How To Get A Perfectly Clean Chain + Drivetrain | Mountain Bike Maintenance

(upbeat music) – Keeping your drivetrain
clean is essential to prolong the life of
it, not only that though, it will make sure that you will get crisp shifting every single time. The first thing that
you’ve probably spotted is, the fact, that my bike is filthy. So, before we get into this mechanical, I’m gonna take it outside
and give it a good wash. (upbeat music) So, you can see now that the bike is actually a lot cleaner. I’ve gone over the drivetrain
just with some bike cleaner, however, it’s not quite cleaned up 100%. So, what I am going to
use now is a little bit of drivetrain cleaner
and some smaller brushes. Really, to work in that
formula into the cassette, the chain, into the jockey wheels. If you are using a spray lube right here, just be very careful where you spray that. You don’t want to get
it onto the disc brakes. You would worry about contaminating it and your brakes just won’t be as
strong as they’re meant to be. Okay, so the main areas,
I am just really focusing on getting these smaller
detailed brushes in. Is like the cassette,
getting right in there and making sure all the dirt
and the grime is right out. And, then the chain. And, the easiest way I found to do this, is to take your brush and just back pedal. You’ll probably have to add
more cleaner on, as you go. And, then just keep working
it in until the chain starts to look a lot cleaner. Switch it around so you
are getting the sides, back side and then onto the top. Then you can get onto the chain ring. Scrubbing away. You’d be surprise all these little teeth, just really catching
the dirt and the grime. Can really build up and if you’re running one of these narrow, wide chain rings, you’ll actually find
that that dirt build-up just won’t allow the
chain to sit and it could actually jump off. Make sure you give it a really good clean. Again, if you’re using a
strong degreaser that’s not bike specific, just
be careful where you’re puttin’ that, you don’t
want to get it into the bottom bracket or into
the hub, the free hub, etcetera, ’cause it’s
gonna wear away where the grease is actually meant to be. Okay, so I think we are just about done. One last place. And that’s the jockey wheels. Just give them a bit of a clean up. We’re lookin’ not too bad. Okay, with all cleaned
up, it’s really important actually to rinse that degreaser off. Make sure none of it gets
stuck in there, otherwise, when it comes to lubing it back up, well, the chain oil is not actually
going to stick on to it. Just be really thorough. And, just ensure, at this
point, you could be checking to make sure that it is cleaned up well. And even though I’ve
got that dirt and grime still stuck in there. I’ve got say, it’s lookin’ pretty good. Well, I think I’m pretty happy with that. It’s time to take it
back up into the workshop and get on to the next stage. Okay, so just by looking
at that drivetrain I can see that it’s pretty immaculate. I am impressed with my
own cleaning skills, I’ve got to say. We’re just going to take
this dry rag to it now, clean up the jockey wheels,
the chain, the chain ring, and dab down the cassette
to make sure there is no excess degreaser. And the lube, when it
comes to relubing is gonna stick to the chain and
do what it’s meant to do. (upbeat music) Okay, so the drivetrain is all cleaned up. If your chain was
particularly black, you might have to do this whole
process all over again to get it spotless, looking,
kind of similar to this. Or you could alternatively use one of those chain baths. Where you actually clip
it onto the chain itself, you fill it with degreaser and it runs it back and forth. This is quite a messy
job but it is definitely the most effective way
if your chain is filthy. Now, it’s time to get onto
lubing it back up, tho. Okay, so I’ve got a wet
lube and a dry lube. Now, these vary depending
on your conditions. It’s winter right here
where we are, so I’m gonna use some wet lube. If it’s dryer conditions,
then you definitely want to go for that dry lube. I don’t want to get too
much into the details. But that dry lube just
won’t pick up dust and dirt so it can contaminate the whole chain. Where if you are using
wet lube in those dryer conditions, we actually find
it’s gonna create, eventually a black, grimy paste just
because it picks up the dirt. It sits in the chain a little bit more to give it extra protection. So, just think about
what lube you’re using depending on your conditions. I am going to apply some
of this wet lube now, and I’ve got three places
I like to apply it to. Apply it onto the chain,
of course, then onto all these pivot’s and the rear
mech and then just onto the bearing’s of the jockey wheels. Just to keep everything running smooth. So, finally I’m just gonna get rid of that excess lube. Cleaning off the chain,
jockey wheels and also, around the rear mech. And, that is it. Job done and, I’m ready to get
back out and hit the trails. If you want to watch some
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100 thoughts on “How To Get A Perfectly Clean Chain + Drivetrain | Mountain Bike Maintenance

  1. #askgmbn silly question, why lube the top/outside of the chain, instead of the bottom/inside of the chain? Is it expected that gravity will help lube the rollers and plates or is it just convenience and it doesn't matter? Thanks and keep up the excellent videos!

  2. For my chain I use a chain cleaner and brush for the drivetrain. Tried brush for the chain before but a chain cleaner definitely cleans it better and more efficient plus it's cheap so why not right? I just use a dishwashing liquid soap by the way. 😃

  3. My whole drivetrain is full of grease its soo black and am having a hard time removing it shall i use degreaser? Any other solution like wd40?

  4. best way I've found to clean the chain is to slit a sponge straight down the middle and run it through where Scott did with the brush and treat it like a chain cleaner. Best of luck!!

  5. We need a video on how to do a waterless bike cleaning. In cold winter areas the water hoses are not able to use. They will freeze

  6. That's a very good cleaning, but only if you have space to do, and a hose lol… And another point, I use 7 speed cassette, so it's not worth buying that lube and degreaser. They're worth with more expensive drivetrain, like that one.

  7. Nice video suggest to start the clean by the "galets" ( little wheels on the shifter, don't know English word) because they collect a lot of dirt

  8. youy should drop the chain in a 500 ml container with 3-4 cm of solvant, and shake !
    replace 2 or 3 times the liquid until no particles remain in the recipient.
    this is even more efficient.
    (see pers.mail)

  9. I ride my bike about twice a month but clean and lube it after every ride. How long does the chain oil last before you have to re-oil it?

  10. It's easier to remove chain and cassete .
    I do this for 15 years and there is no problem
    And the chain is cleaner 😎

  11. I ran out of degreaser.After washing overall used WD-40, brushed/wiped off, rinsed well, lubed-up. That's a rap/wrap.

  12. 1:50 how aren't you destroying the disc brake surface, I'm always afraid to get solvents and shit on the discbrakes so that's why I always remove the casette when I clean it.

  13. Do you have a religious objection to an on-bke chain cleaner? Multiple passes through a good chain cleaner like a Filzer CC-3 is how you get a chain clean.

  14. What do I do if I live in NYC apartment and there is no way I can clean it with a hose? I have a small backyard, can I clean it with a bucket of soapy water?

  15. only lube the chain the jockeys are ballbearings with greas inside you only get dirt stick between there and increase the wear off it

  16. It's probably the best YouTube video I have seen so far. My question do we get the chain bath or do we get the brushes that you guys use? Cheers.

  17. Thank you for such professionalism in covering the full scope of the bike industry. And to you sir,.. thank you for sharing w/ such detail care.. an excellent presentation. Note: When drying w/ dry cloth, ensure dryness in it's entirety prior of lubrication: For we know that water and oil does 'not' mix. Any type of degreaser used, of course, 'must' be water soluble. Question: Some cyclist opt to use WD-40 as a solvent / degreaser w/ lubricant qualities; what are your thoughts in the use of WD-40 as a degreaser? Thanks

  18. How does your bike not have any scratches? I use the muc-off dry lube because I'm in California, and it didn't rain very often. I love the stuff. I do need a degreaser and cleaner though. This is the 2nd video I've seen with the muc-off cleaner, so maybe I'll pick some up tomorrow. Any idea where to get all those brushes you were using? Great video. Any other maintenance that need a to be done, nd how often?

  19. finishes lubricating bike chain, immediately say "Now I'm ready to get back out there and ride"…umm. I didn't go to bike college so I'm not positive, but shouldn't you allow your chain to dry for like 12 hours once it's been lubed?

  20. Best way to clean your chain : 1) buy a chain cleaning tool. 2) fill it with WD40. Best chain cleaner I ever used. 2nd best is camp stove gas, also known as 'white gas'. Getting hard to find now but a very good cleaner.

  21. I bought some muc off for my motorcycle a couple of yrs ago ,, found it to be crap and it sent my black plastic switch gear ,, a grey colour,, totally rubbish shite ,, i will stick with my fairy liquid ,, cheaper as well

  22. I boil mine in a degreaser and water mix. Works nicely and not too mucky. Haven’t boiled the whole bike yet.

  23. With any kind of cleaning it is often a case of merely finding the right kind of brush. How stiff the bristles are, how thick they are, how dense they are. Try the techniques in the video with a number of different brushes and pick the most effective one.

  24. Опять буржуины пудрят мозг своим маркетингом. Всего-то нужно отмыть один раз цепь бензином, потом проваривать в парафине через каждые 300 км. Все. Она будет чистой всегда. Говны к ней просто физически не могут прилипнуть.

  25. After a clean like that my brushes end up filthy. How do you clean the brushes so they're ready for the next time?

  26. I didn’t know you were supposed to wipe off any excess lube at the end I always thought you wanted as much on there.

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