Hubbell Trading Post Navajo Nation Ganado Arizona

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Trading Post located in Ganado Arizona which is near the Four Corners Utah Colorado Arizona New Mexico the
Hubble Trading Post is the oldest continuously operating trading post on
the Navajo Nation it is a center of culture tradition and artistry steeped
in history of the west today it is still a living thriving an active Trading
Post locals can come in and get the supplies that they need they can trade
their crafts visitors are welcome to shop and admire the beautiful
craftsmanship see the collection of artifacts and tour the historical
setting of the entire Hubbell Trading Post and farm area Navajo crafts for sale John Hubbell started his Trading Post around
1876 and moved his family to the Hubbell Trading Post in Ganado Arizona you can see they still have the original
buildings that Hubbell home and the outbuilding including the barn the
bunkhouse the chicken coop and beautiful array of old farm equipment if you’re
ever heading this way in north eastern Arizona check out the Hubbell Trading Post
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