Hunting Half Dollars – More Silver, More Finds!

I can’t win with this bank guys I can’t
win with my bank here you know I’m I’m got to stay positive because they don’t
have to order boxes for me technically but they have a small vault and they’ve
been promising me to boxes every single week and every single week they only get
me one and anyway let me go and flip the camera around right now and we’ll take a
look at this box see if there’s some good Enders in it let’s take a look so
here we have the box guys it’s my favorite kind of boxes it’s gonna be the
lowest rolls really wish I had two let’s go ahead and peel this guy open see if
something in here catches our eye well I don’t see any silver on this end look
Marana see what’s on the other side all right guys we got it flipped around and
I don’t see any Enders but that doesn’t mean a lot for me so we’ll get these
home and we’ll get these hunted see you shortly
all right guys I’ve got my shirt I’ve got my rolls
I’ve got my microscope I’ve got my screwdriver and I’ve got my box of
halves to hunt let’s get to hunting I’ll loop you would have a find anything
worth showing holy cow that was quick guys first roll first think and roll and
we’ve got a silver coin yeah does it mean the box is gonna be full by any
means 1966 Philadelphia unbelievable first roll in all right guys I’m getting
excited I’m not quite ready to set up the tripod yet roll number two I didn’t
even get it out fully unrolled we’ve got another silver we’re two rolls in and we’re two for two with silver I
don’t think that’s two silvers pull it both out anyway let’s check the knot
silver one it’s not silver but it’s a 71 I’ll weigh it up anyway 1969 d
unbelievable two rolls in no enters on this box two
silvers could be an epic box now I’m really starting to freak out guys we’re
still in that second roll I’m stacking up the coins getting ready for the
wrapper and look at this that’s a proof 1988’s it’s pretty worn but are you
kidding me two silvers and a proof first two rolls
so here’s what’s scary as you know you never know if this box is gonna get
better this way or was it wrapped and shipped this way because if it was
roughed in ship this way then the next box would have been great too or maybe
I’m catching the tail in end of the next box woulda been good or maybe I’m catching the tail end after a great box and this you never know I’m overthinking it
probably but this is why I wanted two boxes because if you get two boxes
you’re pretty safe that you’re gonna grab part of a collection if there was a
collection dump in either both or one or the other
typically I know I’m getting ahead of myself but two rolls in we have three
good finds let’s get back to the hunt guys rule number 13 I have a terrible
tear job here but even amongst my terrible tear job we exposed a silver
coin so let’s take a look together see the anything else is in here we know we
got one I don’t know if I could do this one-handed this is going to be a tough
one so
we put the camera down and we’ll open it a little better all right that’s a
little better let’s see what this silver coin is another 1969 silver number three
with the proof that’s an odd one let’s just look at it together just because
it’s odd looking wow this one’s been left in some water for a while hasn’t it
let’s get back to the hut guys we’re on this out of the box again roll number 18
and I can’t tell like that’s a weird-looking coin it looks fat too so
before I laid him out and went through them I figured I’d bring you guys in on
this one so it’s this one right here oh it’s a proof a 1996 proof man it sure
looks fat you know what that also doesn’t look glad now that I look at it
more so hold on guys let me let me get this weight up here so
we know that if it’s cladded it’s a proof it weighs about 11.3 on the grams
yeah 11.22 on this clad proof let’s wait up guys that’s twelve point
three that’s twelve point three I think we have a 1996’s silver proof and I
think it’s 90% holy cow I’m pretty certain this is a
90% silver 1996’s proof that listen to that oh yeah that’s definitely silver
for sure so yeah you know what 3:40 percenters a 90% silver proof a proof
and nifc six finds and by the way were on the hot section to the box so I may
be back really quick roll 19 had nothing but roll 20 has something sixty seven
forty percent are number four with a ninety percent proof and a proof whoo
maybe there’s something in the next few this box is shaping up really well all
right guys we’re on roll 21 and I want to show you something a typical roll and
I don’t know if this is typical this way at first 225 to 226 there you go you
figure eleven point three times twenty comes out to about 226 or so I grab the
next one next to it 226 this one I wait first like I decided
to do for this box 227 all day and it jumps straight to 227 almost 228 so
either there’s two or three forty percent is in here or at least one 90
percenter well I’ll be not only do we have a forty percent we’ve got a
definite 90 percenter but let’s check it out let’s see if there’s any other
Enders in here yeah see when it weighs 227 or more you
at least have to typically three forty percent is but at least two or at least
one ninety percent 1969 40% that’s the third of the box of
those five 40% or let’s check what this one is it’s a ben Franklin
it’s a Franklin with the d mint mark last year Ben Franklin 1963 unbelievable
unbelievable guys we have to 90% us ones at 96 proof and one is a 63 Ben Franklin
Denver Mint this box is shaping up in a hurry to be a really good one
unbelievable we’re not even halfway through yet that’s why sometimes it’s
fun to weigh the rolls but that’s also why sometimes if you get into the art of
weighing rolls you’ll be discouraging yourself every roll because unless
there’s two or three coins and that are of silver typically you’re not going to
spot the weight unless you get it down to the nearest tenth of a gram I don’t
do that this food scale is just designed to weigh full rolls to the nearest gram all
right let’s keep looking roll 24 guys and another bad tear job by me but you
know what that the bad tear jobs are revealing some good things unbelievable
maybe I should start tearing my rolls this poorly more often all right see if
I can do this one-handed and record probably not but yeah let’s just get to
the silver if I can 1968 Denver we’ll take it six forty
percent of the box well I have you here we’ll just push
this end in nothing else twenty four rolls in six 40s to 90s a proof and a
clad 2002 and I have see this is why check all the coins guys okay side
definitely a clad but it had a little bit of shine to it just a little bit
underneath all this Tony and when i zoom in that’s an S proof probably not worth
keeping in the condition it’s in but I might wash it up a little bit and you
know I’m trying to put together circulated set or two of proofs it’s
beat up but we’re gonna pull it out for now grab one from the discard bin and
get back to hunting roll number thirty you see it right there
a silver edge nothing on that side no more on that side but we got something
inside 1967 we are no stranger those this box that is now seven forty percent
us and to ninety percent plus some proofs only out one of the nineteen
ninety percenters is a proof as well we’re almost at double digit silver or
just about sixty well we’re 60 percent down at the box
well that row from roll 31 to 40 was rough and I was just running around and
I didn’t take my time on the fortieth one knowing it’s the epic corner here
but either way he got another silver it has been about ten rows so what do we
get here a nineteen sixty ad that is our eight forty percent and two
90s we’ll have to see if there’s any more silver in that last row hopefully
in one of these two rolls at least that seems to be the hot section here I think
we’ve got eight of the silver and this section here I think we got some I think
the thirteenth roll and the twenty fifth or sixth roll somewhere in there but we
got a couple from that side of the box another box a half’s is done or no one
bites the dust if you will solid box guys ten Silver’s and we’ll get to those
in a second we found three n IFC’s a couple of them are pretty beat-up ones
worth keeping both of public go back in the bin
we found technically three proofs but we got one worth keeping in 1988 one I’ll
work on it a little bit see if I clean it up without ruining the coin but if I
can’t he’ll be going back in the bin the other proof is a 90% silver 1996 I
don’t care what condition it’s in its silver we also found a 63 Denver Mint no
lines on the Bell but still a pretty nice Ben Franklin my third ever only and
my second week in a row finding one we also got eight forty percent a whole
bunch of different years I guess at the end of the day we got what a couple of
68 we got for 67 a 69 and a 66 so 10 silver coins 2/3 proofs and three
nifcs I was not expecting that box to be that good if you enjoyed the video
please give it a thumbs up and as always thanks for watching

72 thoughts on “Hunting Half Dollars – More Silver, More Finds!

  1. Nice job Rob. I've been weighing the penny rolls and searching the heaviest ones last. It just gives me something to look forward to at the end of the box, more chance of getting wheats in the last rolls.

  2. For the 40% composition coins that would qualify as "junk silver" – do you end up selling them to area coin dealers for melt value?

  3. you ever get mistaken for john travolta lol? whats the movie….from paris with love? hey rob what do you think the chances are finding an old 5 or 10 dollar bill in stack from the bank?

  4. Hi Rob how's it going hope all is well with you.Excellent video mate your doing excellent as always cant believe how many silvers you find unreal my friend well done,it was ashame you couldn't get 2 boxs could have been a blow out video like that other one with 70 silver coins wasn't that a blow out Rob,Anyway excellent as always take care looking forward to your next video Regards Gregory Lee from Melbourne Victoria Australia.

  5. you ever heard of a tripod!!! when you make videos holding the camera in one hand and opening a roll of coins in the other isn't to bright!!!! You probably plant coins in the rolls I have never found a coin in any unrolling

  6. Hi Rob mate don't throw the shit ones in the bin i will have them i will give you the value of the silver content if you lol.anyway excellent video as always keep them coming bro.i am coming over to America in 2 weeks would like to meet you if you like,im coming over to meet some Army guys i served with in Afghanistan and Iraq they live in California near the old Fort Ord.anyway take care Rob.Regards Gregory Lee from Melbourne Victoria Australia.🌎🏜🥇🥈🥉😎😊.

  7. We have a lot of Tom Thumb Stores in my area of South Alabama and Northern Florida, but none has a Bank inside. That place is a Honeyhole for you! Great Video !!

  8. Cool box bro wish you got the second box, love your positive attitude in all your videos. Congrats on the really nice find look forward to the future video's. Cool finds with the silver proof and the Bengi.

  9. Rob, GREAT tip on weighing the roll so you know which ones to film unwrapping. That will save me TONS of wasted video time and footage. THANKS !!!!
    Rob 2

  10. That shirt might influence them. It tells them that you do it for coin roll hunting and that you aren't a business owner.

  11. How can you tell proofs from regular coins? For example, How could you tell that 1980-S was a proof?

  12. Dang it man, I don't even know how I came across the 38 min half dollar video that I first saw from you (and the very first CRH vid ever for me, for that matter), and I'm not even a collector, but somehow I got addicted to CRH videos, especially your videos. Somehow you manner of speech and general attitude is miles ahead of other similar channels'. And the country I was born in and live in Europe is pretty boring coin-wise because of the post-fall-of-communism coinage changes around '90-'94, complete format changes of coins etc. So no chance here of having such epic hunts. Keep it up, I'll sure be needing your vids on my 3rd monitor at work 😛 8)

  13. That '71 in roll #2 may have been a mint mistake where silver was used on accident. Look it up if you don't believe me.

  14. What state are you in Rob? What years are silver for halves? I read it's only up to 1969. In another site I read up to 1970. But you got a 1996 silver? So can you get silver on any year? How can you tell if it's really silver? Sorry I'm new to silver collecting

  15. I got 20 dallors in half dallors pulled out 20 90% silver and 18 40% silvers today and it was because I watch ur videos 🙂 I'm really happy

  16. I have gone thru my first 2 boxes of halves from the bank. SKUNKED. My boxes are different than yours, mine are double stacked. A lot of the coins have magic marker hash marks on the rim.

  17. In this video you said that you were going to weigh a '71. Is there something different about the '71s ? Where can I get a list of what is what the halves?

  18. Hey rob you might check with your Chase Bank they allow me after searching the boxes to just put all the coins in the coin bag , the plastic coin bags and return them like that instead of having to roll every single roll just ask them for the big plastic bags for coins and make sure there ok with you doing that this will bring down the price for you so you don’t have to buy paper rolls anymore

  19. The law various state by state, I’m not sure what bank you are with or what state you’re in but it’s not really a courtesy for them to order you those coins by banking with them you pay money for them to keep your money which in turn makes you a customer so they’re not doing you a favor your doing them a favor by letting them hold your money. I was having a hard time getting my bank to order my half dollars i wanted so I called their corporate headquarters, and there is absolutely no reason why my bank in particular shouldn’t just order me what I asked for because I am a customer so I went back and politely asked them to order them again and they were going to give me the runaround so I politely told them the name of the supervisor at their headquarters who told me that I shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever as a customer getting whatever I wanted as far as ordering me some coins or anything reasonable like that ,,, I have two $500 boxes coming next week. Just something to think about, just saying!!!

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