How to Get the Most From Investing In Silver With Chards

Hi, I’m Lizzie. Our customers often ask us about buying silver. What they should buy and how to make the most of their investment. In order to get more silver for your money Call us or visit our website to find out more about our best deals and lowest premiums. Remember buy larger amounts, pay lower premiums and you will pay the lowest prices. New silver bars and coins attract VAT in the UK and Europe. You can reduce this by buying second hand silver. You will only pay VAT on the small margins that we charge. Here are some of the options: Silver bars – the larger bars such as 1 kilogram and above, have lower premiums Secondary market coins, we don’t have many of these but here are some examples: Thalers, Onzas and occasionally Dollars. We also have medallions. This is a great opportunity for customers to buy large amounts of silver and only pay a low premium. We sell these in sets and loose, and you may get the numismatic interest in collectability thrown in for free. We also have 10 kilogram bags of scrap silver coins. There’s no numismatic value left in these but there is the intrinsic value and you will have 5 kilograms of silver in each bag. Now, if you prefer new coins, you will pay VAT. Perhaps you should look at coins which are exempt from Capital Gains Tax. These will be sterling coins such as the Britannias. I always suggest to customers that they should look at the 1oz Our Choice coins. Take advantage of the price breaks and you will pay the lowest premiums and of course, the lowest prices.. To find out more about investing and buying and selling silver why not visit our website and download our free guide to Investing in Precious Metals. Or get in touch with us by email, phone or visit us in our showroom we’d love to see you. Join our newsletter to find out about our latest deals and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Please leave a comment on our YouTube channel and any suggestions for any future videos that you may have. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you

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