How to use a pocket magnet to test gold

so you wanna know if it’s gold or not pretty simple stuff you can buy acid
testers test kits electronics everything you can
imagine that spend a lot of money or you can do what I did I use a magnet these items were purchased in jewelry
stores I own they thought they were godl I asked him
the question did you test it with the magnet? answer
was no these are lil earth magnets we have a
set of 4 you can see that it will pick up metal it will find it as you can see here it’s
moving this now even though it’s partially goal the
thing is is you don’t wanna buy things that are
partially gold this one actually is gold in gold
coins or silver coins see these great arent they that doesn’t happen was silver coins they almost bought $500 of these too so
anyway if you want the most powerful magnet you
can see them here and you can get them at and free shipping as always

9 thoughts on “How to use a pocket magnet to test gold

  1. Could an electromagnet attract gold jewelry, not pure but around 12/14
    karat i think? I'm asking as a gold ring has been lost beneath some
    garden decking and I'm hoping that i could get it out with a battery
    powered magnet without having to rip up the decking, thanks.

  2. Isnt silver dimagnetic? Or bimagnetic? a magnet on a sloping silver dollar will have a slight sliding grip as the magnet falls. videos here on youtube demonstrate. Fake coins will either be totally magnetic, or the magnet will drop like it's on glass without any grip at all.

  3. Hi van you answer my questions. I do have 18k gold necklace i try to use magnetic it little bit magnetic but i tried to appraise it they said it is original

  4. Good kind sir it's we not they come on now train your workers better man a simple thing like a magnet test should be something they should know from the beginning you're the boss you're going to pay for the broken plates

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