How To Make Hammered Silver Beaded Drop Earrings: Jewelry Making Tutorial

[Music] To make the earrings, you’ll need faceted crystal rondelles. We have two that are six by eight millimeters in amber. And the rest of these are four by six millimeters. We have two in amber, two in a smoky brown, four in teal, and four in olive. Then we have eight bead spacers in silver. These are one point five by five millimeters. We have two earring wires, also in silver. And twenty gauge beading wire. Also in silver. For tools we have round-nose pliers and wire cutters. We also have a hammer and a jeweler’s block. Before we get started, I want to show you one of the earrings so that you can see what we’re making. We basically are making this dangle earring by cutting two pieces of wire. We’re going to make a simple loop in the top of each piece of wire, slide on our beads and our spacers, and then we’re going to hammer the other end of the wire into a little paddle and that’ll keep the beads on and also add a little decorative element to the earring. I’m going to show you how to make the other earring right now. The first thing you want to do is cut a piece of wire two and a quarter inches long. And then we’re going to make a simple loop in one end of the wire. And to do that I’m going to grasp at the end of the wire with my round-nose pliers and I’m gonna just rotate, just like that. And keep rotating till I get a loop like that. Basically you want the loop to match up with the main piece of wire. Then I may stick my pliers back in the loop and just bend it back and that’ll straighten the loop so that it sits nicely on the top of that piece of wire, like a little head, sort of. Then what I want to do is slide the beads on. And what we’re doing is we’re gonna make the first earring or the the longer piece first. So to do that I’m going to slide the beads on in this order. I’m gonna start with my small teal bead, like that, then add a spacer. And the spacers just going to add a little bit of shine. Then we’re gonna add an olive bead, the large amber bead, another spacer, and then one of the smoky brown beads, like that. So there are all our beads on our piece of wire. And now what we want to do is hammer the end of our wire to give it that little bit of a paddle shape. So I’ve just got a jewelers block here and a jeweler’s hammer. And you can get this at the craft store. And I want a hammer about a quarter inch to about a half inch of the end of the piece of wire. I’m gonna do that just by striking the wire with my flat end of my hammer, kind of striking it out, like this. Then I’m going to flip it over to do the other side because it’s getting a little bit of a bend in it. And now I want to give it a little bit of a textured look and flatten it a little bit more by using the rounded end. If you feel like your wire isn’t flattening out enough, you can hit it harder with the flat end of your hammer. And now when you turn your beads back around on the wire, you’ll see that this keeps, that paddle shape keeps, the beads on and adds that little bit of interest at the bottom. And now we’re going to make the shorter dangle. To do that we want to cut a piece of wire an inch and 3/4 long. And we’re going to do the same thing we did on the other side which is make a simple loop in one end. And you want to make it at about the same place on the pliers that you made the other one. You can always mark your pliers, so that you’re grabbing it at the same spot. That’ll make the loop the same size. I’m just rotating my pliers to make that loop, like that. And then I want to bend the loop up, so that it sits kind of like a little head on top of my wire. And you can see I when I pull it back, I created a little bit of a gap. If you can see that. So I’m just gonna make the loop again a little bit to close that little gap. And now I’m gonna slide on my beads and for the smaller dangle we’re going to do it in this order. We’re going to do a small amber bead, then we’re going to do a spacer, and an olive bead. (Whoops.) Followed by another spacer and a teal bead, like that. And now we’re going to hammer the end just like we did on the other side into our little paddle shape. Again we’re going to do about a quarter to a half of an inch. And I’m going to just strike it with the flat side first and I’m texturizing it with the rounded side. And now when I slide my beads down, you’ll see that they stay on, which is just so cool and looks so artsy! Love it! And now we want to assemble our earrings by sliding them on to our earring wire. And to do that we want to start by putting the smaller dangle on first, so that it sits in the front of the earring. So I’m sliding that on my earring wire. And now I’m going to slide the loop from the large dangle onto my earring wire, like that. And you’ll see how that sits behind the smaller one. And then I’m just going to use my round-nose pliers to press the loop closed. And there’s the match to our beaded dangle earrings. I just love that hammered silver. [Music]

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  1. Love ❤️ the look of these earrings. Can’t wait to make some. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🎄❄️⛄️🎅🏻❄️

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