34 thoughts on “How to Make Trading Stocks Easier (Proven Strategy that Works)

  1. I have no problem using stop loses. My problem is not being able to hold my winning position until it hit the target goal. I have all these things in my head telling me don't let the stock take all these profits from you. and it hurts more when the stock goes though my target and keeps going and I would've made so much money. and this what hurts my account since I'm not making a true 3-1 trades.

  2. trading options is better, as you not always has to be right with direction, and even with opposite direction you can keep full premium. Works perfect for me

  3. Not taking profits of $96 in a trade took me to be $144 red. Stubborness and hope took that loss finally to -$800. Lesson learned.

  4. Wow….500 shares at 74.65ish = 37,325.00 dollars…..and managed to save 1349.00 dollars ? I'm at a lost with this stop and/or save calculation except for the stop at the investment level of 74.65 makes prudent sense if not, it should be a law !

  5. you bought bynd at 12/5 at 75.43 and sold it 74.65 at a loss….the next day 12/6, it went back up to 75.43 and above to the highest at 76.30 at one point. your strategy is broken.

  6. I get to greedy over and over again Iโ€™m going to do this from now on, Once I hit my daily goal I sell half my shares and and set my stop loss high so I still am in the green

  7. Clay this video was absolutely amazing. I know that this is going to help my out tremendously. I love the "Start Save" analogy. I think even the trading psychology legend Mark Douglas would of agreed in what you are saying in this video. Thank you for taking the time to put these type of videos out.

  8. They need to implement a way place a stop on options when the underlying asset hits it's stop price and then your option sells at market.

  9. depends on the situation——-for example–i bought NVDA options and i was at a loss-with BUYING options i only throw at most 100$ in–i was at a loss of like 80$—i sold just to cut my losses and got back 10 of that 100$–next day–stock drops 10%–if i'd a held–would of been 3000$ gain—with small trades like that–dont cut losses-never surrender or give up–cause you never know——-however–then there was the time where i am doin credit spreads–i sell way way OTM and pray to god it dont go near there(i find 80% consistency with this stragety)—one day i had the attitude of no–its gonna go down–no surrender—i lost 4000$ which wiped my ass out—————-to an extent–depends on the situation-taking a small loss is good-other times no–depends on your trading situation individually

  10. Buying power. Once I got into the mind set that losses mean less money to buy for the following trade and less profit if that trade is a winner, the losses magnify the pain.

    Helped me.

  11. Hi Clay, loving the channel, please could you do a live trading video with an eye tracker I think that would be really informative and interesting seeing how a good trader reads the information he's given as efficiently as possible

  12. I usually cut lose quickly but I have problem taking profits, when I got 50$ I think it can get to 100$, when Iโ€™m up 100 I want 200$, until all the green go to to break even or red. Itโ€™s really hard to balance the let winner run rule.

  13. Hey Clay, how are you? I havent found any way to contact you or your team through your website, can I have clay trader's email? thanks.

  14. I think your main problem is is that you are negative so when you hear or use certain words you personally put a negative connotation on it my first thoughts on most of the words that you said we're positive, you fail an AIDS test for instance, little you have a little amount of cancer, you have a very little chance of failing your next stock purchase for instance,, you know there's so many positive aspirations and thoughts in the world to only consider negativity on something is 50% of the thinking there's an equal 50% that can go in any other direction so you do have to understand it that was just your personal take on it, I personally lost my worldly belongings in my career in the northern California fires and instead of considering the tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise a material items that I do not have any more I considered how God now guides me into positivity and looking at the positive outcomes of that instead of considering how I lost my career of 25 years of self-employment I now consider the positivity of learning how to do new jobs and new careers like learning how to do day trading for instance or working in construction or starting my own automatic artificial intelligence design stores that are run by artificial intelligence there's so many different positive things that I can do now because I am not burdened with the loss of all those material things and the career that I had, I hope you consider that change your life into a more positive direction because what you think is positive might in fact be negatives and what you think is negative might in fact be positive happy holidays

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