51 thoughts on “How to Tell Sterling Silver from Plated

  1. howcast got outsourced to india, just like most american businesses :P, that way dont give rich tax cuts, they will outsource all the jobs created to india 🙂

  2. Am i the only one that thinks those Jewelry pieces are actually hair beads and accessories spray-painted silver?

  3. yes, i make fun of howcast videos and "thumbs up" the funny, hater comments…..but secretly, i use a lot of their tips. XD i think everyone does too…

  4. wow. You will need: Professional jeweler or metal exchange dealer…

    Next we will see: How to fix broken pipe. You will need: Professional plumber!

  5. don,t get plated, dont get sterling, buy physical fine silver .9999. Silver is the only way to during though economical periods, also good when fiat money fails, it always had in history, who knows when that is coming, good insurance policy when it does happen.

  6. @LeClassics how is that racist ? ;p
    First off, I'm far from racist ! Second, I didn't make a racist comment at all . All I said was that he's not good looking . Thank you very much (:

  7. You will need:
    A hand

    Step 1. Stretch your arms to avoid pulling a muscle
    2. Raise your arm with the hammer on hand (preferable above the head)
    3. SMASH!

  8. well duh i know i can ask an expert but why do u think im lookin @ videos if i was gonna ask an expert

  9. You need
    1. A voice
    2.Someone who knows what they're doing.
    Then complete the following
    1.Ask them

    This works for shopping too :D.

  10. Duh, anybody can buy a stupid stamp and stamp base metal .925 or sterling. The only way to identify real silver for sure is to test it using the usual acid methods.

  11. lol. how helpful. they could make an entire series of videos!!: how to write a contract (you'll need a lawyer), how to fix your car (you'll need a mechanic), how to diagnose an illness (you'll need a doctor). Brilliant!

  12. I'm a silver collector. You have to watch out even if it is stamped "sterling" "Italy" or "925" it could be totally fake. I've purchased so many fake sterling silver jewelry from Ebay that I had to return. Actually you need a jeweler's magnifying glass to see the item surface closely or scratch it to see the mark on the surface or you can feel it very soft or malleable if it is real sterling silver.

  13. I have bought a "silver" piece with stamp on it. 925 stamp ofc. Looked cool, until it started going green and black. Checked it out with tester, not silver. So, looking for a stamp with so many scam artists is NOT RELIABLE 🙂

  14. Buy a silver test kit. Cheap on eBay. If the acid turns blue or green its fake. If it turns brownish red its silver. 18k acid also works. The acid will turn the metal a milky whitish blue if its silver and if not it will just eat it up.

  15. The best way to tell if it is fake sterling silver is by squeezing the piece. If it bends and stays bent, that is a very good indication that it is real. If you bend it and it bends back to the shape it was, then it is most likely fake.

  16. I thought this guy from India was going to burn a strand of hair with silver to show me how to test at home. not get all high-tech on me

  17. It was helpful to watch this. However, I would have preferred to NOT have background music that was repetitive and to me, annoying.

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