Intraday Trading Strategy: First 15 Minutes

Intraday Trading Strategy: First 15 Minutes — with David Moadel hello and welcome to looking at the
markets with David Modell in this video I’m going to present you with an
intraday trading strategy a day trading strategy involving the first 15 minutes
of the trading day please be aware that this strategy does not work 100% of the
time so also if you do need more help with
trading or investing I do coach people on that or if you’d like help putting
together a trading or investing plan or you need help picking out stocks or
commodities to use in your watchlist and in your trading or investing you can
contact me for the coaching by email at David Modell at so let’s get
into this strategy again this is for day trading or intraday trading so no matter
what you are going to want to close out your position before the end of the
trading day because you do not want to expose yourself to overnight gap risks
alright so this is Apple this is the one-minute candlestick chart on trading
view you can use the 2 or 5-minute candlestick charts if you prefer it’s
just that for something as precise as this because we’re going to be measuring
the high and the low of the first 15 minutes I want as much information and
as detailed and precise information as possible and so I’m preferring to use
the 1-minute candlestick chart but you can use the 2 or 5 if you prefer to just
be aware you won’t get as much detail in the information presented on the chart
and so trading view you’ll notice that it has the beginning you know the it ad
this is Apple 1-minute candlestick chart on trading view and it gapped up ok and
so what I’m gonna do is notice that it has the opening at 9:30 a.m. Eastern
Time and then the next measurement here is 15 minutes later at 9:45 Eastern Time
which is very convenient for this method because you’re going to wait until the
first 15 minutes are finished and then you’re going to measure the high
highest point including not just the bodies of the candlesticks but also the
wicks or shadows those count as well so you’re going to decide what is the high
of the first 15 minutes of the trading day and what is the low okay again
including the wicks or shadows and so you’ve got the high over here you can
even draw the lines on your chart if you want to you can draw parallel lines like
the high and the low of the first 15 minutes okay and then that’s how you
take your long or short positions if you get a clear close okay a clear break
meaning a candlestick closes above the high of the first fifteen minutes then
you can take a long position and hold on all right now let’s say the high of the
first fifteen minutes was right here so where did it break above that yes it did
it closed above did a little bit right here okay so I could have taken a long
position and actually went against me a little bit there all right and so what
is your stop-loss your stop-loss could be the low that you measured before
remember you’re going to determine the high the highest price of the first
fifteen minutes and the lowest price and so if you’re going for a long position
because it breaks above a candlestick closes above the high point of the first
fifteen minutes then your stop-loss could be the low all right and so it
broke above a little bit here and so I could have taken a long position and
went against me but I wouldn’t have gotten stopped out because the stop
Bluffs would be down here at the low of the first fifteen minutes when against
me but I stayed in the trade and it did quite nicely here now what your profit
target is is up to you and that’s a whole separate video and I do have a
video on you know taking profits stop losses and taking profits and I’ll
actually put that in the description below this video if you want to click on
that and watch that video as well but so you know I’m not this method does not
determine where the take profit is but it does determine where you can put your
stop-loss if you want to all right now lo let’s say what if
it broke what if a candle closes below the low instead of above the high
alright well let’s see what that looks like we have Facebook here from today
the one-minute candlestick chart and you can see that gapped down
okay here’s 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time it gapped down and then I looked at the
first 15 minutes until 9:45 a.m. Eastern Time and so the range the you know the
the high of the first 15 minutes was here the low was here okay and so that’s
where the lowest and so I start you know I wait until 15 minutes are done and
then look at that it broke a candlestick clearly broke below and closed below the
low of the first 15 minutes and then it did quite well after that and I could
have taken profits depending on where my profit target was all right where would
this work could the stop-loss have been well at the high of the first 15 minutes
but it didn’t even come close to that it went down immediately afterwards because
the trend clearly was down although if I hadn’t taken profits it did start to go
it did start to retrace and again the stop-loss would have been here and the
take profit is up to you that is not determined by this particular method you
would want to determine that separately and again no matter what happens you
would want to close your position out before the end of the trading day so as
to avoid overnight up or down gap risk because this is an intraday or day
trading strategy and so if you take a position and just drift sideways and
it’s almost the end of the trading day you can you can close out your position
okay and what if it doesn’t break above or below the higher the low all day long
let’s say it just drift sideways then you won’t take any position at all you
will neither go long nor short that is going to happen sometimes if you don’t
feel like waiting all day for that to happen you can set a time limit you can
say to yourself okay I’m gonna wait for the first 15 minutes then I’m gonna
establish the high in the low of the first 15 minutes and if nothing happens
by lunchtime let’s say then you’re just going to close your position if you have
one or you’re just not going to take a position because it is true at least in
my experience not always but more often than not I do find born
price action around lunchtime a lot of traders are just taking lunch off and so
and then you may want to reconsider your you know your time frame based around
that or you could just wait all day although it can get boring if it just
stays in that range all day so that’s up to you how long you’re willing to wait
but definitely close your position by the end of the trading day if you are a
true intra day trader alright so that is the fifteen minutes rant opening range
method again it does not work every time I strongly recommend I cannot tell you
what to do or what not to do but I think it’s a great idea to virtual trade at
pay per trade at first for a while see if it works for you and then if you do
choose to try this out with real capital real money only put in very small
positions just to test it out so you don’t have any big losses all right so
my name is David Modell if you found this video helpful please give it a
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for those thanks a lot I really appreciate it I’ll talk to you again

14 thoughts on “Intraday Trading Strategy: First 15 Minutes

  1. Thanks for sharing! That’s helpful. Any winning rate stats for this strategy? And do you have any strategy for first 15’ day trading ?

  2. Great vid. I love the initial gap plays. Look for setups using a timeframe that works for you.πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

  3. Great Video David! This a very similar way I day trade when I can day trade.The way things are going in the Market with the Tarriff War.Its almost the safest play.Small positions and out by the end off the day.Just in case the situation changes over night. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. There are times price will break the first 15 minute high or low and stay in that area and determine the trend of the day.

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