How to trade gold and silver: Trading Strategies That Really Work.

hi this is Scott Shubert over the last
couple of years a lot of people have been asking me how to trade gold and
other precious metals and when is a good time to buy gold and some of the members
of our trading community have discovered what I’ve demonstrated to them that the
method for trading gold or silver or other commodities and other financial
instruments is to do it exactly the same way that we trade Forex currency pairs
because the method that we have is based on what works in financial markets so
it’s it’s a strategy that tells you when to get into trades for virtually any
financial instrument and on any timeframe whether you’re looking at the
longest timeframe for long-term investment strategy when do you want to
buy something for a long term buy and hold strategy or when do you want to get
in and out of very short-term trades the strategy that we use is exactly the same
for all different financial instruments and on all time frames well a lot of
people are talking about buying gold and silver and and I have some really
fascinating information that I’d like to share with you about how to trade gold
and silver or buy gold and silver whether you live in the US and whether
you’re subject to any kind of lack of available margin for trading these
instruments or whether you live outside of the US and whether you’re buying
physical gold and silver or whether you’re trading gold against the US
dollar through a Forex broker interestingly John Butler of financial
sense which is one of my favorite economic news sources recently put out
an article about how regulators in the US are working to classify gold as a
zero risk asset and there’s some really fascinating contradictory information of
about whether goal is a zero risking asset of course if you look at a chart a
risk asset would not be able to go up and down on the
shard it would only be able to go up and we have reason to believe that gold may
reach an all-time long-term high and a long-term turning point and that people
who have gold are looking to liquidate it and that the people who are excited
about buying gold could be buying at the top in the near future now if you
understand how to look at charts you see that there is a correlation between gold
and stock market and other Forex currency pairs there is a similarity of
pattern that we’re able to observe and there is certainly a correlation between
gold and silver also now this is a weekly chart of silver and those of you
who are familiar with how to trade financial markets recognize that this is
a correction in an uptrend and how to identify the sections of a correction
and where to get in to a trade is also something that you may be able to see on
this chart this most recent move up and the subsequent move down to a hundred
percent of that move up could be either an A and B in this big pattern or a 1
and 2 of the continuation of the uptrend we don’t need to know at this point but
when you take it down to the daily time frame you can see that silver has turned
at a hundred percent of this very classic shaped uptrend that happened
here on the daily and that it is also turning and a previous low so this is
the third time that it has hit this low and has made a very significant turn now
if you examine the last section of that movement down on the daily now if you
look at the shape of this pattern going down relative to the most recent move up
notice the shape of the move up is a classic uptrend shape and the shape of
the move down also has spread out in time into a kind of a five wave section
leading to the hundred percent turning point area then if you look at the last
section of that and examine it magnify it
and then go down to the for our you can see that there is another classic five
wave trend shape leading down to the hundred percent level and a very
significant turning point signal across a whole range of timeframes and there
has been a very significant turning point on silver at this time today is
July 2nd 2012 and this has been happening since toward the end of last
week and if you understand our trading method you know that we don’t have to
know at this time whether this is going to continue the uptrend on the daily or
the weekly because we know how to observe what’s in the process of
happening and react to it as it’s happening but the next step is if we go
down to the 1-hour we see another classic uptrend shape and a correction
to an uptrend examine it even closer on the 30 minute and what’s about to happen
could be the most low-risk ideal point to enter a trade right here on the 30
minute timeframe could be happening today or within the next 24 hours now my
expertise is how to read charts and how to identify when to get into a trade on
a financial instrument when to get out of a trade but there are some really
really interesting experts in the industry that have some information that
I’d like to share with you that is extremely fascinating to me I’ve been
following it for quite a while and if you click on the link below this video
you’ll see another video by one of the mentors that I’ve been following on
what’s considered to be one of the greatest transfers of wealth in history
that’s in the process of happening right now and how to be on the right side of
that transfer and how to participate in some of the best wealth creation methods
even if you don’t have money to invest right now so click on the link below
this and watch that video if you want to know more about that aspect of how to be
in the right position for creating wealth in this year meanwhile you’ll
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for our free videos because I’m about to release a whole series of free videos
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doing in in our trading group every day and also if you scroll down below the
signup form here you can currently get access to this enroll button or you can
get access to our live trading sessions for 12 months included free with our
training course so check and see if that button is still there and in the
meantime have another excellent trading day and what I consider to be the finest
and most excellent business in the world

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  1. for me gold is better. I've been using the method taught by gold trading academy and so far I'm really happy with the results.

  2. wow you really called the market as it went bullish right after the buy signal you point out in July 2012! One question.. why did it take you 7 months (from July 12- Feb '13, after the bull market had happened) to publish the video? Some people might suggest it makes you look like a complete fake?

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