100 thoughts on “How To Trade Earnings Like A Pro!

  1. Dear Oliver
    I watched your video series published last year and was very impressed. You clearly know your stuff and deserve the success you are enjoying. However, for the life of me I do not underestand why you published videos of sporadic days and not consequative days, say 2 weeks in a row?! could you explain why?

  2. Thank you for the clear explanation for the decline and surge in price after positive and negative earning reports! It makes a lot of sense now!!!! Great vlog on price movements!!!

  3. I am so thankful for finally find someone like you who is willing to light the path for the blinds in the trading world.
    I have lost everything, but because of your tutoring i am going to give another try by following your concepts.

  4. Mr. Velez, question, how do you swing trade on a stock that is dancing so close to the 20-MA? Please take a look at BUD ticker on a daily chart setup so you know what I am talking about. Thank you so much.

  5. Just found your channel and are listening to stuff everyday. Had a rough start when going from swing trades to daytrading. Lost most of my fundings in 2 weeks because of the different way of executing and so on… Any videos on how to build UP my account again? Great video and so good information explained loud and clear. Loved it:) Do you answer comments and questions here or do we contact you in a different way if we have questions?

  6. The light bulb came on starting at exactly 7:27 "Novices want to buy the good news…professionals are looking to sell the good news." Though I new that but it really sunk in after that…love it. Thanks Oliver!!!!

  7. Fantastic video brother. You made me look at this an entirely different way. Question however. Do you utilize the RSI on the weekly when the price has been trending up above the 20?

  8. How did you figure out that the market moves 6 – 8 months in anticipation, because it's so accurate, i'm just intrigued

  9. Very insightful. I was in place to trade earnings today and was baffled at the market response to 2 stocks. Now that I see your explanation, I am wiser for it.

  10. WOW, you are my go to man! Thank you and love the way you speak clearly and slowly. You have taught me so much in so little time! I cant thank you enough!

  11. In my opinion. This is one of the best videos I've seen that explain the market. I'm a novice and you said things that will make me trade differently and I understand how it moves a little better. I look forward to seeing more videos. Thanks

  12. You are amazing. I’ve learned so so so so much with your videos on trading. HEY GOD, BLESS YOU GOD. I’m speechless and dumfound at how I feel after watching your videos. I’m always taking note and you are right. I apply some of your analytical ideas and it works with like 80% of the companies I work with. Your amazing. Thank you.

  13. Really like your channel and how you explain your perspective, it’s obviously “the real deal” you can’t make this stuff up without personally experiencing an ton of exposure in the trading trenches.

  14. Good evening, in the same way the news in the Forex market and the advance, either on interest rates, sales or change in jobs … is possible or in this market is different, thank you.

  15. Thank you for the theory I am going to shorten it to a Fremont window however but I appreciate the video thank you very much


  17. Se dejó de ver la traducción para los hispanos que lo dominamos el idioma,cuando más interesante estaba el video.

  18. Great video. Very good and clear explanation for us newbies. You said the 20 SMA but when i pull up my chart and input 20 it looks different. However, when i input 10 SMA its the exact same, was that a mistake and did you you actually mean the 10 SMA?

  19. You are the most gifted teacher on youtube!!!! AND you are are Spanish!! Wish my mother was here, that's all I can say!!! Thank you!!!

  20. Yessss! That happened las year on December. AAPL started go up from bottom, suddenly bad news which brought it down again for one day, then wuuuppp, it could never be caught.

  21. Thanks Oliver…… I woud like to know how do I use this information that you give us on my day trading to take advance and I want to know if there is mone information on web or book about this topic in spanish or englis please…

  22. Thanks Oliver I'm a subscriber told some of my friends that are traders as well…we love your videos they're AWESOME!!! OH YEAH I REALLY ENJOY YOUR RADIO VOICE. 🤗🥰

  23. Wow! Oliver you just gave me a whole bunch of revelation in this video that will help a newbie trader like me on this trading journey. I love the simplicity and the clarity of your explanation of when to enter and when to exit. Thank you for such a valuable insight into trading. I am a subscriber now!

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