How to lodge a complaint with NSW Fair Trading

As consumers, we all make purchases or enter into agreements such as renting a property. And most of the time we are happy. But what can you do
when things go wrong? When you feel you haven’t got
what you paid for? NSW Fair Trading can help
resolve disputes between businesses and consumers. Sometimes they can help you directly by talking to the business owner or trader. But first, you should try to
resolve the problem yourself. Contact the business owner or trader and explain the problem. For rental issues, contact
the agent or landlord. Ask for a solution and listen
to what they have to say. If you have tried but can’t
agree on a solution you can make an enquiry or lodge
a complaint with Fair Trading. To do this, go to the Fair Trading website. On the home page click on
Make a complaint. To make an enquiry –
use the Online tools menu. Select the type of enquiry you wish to make. For example, a general enquiry
about products and services, or a renting enquiry about your tenancy. Then follow the prompts. To lodge a complaint online,
visit the home page and click on Make a complaint. Then select the category that
best describes your problem. You can enter your details and lodge the form online by following the prompts. If you do not wish to make
your complaint online you can do it in writing. You can download a complaint form
from our website. For example, for problems with
buying products and services you can download a PDF
of the General complaint form. For tenancy or renting issues use the Real Estate and Tenancy
complaint form. Print the form and fill it in with
your details and information. It’s a good idea to include copies
(photocopy) of relevant documents like receipts, emails, or bank statements to support your story. Make sure you keep a copy for yourself. Then post it to your nearest
Fair Trading centre. The details are found on the website. What happens after you submit your complaint? The Fair Trading team will read
the details of your dispute to see if consumer law
has been broken. Then, they will discuss the issue
with you and the other party. Then try to negotiate a resolution
within 30 days. Complex issues could take longer. What happens if Fair Trading
cannot resolve the dispute? They will provide options. This could include a court or tribunal. If you need more information go to the Fair Trading website or call 13 32 20. For an Interpreter Service
in your preferred language call 13 14 50.

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