Hi I’m Tish and I’m Snooky and we’re the co-founders co-owners of Tish & Snooky’s Manic Panic® hair color and cosmetics We’re here today to teach you how to live fast and dye your hair! …with Manic Panic® of course! OF COURSE! We started out over 35 years ago in the East Village we opened the first punk store in America called Manic Panic® and we sold everything punk rock everything we loved! Hair color, cosmetics, clothing… original designs that Tish made… just whatever we liked! OUR STYLE! This is our lovely model Jesse who has come to us today with her hair pre-lightened to a level seven or eight using Flash Lightning® bleach kit and, uh we’re going to use the Classic Cream today to dye her hair, it’s vegan and semi-permanent comes in over 38 colors and lasts 4-6 weeks in the hair on average The Amplified® lasts on average 6-8 weeks So Jesse has already done a patch test on her arm and passed with flying colors Now we want to show you how to avoid a mess and to be prepared Protect your skin with a little petroleum jelly petroleum jelly and protect the floor with newspapers or some old towels It’s important to always do a test strand first just to see what it’s going to look like in because everybody’s hair is different and.. also different sections of your hair can be slightly different colors Like on Jesse, she’s got more golden tones in certain places and then it’s lighter in others So you want to see what it’s going to look like And you always have to remember that the more even the bleach job the more even the Manic Panic® will come out on your hair Also when you bleach your hair be sure to shampoo and rinse and shampoo and rinse get all the bleach out! Otherwise it could still be processing and when you put the color in it can bleach the color right out, so it could disappear before your very eyes And once she does that once she gets the hair dye in then she’s going to work it in a little bit with her hands and then comb it in a second time So we’ve rinsed and we’ve dried the test strip we just did a little while ago and we’re really happy with the results So, why don’t we get started on dyeing her hair! We’re working it in to get it as even as possible from root to end it’s getting nice and frothy working it in and then combing it working it in and then combing it… combing it some more.. You can leave it in as long as you want I would recommend at least half an hour but, you can leave it on an hour if you have time you could leave it on a couple of hours we do it at work and leave it on for hours some people sleep in it it won’t harm your hair it might harm your pillow case a lot of people buy a black pillow case just for such occasions So now that we’ve worked it all through combed it all through we’re going to pile it on top of her head and then put the plastic cap on top and leave it for about a half an hour Always rinse away from the face and cold water helps set the color better there’s certain things that will fade the color makes the color fade faster so there’s certain things you want to avoid if you want to keep your hair color in. So you want to be careful about what products you choose to use on your hair after you dye Use a color safe shampoo rather than a clarifying shampoo that’s just going to pull the color right out. I think she’s rinsed I think our work here is done! Jesse’s hair came out this great this great shade of Mystic HeatherTM It’s SO pretty It’s gorgeous! It looks great on her with her eyes! So follow us on facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and and remember LIVE FAST AND DYE YOUR HAIR!

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