Hunting Half Dollars – Great Silver and Proof Box!

alright guys it’s that time again it’s
time to search $1,000 in halves for some silver hey everyone it’s Rob with Rob finds
treasure and we’ve got $1,000 in halves this is my weekly pick up I got two different
banks that ordered me a box each week and we’ve got them both so first things
first we always want to check for those Enders you know there’d be nice one of
these days really sweet ender but that’s tough to do
you know I’ve seen videos of guys opening ten full boxes and don’t have
any ender so I’m not expecting any doesn’t mean there’s no silver in there
we’ll take a quick look here this one it’s like a 74 all right I don’t see any
Enders on this side so we’ll set this box aside just will close it up
correctly and we’ll get to the second box see if there’s any enters in this
one and because my wife’s leaked the box is up I don’t know which bank it was
from which which box was from which bank so we’re kind of at a loss for that just
take a look here that one looks kind of promising could
just be this color – matter of fact we’re gonna make that the first one we
look at taking another peek and don’t see anything standing out so without
further ado let’s crack into this one first well it looked promising guys but
it’s just a discolored 73 oh well we’re gonna start this hunt and I’ll
loop you in a find some silver or something we’re showing all right guys
we just looked through that first rule that I thought might have a silver in it
we unwrapped the next rule and that looks pretty promising 1966 Wow
we’re only in our second role and really we moved the first role into the spot of
the other one so I don’t know man that’s a pretty good start we got silver in the
second role opened Wow let’s keep looking see if there’s even more all
right guys I’m pretty excited we’re that same role as I got the 66 silver in and
just a handful of coins later look at this
it’s dinged up but we got a Bicentennial proof here I might be able to wipe that
down and make it look a little better but holy cow it’s my first Bicentennial
proof I will take it tell you if this is an indication of this box what about the
lighting if this is an indication of this box guys we’re in good shape let’s
get back to the hunt all right guys rule number six I see something pretty shiny
sticking out it looks like it could be another proof yep pretty dinged up as
well but it’s a 72 proof not silver but we’ll take another proof for sure that
makes two proofs and a silver okay guys eights rule looks like it’s
gonna be a proof box then I’ll take it what is this one 1981 1981 proof so now
we’ve got three proofs and a silver so that’s a pretty good start we’ll keep
looking okay guys rule number 13 just build it
out and look we have what appears to be a couple of proofs this is gonna be a
proof box hopefully they left me some silver as
well here’s an 84 proof that makes four proofs
and looks like we got another one right here a 1982 proof so that makes already
in the first 13 rolls five proofs a sixty six forty percent
silver and a 2016 and I have see if I get some more silver I might do some lie
of opening of these rolls but for now with the proofs we’ll just keep looking
number 15 another proof 1983 it’s kind of a good
sign here because we’ve got an 81 and 82 and 83 and an 84 and then we have a 72
and a 76 so maybe we have an entire set here let’s keep looking alright rolled
over 23 and look at this a 1995 proof we’ll take it that now makes already
seven proofs 2n ifcs and a 40% silver all right let’s keep
looking rule number 28 got ourselves another proof 1979 we’ll take it that
goes up here in order we’re continuing to amass what appears to be someone’s
proof dump that would be pretty awesome alright let’s keep looking okay guys
roll number 29 look what we got here looks like a
silver another 1966 pretty beat-up condition but you know what it’s still
silver that makes two silvers so far in the box and eight proofs and two NIFC’s turned out to be a pretty good box so let’s keep looking
looks like I spoke too soon guys and that roll at at 66 was another proof dinged-up pretty good it’s a 71 though
and we didn’t have it so we’re continuing on with getting one of every
year roll number 32 right at the end another proof pretty scratched up but
it’s an 89 we’ll take it that’s a year we didn’t have in this box now we’ve got
ten proofs two silvers and two NIFC’s all right let’s keep looking
rolled over 33 and it looks like we’ve got another silver what is it 1965 we’ll
take it that’s now three silvers in the box
roll number 35 yet another proof 1984 we actually have one of these so and this
was in terrible shape but we already had an 84
I’ll take a duplicate that’s proof number 11 all right guys roll number 36
and check it out from another no-doubter silver coin for sure puppy 40% er 1966
that’s our third from 66 plus a 65 roll number 37 guys we got another proof here
and it appears to be another 1984 which makes three of them I’ll take it you
know what it’s starting to eliminate the theory of we’re getting one from every
year maybe a whole collection but definitely someone dumped their proofs
for sure yeah we’re on a roll number 39 and guess what another proof we will
take it 1998 it’s our second in the 90s 95 and a 98 that’s beautiful 13 proofs
unbelievable all right let’s keep looking roll number 43 got
another proof another 1979 all right that’s a second one of those we’ll take
it not as nice as the other one maybe but I’m happy with another proof well 45
guys and the box keeps giving looks like another silver for sure 1968 we’ll take it
silver number five holy cow great box to go along with all these proofs handful
of NIFC’s I’m super stoked let’s let’s finish this hunt hopefully there’s more
silver at the end ok guys we finished hunting this absolutely fun box to hunt
let me go ahead and give you the wrap-up here
we’re in it for three NIFC’s to 2015 in the 2016 we got a whopping 14 proof
coins here’s the year’s 71, a 72 a Bicentennial two 79 an 89 an 81and 82 and 83 and 384 put that back in order a 95 and a 98 and to top it all
off we ended up getting five silver coins 40% are at 65 366 is and a 68 it’s
funny I ran downstairs when I grabbed twenty to discard half dollars thinking
that’s probably too many but my son wears jersey number 22 for hockey so I
grabbed twenty-two for luckiness and we used exactly all 22 of those coins don’t
get me wrong I wish you were to Ward number 44 this year maybe what I had 44
good coins but I’m not complaining this is by far my second-best box ever
five Silver’s 14 proofs definitely got someone’s proof dump here almost made a collection out it matter of fact what the ones I have we’re probably pretty
close to getting a proof set circulated though but still close I’ll take it
that box is done and we’ve still got the other box to go through because there
are so many in this box guys I’m gonna make this a
one box hunt and we’ll post that one if you find stuff in that one as well
hope you enjoyed the video if you did please give it a thumbs up and as always
thanks for watching

48 thoughts on “Hunting Half Dollars – Great Silver and Proof Box!

  1. Great box, fun hunt! 22 total finds!! Loads of proof coins, handful of silvers and even some NIFC's! Can you say collection dump?

  2. Awesome hunt brother. Wait till you see my next video. Was given a gift from the in laws. It’s just a save keeping gift but someone was stealing the old mans coins. So they wanted me to keep what he has left.

  3. Enders are overrated, IMHO. I'd rather have silver inside the roll, where it doesn't catch the wheel of death.

  4. WOW Rob, Unreal. What a box right there. I had an amazing box on Good Friday…. I have not been roll hunting long enough to deserve what I found (1902 Barber) and glad my heart held up. LOL Thanks for sharing. if you have time checkout my video.

  5. Amazing video rob! Please don't use emojis. Ever since the Emoji movie, emojis have been just creepy. Happy hunting btw!

  6. Awesome box Rob!! Hopefully that second box is just as good. Maybe it’s the other half of that collection dump 🤔

  7. Rob, great half roll-excellent on the proofs. I think I've gotten ONE proof so far, lol.
    Don't always have time to comment, as I'm usually watching them on the flat screen, not on the laptop, but here we are!
    Some great coin roll hunting lately!!!!
    ps-come on over and put your guesses in for the BIG GAW we have going right now!!!!!!
    The "other" Rob

  8. Shame the proofs were so nicked up, but that's what happens when they make their way into circulation. Might have been from some proof set breaks.

  9. THAT was a crapload of proofs! and a few nice silvers to boot. I got a box with 22 NIFC's in it, so I threw them on eBay….

  10. So, just a thought. Why do you take so long Hunting the box? The key with it is volume. So i would just go bank to bank get as many half dollars or quarter or whatever and just burn through for silver. When i get my federal tax refund im just gonna go bank to bank and get whatever coins i can to search. I will probably just search them in the back of my truck. Go to another bank and give them to them and mqybe just get a different denomination. Like give the $500 in halfs the get $500 in quaters.

  11. I feel like most coin roll hunters are very emotionally invested in the very act of hunting. Its almost like a ceremony.

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