iPhone X 256GB Silver Unboxing

Hello everybody today I’m gonna share
with you my new iPhone X (10) now after a little over three years of my previous
phone which I’m using right now to record this video the iPhone 6 it has
finally come time to update it I have had numerous problems as of lately with
the iPhone 6 mostly with the screen not responding and randomly clicking on
things of course this has been a problem with the iPhone 6 for other users for
quite a long time but has just become a problem for me currently anyway here is
its replacement of course we have the front of the packaging with the picture
of the iPhone 10 itself on the side of the packaging we just have iPhone no
Roman numeral for 10 for the X of course same thing on the other side on the
bottom we have the Apple logo and the same is true for the top so on the back
we have basic information about the phone itself now why did I decide to go
with the 256 gigabyte version well I use this phone for a lot of video recording
here on YouTube and having the extra storage really helps out too when I’m
not able to move a lot of my videos onto my computer if I’m away for a while so
the extra storage really helps out for video and photos of course this is the
silver version which you can tell I believe the black and the silver version
have different backgrounds for the front picture but anyway of course you have
the front of the phone itself so we’d turn it over we can peel off the plastic
beautiful set that aside and you know the front of the packaging so of course
we’re not greeted first with the phone greeted with some of the literature
about the phone and there it is itself now I actually think this is a great
idea because it actually also protects the phone a little bit
by having the instruction pamphlet in front of it so if we pull out what is
inside of our instruction kit we have Hello behind that we have the Apple
stickers and some warranty information I’m sure inside we have quick tips on
how the phone actually operates flip it over and you have some other tips as
well and that’s all it is really inside of the booklet I remember with all the
past oh wait older iPhones now at the time
they’d have a lot of literature inside of there not so much anymore we’ll set
that aside of course here we have the phone itself looks like it’s a little uh
a little dusty under there it must have been trying to crank these out pretty
quick I know they’ve had a lot of production delays and problems with
these of course on the side you can see the polished aluminum or stainless steel
can’t remember sorry about that of course we have the dual lens camera
and the beautiful plural not plural pearl essent back of the phone I really
like the white back with the black front I’ve had white iPhones for the front as
long as they’ve been around so it’s pretty cool I haven’t had a black front
and quite a long time and of course that’s the only option here with the
iPhone 10 one thing that I will definitely be missing from my six is the
headphone jack but I do use my iPod Classic quite a bit so I’m gonna go
ahead and take off the plastic and a little bit to put on a screen protector
because that is always a fantastic idea to do inside of course we have our
regular five watt power adapter now this is capable of a faster charging so you
can buy a separate power adapter which Apple does sell to charge the phone
faster than the regular five watt adapter of course we have the ear pods
here and our adapter on back really would have been nice if they
made this cable a little thicker because it looks really thin for what it is and
of course our charging cable is underneath here very nice since I don’t
really need any of these accessories I’ll just stay in there because I’ll
just use the ones that came with my iPhone 6 not a problem so I’m going to
go ahead and apply a screen protector to this phone and we’ll be back
okay so I’ve gone ahead and installed a screen protector on the phone and you
can see it worked pretty well this is a tempered glass screen protector and it
seems like that seems to be the most popular decision for the iPhone 10 a
little thing that come as a complaint to me is that some of the corners are just
so close to the curve of the glass that little air bubbles as you see right
there appear now over the next couple days they may go away but overall not
bad now the streaks you see there is just from the cloth I used to wipe it
down after the fact wasn’t really the best you can already see the back as a
fingerprint magnet so anyway let’s go ahead and turn it on for the first time see one of the Christmas lights right
there and I’ll go ahead and set it up now
there’s plenty of videos on YouTube setting this thing up but I just wanted
to do a quick unboxing of the phone itself so I really do hope you enjoyed
this quick little unboxing of the iPhone 10 once again I really do hope you
enjoyed and also please comment rate and subscribe and thank you very much for

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