Hunting Bank Sealed Half Dollars – Silver and Proof!

all right guys got my second half box
from an order this week hoping it’s got something cool they also let me pick up a
box of Dimes and I already to open the top of the box of Dimes and it’s
definitely circulated so that’s good but before I get home and search these I
felt like you know what why don’t we take a look in the car together because
I just want to take a quick peek and see if I have any crazy Enders I’ve never
really had a crazy ender on a half dollar box but always fun to take a peek
together let’s see on this half don’t really see anything how about this half
don’t really see anything either all right
that’s neither here nor there we’ll hunt these when I get home all right everyone we’re back at the
house ready to hunt those halves you saw me open in the car we didn’t see any
great Enders mind you I was in the parking lot so I didn’t get the greatest
of looks but I don’t think there’s anything in here worth talking about as
an ender so we’ll see if something’s in this box today and we’ll share the finds
along the way let’s get to hunting all right guys were a to the box got our
first find it’s another nifc which I’ll take not in bad shape but we’re looking
for silver so let’s keep looking rule number 11 2011 NIFC
with some marking on it that’ll come off easy but that’s to nifc so far roll 13
NIFC number 3 2003 let’s keep looking Roll number 16 and we have another nifc
2003 hopefully it’s not just an nifc box roll 17 another nifc
2002 first year in Iasi other than the 87’s of course let’s keep looking
alright guys roll number 30 got our first pretty decent find of the box here
it’s banged up but it’s a 1980s proof probably could wipe it down with a nice
lint-free cloth maybe rub out some of the surface scratches but to any extent
despite its shape it’s always cool finding a proof we’ll take it and maybe
it’s a sign of something more to come in this last half of the box all right
let’s keep looking it roll number 36 got a 2016 NIFC that makes six NIFC’s and
a 1980 proof same roll few coins later another nifc 2009 that makes seven since
I got you here just in case is one more and there’s not
okay guys I’m super excited right now I just pulled this roll out of here it’s
roll number 37 and I always been checking the other ends because he got
two and look at this in 1967 silver and her 40% now I’m getting excited maybe
there’s more in this roll maybe there’s more in this box so let me
get this open and we’ll see if he comes with friends all right guys doesn’t
appear to have any friends with him but got our first silver front of the box
1967 40% er we’ll take it put it up next to that proof we’ll keep looking
maybe we’ll get lucky and find some more well number 37 another mark nifc 2005
we’ll take it put it up there clean that later and let’s finish up this box well
there you have the new 150 roll searched 50 rolls re wrapped and ready to go back
to the bank not an epic box by any means but we did get 9 NIFC’s a 1980 proof
in bad shape and a ’67 40 percent silver like I said it wasn’t the greatest box
but it was still a fun hunt I didn’t score silver I did get a proof
and I seem to always get a handful or more of the NIFC’s but I’ll take it at
the end of the day I hope you enjoyed the hunt with me if you did please give
the video a thumbs up and as always everyone thanks for watching

22 thoughts on “Hunting Bank Sealed Half Dollars – Silver and Proof!

  1. idk how i found these videos but what are the terms you use im quite interested but have no idea whats going on

  2. dude you are rising so fast in subs, don't forget us little guys, good video as always, still working on banks trying to get one to order me halves.

  3. I've only found one confirmed proof, a penny. I found what I suspect is a dirty Canadian young head cent proof.

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