How to scrap an old telephone for GOLD, silver, copper and logic boards

Hello Youtubers in today´s video I would
like to show you how to scrap an old telephone for GOLD, silver, copper and logic boards
The telephone was part of a larger set and from the reasons of time management I decided
to divide it into 3 major parts. Telephone, connector and cables. So if you want see the rest 2 videos, links
will be here soon. The telephone of course consists of 3 parts. The earpiece. The base of the phone. And cables. But those will be scraped separately. The base of the phone is surprisingly mostly
from plastics. There are a few screws that need to be unscrewed
first. Here is it, our first look inside the phone. My first impressions is low grade board, but
let´s see closer. This thing could be a Mylar with some silver
on it. This low grade board does not seem much but
there could be gold in those connectors probably silver in the switches and again gold in IC
chips. This looks like some speaker. I save my cables for my cable stripper project. Now just let´s see if that Mylar cable leads
to something bigger. The mylar is polyethylene terephthalate and
in electronics it contains silver. Of course you need lots of them to recover
silver, but why not to keep it for later. The earpiece contains mike and speaker, of
course, but also some metal – iron, sometimes if you are lucky lead, to make it heavier. This unfortunately is iron. I will use mike and speaker in some of my
future projects. The connector at the end of the cable will
contain again some gold. If you were interested in scrapping those
there is some copper around. A hunt for switches, IC chips and connectors
begins. Recovering gold from connectors is easy. I am saving my IC chips for my serial about
recovering gold from them, so If you want to see part 1, watch video in the link or
description. In some of old switches those contacts were
silver. It should be dirty and soft and if you scratch
it there should be shinny silver metal underneath it. And of course it should react with a nitric
acid. OK, I think we are approaching to an end. So, thank you very much for watching you were
awesome, watch my other videos, leave a comment, what you want me to do next time. Again thanks a lot and have a nice day.

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