4 thoughts on “HOW TO TRADE BTC – DAY #6⚡ Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis: How To Buy Bitcoin Sell Cryptocurrency

  1. BK, You're a G D Artist!

    Serious bro, I have learned so much watching you chart, it's exciting and interesting as hell. You've got me freestylin on fibonaccies all over the cryptoverse. What's REALLY Cool is when I start charting and drawing those trend lines and a few weeks down the road I see the coins follow the trend lines and levels I charted way back when. I am just like DANG!

    Like you said in the previous video, who gives a flying flip if someone can explain to you what already happened, LMAO. What separates the men from the boys is the ones who can tell you what is GOING to happen.

    Thanks for clearing up what seemed like crazy hoodoo voodoo witchcraft in the past, LOL

    You definitely THE BOSS!

  2. Hey BK, can you take a look at Cloak Coin? It's one of the privacy coins and in this market with the CHINA FUD should do well. It looks like it's beginning what should be a serious breakout.

    The 7, 21, and 77 MA's just coalesced on Sept 6th, the 7 just broke above the 231 MA and it just broke a level that acted as a ceiling 3 times on the first wave and a floor of support 4 times on the breakdown. It also just broke out of the 236 level into the 382 money level.

    I posted a chart on Trading View, under CryptoJihadi. Admittedly not my best work, it's a little more complicated less established chart. Up trend channels were a little hard to figure out.

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