all resign in shame and ignominy for doing such a piss poor job of managing the affairs of what should be the greatest nation on earth. Instead, we get ego and arrogance and waste and denial and gridlock and even more empty promises by imposters pretending to be responsible adults with morals and values. I hope they all rot in hell. They are disgusting in the extreme.

  4. Doesn't matter. The machine (partially controlled by your Illuminati friends) will put the hill in.
    Check real clear politics trump vs clinton
    As far as gold. I doubt he cares one way or another.
    IF, IF, by some miracle he wins and Cruz is his VP. Cruz wants a gold standard.
    Hillary for Prison 2016

  5. There's and old saying in Texas, probably Tennessee. Fool me once…………..shame on you. Fool me………cant get fooled again. A two term President. Hope and change. A two term President. Blah Blah Blah.  Trumps companies filed for bankruptcy four times. He's the new hope. Only in America.  Even if there was "real" change. It always ends up reverting back to Animal Farm in the end.

  6. What was the point of this video, other than to regurgitate others speaking points? Contrary to what people think, there is no man at that level who is not controlled. Roger Stone is a fool, and so is Alex Jones. Donald trump is owned by the people he got his money from. He lost his money 5 times, No Man is an island! And trump is saying whatever he thinks he has to say to win an election! He doesnt have any understanding of law and doesnt mind violating it. So he lies just like all the others, the only difference is the amount of money he has. But he is owned, follow his money. He may be the best bet, certainly better than bush and hillary… but is he a relief from all the liars and cheats.. certainly not.

  7. Silver hit $13.84 in todays trading. IMHO..silver will soon break below $14, and stay below $14 for quite a while.
    If Trumpo becomes president, he shall soon find out, he will not have the power to abolish the IRS, or change tax laws, or stop illegal immigration, etc. Trumpo will be a puppet, just like all the other presidents. Jewish entities control the white house, monetary policy, entertainment biz, tv programming ,media, etc. The real power in charge, is not gonna be flaunting their power on the talmud tv/ talmud media….they hide in the shadows, behind their puppets.

  8. trump is not going to get the nomination they will give it to a Jeb bush first. what it will do is force trump to run third party which will split the Republicans and give the presidential election to the democratics. I remember back in 2011 trump was renting a unit to apmex and forcing them to pay him with gold. He thought it would move alot higher I put trump in the tin foil hat club

  9. Excellent report. I stand by initial statement. The establishment will not allow/tolerate Trump. he is not the first Billionaire to seek the presidency. H. Ross Perot, could not be bought… but he should could be forced out of politics. I said from the outset I liked Carson, but I doubt he can stand the heat from the establishment as well. I still think he will be offered the VP and who-ever does ( and he accepts) will a strong force to be reccon'd with. The race is still to the Establishment ( Jeb) and who-ever they allow to tussle with him. It may very well be Trump, but only if they have skeleton to bring forth at the 11th hour.

  10. if they raise interest rates by 2016 the Democrats have an edge on trump on his two bankruptcy and the amrican people will vote against him and go for bush even though trump is saying the truth knowing no one cares what happens to the criminals on Wall Street he says it freely but still he relies on bank money which makes part of there agenda 👈

  11. IF Trump goes third party, he's a ringer, If he does it through the republican party, he's the real deal, and he isn't controlled. Remember he has a vested interest in America being successful. Truth Is, I want him to be the real deal, I can't stand this PC culture. We are not servants to muslims

  12. All I can say is; Trump better steer a very wide berth when getting anywhere near any nailguns, speeding cars, high places, firearms…..

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