How to Make Curry Ginger Carrot Soup

hey there Amanda here today i want to show you one of my all-time favorite soup that’s occurring ginger-carrot soup even I live in LA even when the weather turns a little bit cooler all i want to do is eat soup and this one is one of my favorite so my old coworker is actually one who showed me this technique for soup you basically combine all the vegetables in the soup and just cook them down and so they basically disintegrate and then you blend them together and makes the most creamy delicious pecan everything up and plus the combination of Korean ginger it goes perfectly accurate let me show you how to do it ok so I’ve got my big soup pot here I’ve got a large Dutch oven but you had its irregular heavy-bottomed pot that would work too I’m gonna add in a couple tablespoons of olive oil toughest over medium p okay next up I’ve got one onion the cutting of the vegetables don’t need to be perfect because it’s going into a soup so we don’t have to be perfect I star perfect slice and that’s the beauty of soup skippable end it all together that got two pounds of carrots that i Finley slice the spinner you slice them the faster the carrots if they’re going to cook so slice them as simply as possible but safely as possible to end cuz that 2 pounds carrots and then I’ve got about one pound of potatoes and i’m using a Yukon Gold potatoes because of those creamy potatoes I like having a potato to suit like a carrot soup because add some depth and hardness to it you could also apple or just a regular rest potato but i like you can hold and to this we’re gonna do a big pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper I’m going to cook this over medium-low heat for about half an hour and now that seems like a long time if you really want those vegetables just basically to integrate we’re going to add in some vegetable stock or chicken stock afterwards that’s going to make this thing really delicious creamy sweet so while vegetable soup cut down let’s make some crispy chickpeas we can top the carrot soup with that one 15-ounce can of 16 you could also use dried chickpeas just make sure that you soak them overnight I’m gonna add in 1 tablespoon of olive oil roughly an ad in one piece feeling of smoked paprika i love using smoked paprika because it gives a little bit of a spice that has that smoky flavor that i love and then half a teaspoon of cumin and a big pinch of salt pepper and then give it a stir so today I’m using you check these are the popular for my soup if you give it some texture if you could also just makes the chickpeas and have a healthy snack and I promised her seriously addictive you don’t want smoked paprika and cumin on top of this you could do curry powder or any other kind of spice that you want you can also just the regular salt pepper so that a sheet tray lined with parchment paper and just gonna put it right on there put the keys in an even layer and then we’re going to put in a 400-degree oven for about 20 minutes but halfway through we want to give it a shape and the chickpeas don’t fix the bottom jaw and they look delicious limitations are so good no baked not fried but it’s so crispy and love this a problem would make extra 24 snacks but i love that something on top of the soup so my carrot potato and onion mixture has been cooking for about a half an hour and the vegetables are basically falling apart they’re just disintegrating up message was added flavors I’ve got two teaspoons of curry powder I’m ever gonna one-inch piece of ginger I wanted to show you how it usually prepared to enter you can just peel it with a regular peeler or the back of the student also works i’m gonna take about an inch piece give or take it’s not about a one-inch piece of ginger but I remove the skins on i’m going to roughly chop that and throw it into the top and the beauty of soups is that everything coming kind of a rough shop because we’re going to blend it later you can’t find fresh ginger roots ground ginger would also work well for it to and then we’re going to pour into cups of chicken broth I’m gonna let this cook for about five to ten minutes and then we’re going to blend the soup ok my carrot soup has been cooking away and now we’re ready to blend it doesn’t put in a blender because amazing that curry is just the best mel okay since it’s getting a little thick i’m gonna add in some chicken broth you want to make with all vegetarian you could obviously use vegetable stock or just water would work too so my soup is perfectly blended I like my sleep a little on the thicker side you want to do with a little thinner you can add more chicken stock vegetable stock or water and it smells amazing it’s a gorgeous orange color so healthy comforting on the top of it i’m gonna add a big dollop of creme fraiche you could also use sour cream and I’ve got my deliciously roasted chickpeas them to talk on top let’s add some tribes for garnish and this is like the perfect healthy dish for dinner you can add some cold chicken if you want to you want to add a little person but this is going to all I need that and like a good TV night maybe glass the line that’s perfect let me give it takes and so good everything I wanted soup it’s spicy and Hardy and warm and just makes me feel healthier eating it I love the texture that’s a tricky friend just a little hard enough contemptuous trip thanks so much for watching if you liked this recipe video make sure to give it a thumbs up below also subscribe to every week up a new recipe video

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